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Church History Seven Churches in Bible Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Church History Seven Churches in Bible - Essay Example According to their belief whatever is mentioned in the bible is the word of God (Kwintessential, nd). According to the concept of Dever (nd), the Church plays an important part in the development of the Christian culture and religion. In his review he pointed out the fact that the principleadopted by the church is a vitalfactor of Christian truth. According to his opinion It is the most noticeable part of Christian theology as well, and it is vitally connected with every other part of the Christian culture. (Dever, nd).In this paper, the main objective is to discuss about the initial stages of the development of Christian culture and religion. The main objective of this paper is to analyze the initial stages of the development of the Christian culture across the globe, how it able to spread all over and what are the impact of this concept and thought process in the society. Research Questions: This is mainly a research paper which has the focus on the Christian religion and culture a cross the globe. In present world the Christian religion is the largest and has its presence all over the globe in all the countries. But the situation was not like that in the initial stage. The research questions of this paper are as follows: 1. How the Christian religions develop across the globe with the time? 2. Over the years of the development, what are the problems that the people who believe in this religion and culture have to face and how they able to combat those. 3. How the seven churches mentioned in the bible able to spread the thought of Christ in the society? 4. What according to the modern age people are the key behind the success of the religion? Background: Development of the Topic: The church is the backbone of the development of the Christian religion over the world. At the beginning there were lots of objection from the people who were the ruling authority of the society. But despite their objection the thought process started to gain popularity all across the globe. According to the analysis of Patheos Library (nd), Christianity developed from the thought process of Judaism in the 1st Century C.E. The concept of Christian religion is entirely based on the life, teaching ideology death, and resurrection of the Jesus Christ. According to the review of the Patheos Library, there are several branches of the Christianity, each of the branches has variety in their beliefs and practices, but most importantly the basic principle was always the same. There are three major classes or branches available in the Christian religion; these are Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. There are several sub-categories also in all these three branches. The tradition belief of the Christian community is there is one and only God in the world, they used to believe that the Jesus was the divine and he was send by the all mighty to save this world. Having faith in Christ is the basic thought process of the religion. The basic text where the e ntire concept and the thought process of Christ were noted is the Bible. It includes both the Hebrew Scriptures  and the New Testament. The Hebrew Scriptures is also known as the Old Testament. The basic concept of the Christian is mainly based on worship, fellowship, study of the God, and also by the engagement with rest of the

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Essay Topics For Your High School Or College Degree

Essay Topics For Your High School Or College DegreeThe task of choosing the best possible essay topics for your high school diploma or college degree can be difficult. There are so many choices to make. In fact, when it comes to writing your essays, you have to make sure that you find out whether it is more important to choose an interesting topic or to make sure that you have taken care of all your basic requirements. This will help you know whether you should opt for a topic that suits you or not.Remember that the best essay topics for an essay are the ones that deal with important aspects of life. These include your past experiences and the current situations that you are in right now. You have to write about the problems you face on a daily basis, the events that have happened and the changes that have been made in your life to make it more interesting.When it comes to choosing the best possible topics, you have to make sure that you are able to cover various different subjects s o that you will be able to offer the readers a wider variety of essays. You have to include different themes so that you will be able to make the essay a bit longer and also give them enough time to read it over.The best writers use various methods to choose the best essay topics. They use articles and guide books in order to help them in doing this. When you look for tips and tricks, you will be able to come up with your own unique writing style.You can ask your friends and relatives about the best essay topics. You can also look for helpful writing resources. If you have to, you can also look for free advice online.All these are things that will help you pick the best essay topics for you. The next step that you have to do is to check your topic to see whether you can come up with more and better essays.If you find that the essay topics you are using do not meet your requirements, you have to find another one. It is just the same as choosing a better professor and that is why you should be willing to try many topics before you settle on the one that you think will work for you. When you do this, you will find that the essay topics you choose are the ones that will speak to your personality and fit the type of personality that you already have.

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Top Education Argumentative Essay Topics Tips!

Top Education Argumentative Essay Topics Tips! The 5-Minute Rule for Education Argumentative Essay Topics If you should choose the topic of your essay about education, you have arrived at the proper location. With the aid of our tips for writing and our interesting collection of topics, you're guaranteed to have a high grade! Besides general knowledge you have concerning this issue, you won't mind dedicating some opportunity to research, writing procedure, and other elements essential for the high-quality essay. If that's the case, this topic might be exactly what you're searching for. How to Get Started with Education Argumentative Essay Topics? The function of education is to prepare children for the contemporary world. If you trust us your homework, we will certainly make it on the maximum level. The intent of assigning an essay to middle school students is to make awareness and permit them to develop writing skills. New tests, methodology, classes, suggestions and conce pts happen each and every day in the realm of education. When it has to do with writing an argumentative essay, the most significant issue to do is to select a topic and an argument you could really get behind. Be sure that you are able to contact us even for smaller questions. An excellent topic will ensure it is simpler to pursue the purpose of an argumentative essay, which is, clearly, the entire investigation of the problem you speak about. Quite frequently, the ideal topic is one which you truly care about, but you also will need to get ready to research it. The key to opt for a fantastic topic for an argumentative essay is to choose a subject where there's a lot of debates on topics or stances. In order to get this done, you will need to get a list of argumentative essay topics, choose the very best for you and present strong arguments. Argumentative essay is about arguing and debating on a subject, which is debatable. An argumentative essay requires you to choose a topic and have a position on it. Rumors, Deception and Education Argumentative Essay Topics Whenever you make an order on our site, you obtain all extra guarantees. Many brilliant individuals who achieved success in life proved actually academic drop-outs. Your professor or client reads lots of essays and a great majority are written by men and women who like to play it safe. Though people believe education is a correct and will make society, generally, a better place for everybody, others feel there's no genuine way to provide a free college education as colleges wou ld still must be funded (likely through tax dollars). Get the Scoop on Education Argumentative Essay Topics Before You're Too Late You devote a good deal of education on writing argumentative essays. If you're looking for examples of argumentative essays, here's a sample that will help you out! If you believe that you aren't going to have the ability to finish your essay by the deadline, you don't understand much regarding the essay subject or you just do not enjoy this type of assignments, you should turn to professional writers for support. Argumentative essays have to be well-organized. You might also compose a narrative essay to talk about your story about traditional or internet learning. Having selected a great topic to argue about, at this point you need to make an argumentative essay outline. Researching the topic permits you to find out more about what fascinates you, and should you pick something you truly like, writing the essay will be more enjoyable. Argumentative essay topics are so important since they are debatableand it's important to at all times be critically considering the world around us. Top Education Argumentative Essay Topics Secrets Argumentative essays are a few of the best that you can write as a student. To locate argumentative essay topics easy on various platforms, you will need to comprehend about the argumentative essay. Moral argumentative essay topics are a few of the simplest to get carried away with. Choosing topics for argumentative essays is critical for your general success. Education Argumentative Essay Topics Can Be Fun for Everyone There are a few crucial know-hows for presenting an essay which has an argumentative tone. Argumentative essays may also need empiric research when an individual has to collect materials by interviews, observations or private experiments. Winston Churchill gave a very good speech and he was a great communicator are the very same ideas. What Does Education Argumentative Essay Topics Mean? The capability to create and write something properly is among the most important knowledge that's required nowadays. Pay attention to the thesis statement that ought to state a crystal clear message of the whole work. Each and every region of the essay exerts a specific function in its general structure. There are several steps that you should take so as to compose a fantastic essay. The last price is contingent on the kind of paper, page sum, deadline, and other criteria. The first kind of essay that we're likely to review is argumentative writing. When you've got a comple ted outline, you'll have a step-by-step guide that you are able to follow till you're done writing. Dissertation, term paper, essays and other kinds of academic writing cost a good deal of time and efforts. If you've got such a job, you can readily look for particular subtopics which you might discuss in the paper. Ultimately, now that you're prepared to work on your paper, we wish to remind you of the value of suitable essay structure. Thus don't be concerned about writing homework and get our paper help when possible. At this time you've got to compose a paper about education.

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Definitions of Easy Psychology Research Paper Topics for Race

Definitions of Easy Psychology Research Paper Topics for Race The Easy Psychology Research Paper Topics for Race Cover Up If you're going to be writing a paper or developing a presentation, you're likely to want this background details. There's always a way out. It isn't easy to pick a topic for a lot of people although they have a great general idea about what they would like to write about. A great paper topic ought to be interesting and ought to incorporate an original idea or position try to prevent cliche topics which will likely bore your reader. Who Else Wants to Learn About Easy Psychology Research Paper Topics for Race? You can concentrate on the effects of the next topics on the nature and development of a kid, adult or elderly. An intriguing topic in biological psychology is the present state of research for any specific disease and corresponding therapy. Other instances, like in an abnormal psychology training course, might ask you to compose your paper on a pa rticular subject like a psychological disorder. They might require you to write your term paper on a specific subject such as a psychological disorder. Top Easy Psychology Research Paper Topics for Race Choices Do an extremely straightforward research on the topic to discover how much information is available. Start with selecting an overall subject, and then narrow your focus down so you can fully cover the subject. When you pick a research topic, make certain it is one which you understand and have a firm grasp on. If you would like to pick a valid topic for your research paper below this portion of psychology then you have to divide your subject into easy categories and select an area which you find most interesting. The second use of the list of social psychology research topics is linked to the first as it helps readers which are already interested in a topic find new topics that may be of interest. Ensure you note down each and every idea suggested, which means you find yourself having a lengthy collection of interesting and research-worthy topics. Make certain there are enough online sources on this issue you've chosen. In addition to such topics, you may also elect for one from amongst the subsequent research topics. Easy Psychology Research Paper Topics for Race Fundamentals Explained If you select a subject you're passionate about, half of the work is completed. Very good research topics are not difficult to discover, but there are loads of things you ought to think about when making this decision. You will need to read a good deal when doing research for your academic essay, and it is going to take a lot of time and energy. Luckily, there are tons of great places to seek out inspira tion and the next list contains just a couple of suggestions to help get you started. Locating a good topic is just one of the most essential steps when writing any form of paper. If you're out to increase your academic performance for a student, then test out an illustration of term paper for college that will impact you with additional knowledge and abilities on performing better on your very best topic for the term paper. Our group of highly competent and skilled writers is ready to assist you with a similar paper within a predetermined deadline. To approach the paper with at least anxiety, you should select a topic that you're feeling comfortable writing about, and one which you're confident that you could grasp the appropriate scholarship on. Life After Easy Psychology Research Paper Topics for Race If you still feel you need help, even if you've managed to opt for a topic, you may always employ a custom writing service to assist you produce a fabulous research paper of which you'll be proud and will guarantee you a nice mark. The social issues research papers may appear easy to write in comparison with different topics, but still it demands an extremely creative strategy, an enormous quantity of curiosity and capability to think beyond the box and search info in unconventional sources. Nonetheless, it's quite simple to set an order due to the interface design. Nevertheless, it's quite simple to put an order because of the interface design. Before you start, learn more about the way to run a psychology experiment. Psychology is a science that manages a variety of fields of human activity. It is one the disciplines that have a lot of topics to choose from and that is why many students gets a hard time trying to choose one. Certainly, psychology is among the most intriguing branches of science out there. General psychology is an extensive sphere of wisdom and the writer has a fantastic opportunity to choose among the wonderful selection of ideas. Cognitive psychology tackles the distinct mental processes happening in somebody's mind. Development psychology is centered on the lifespan of human beings, so you've got numerous topics to select from. The Hidden Gem of Easy Psychology Research Paper Topics for Race It seems that choosing research paper topics have become the most difficult course of action. Choosing one of our suggested topics will let you get started writing a thriving research paper. There are plenty of psychology research paper topic ideas in the net, but it's tricky to come across worthwhile ones that is likely to make the paper stand-out. Now you have a great idea of the way to hunt for college research paper topics, you are prepared for some suggestions. Psychology research paper is a typical assignment and source of several sleepless nights at college. It is a very broad and diverse field of study, and you can find a variety of lists of possible topics for psychology essay papers online. Review of prior research and theory.

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Competitive Strategy in Lighthouse Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Competitive Strategy in Lighthouse - Article Example The analyses highlighted that the hybrid competitive strategy was the most appropriate strategy to follow, and recommendations were made to work closely with other key players in the industry if it was to become a dominant force. Lighthouse is a mobile phone marketing company that seeks to address the needs of advertisers seeking to increase their response rates in the ever more lucrative yet increasingly more competitive task of customer acquisition and retention. Lighthouse will enable subscribers in the region to access government services, maps, directions, tourist attractions and tips, restaurants, museums, entertainment events, news and stock prices from their wireless devices. This enables the local population and tourists alike to utilize technology to enhance the service needs. This technology is also particularly beneficial to the local population, as ownership of devices such as personal computers is low but that of mobile devices is high. This means that the services which the internet offers to other parts of the world are not easily accessible or widely available in the UAE. By providing this service on a mobile device, Lighthouse is making the internet available in the first instance, and it i s removing the need to go to a fixed location to access this information. Lighthouse's target market is primarily based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is considered to have a customer base of 10-15% of the 4.5 million local mobile users. In addition to this, the UAE is a popular tourist destination with approximately 7 million tourists annually, who represent a potential market, especially for tourist related services (Business Plan - appendix I). Therefore the objectives of Lighthouse are to build a platform that enables better response rates to their marketing campaigns, to create a management system and secure funding to expand the business. It is clear that Lighthouse intend to be a dominant force in the market, but in order to do this, it is necessary to conduct a full environmental analysis, so as to determine their options for growth and expansion. External Analysis of Lighthouse An analysis of the external environment helps an organization to understand the environment they currently operate in and how it can change (Johnson and Scholes 1993). An understanding of the environment enables an organization to develop strategies that will ensure their survival within the market place. For instance, Lighthouse is going to clearly take advantage of the tourist numbers; however they also need to consider current external factors that will contribute to the reduction of tourist numbers and subscribers. Likewise, Lighthouse is also capitalizing on the low distribution of personal computers for internet access, another factor which could change in the near future. An analysis of the external environmental is known as a PESTLE analysis and this involves analyzing the political, economic and competitive, social and cultural, technological, legal and environmental/institutional factors that affect an organization (Johnson and Scho

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Traditional Versus Lean Project Management Techniques Information Technology Essay

Traditional Versus Lean Project Management Techniques Information Technology Essay Project management is a structured approach towards managing projects. It is defined as The application of knowledge skills, tools and the techniques to project activities in order to meet stakeholders needs and expectations from a project (Burke, 2003). The project management team is responsible for finding methods of meeting the control budgets and schedule rather than justifications for not meeting them (Ballard and Howell, 1997). Developing a fully integrated information and control system to plan, instruct, monitor and control large data amounts, quickly and accurately for problem solving and decision making will determine the success of the manager. Projects are temporary production systems. Production is defined as designing and making things. Designing and making something for the first time is done through a project, which is arguably the fundamental form of production system. Three fundamental goals of production systems are (Ballard and Howell, 2003) Deliver the product Maximize value Minimize waste Lean Project Management Performance improvement for competitive advantage is a general characteristic of practitioners in most industries (Porter, 1985). In project management for satisfactory performance the consideration of time, cost and quality is not adequate. Performance is described in terms of attaining value effectively and efficiently where effectiveness is maximising value of output whereas, efficiency refers to minimising or elimination non value-adding items in production. Beside a stream, dont waste water, even in a forest, dont waste firewood. Chinese Proverb The systems those are structured to deliver the product while maximizing value and minimizing waste, are said to be lean projects (Ballard and Howell, 2003). Lean is the term originally coined in 1990 by Womack, Jones and Roos to describe the Toyota Production System (Reeves, 2007). A production system which was capable of producing more and better vehicles in less time, less space and using fewer labour hours was given the name Lean. Organizations can reduce project timelines and costs by eliminating waste and focusing on value creation for the customer. The bottom line with lean is: if the action does not provide value to the end customer then it is waste. Lean refers to a general way of thinking and specific practices that emphasize less of everything fewer people, less time, lower costs (Reeves, 2007). Lean project management has been constructed by drawing together two approaches: management of projects and lean production. For project management performance improvement, the management of project focuses on meeting customer needs effectively while lean production aims at meeting customer needs efficiently utilised in lean project management. The justification of lean production with management of project is done at the methodological level (Horman and Kenley). Lean Project Management Methodology Management of Projects Methodology Lean Production Methodology Figure 1: Generation of Lean Project Management Methodology Fig. 1: Generation of Lean Project Management Methodology Lean product development helps improve a companys competitive advantage. Its application in the automobile industry has brought significance performance improvement. But this does not mean that lean production is applicable to only automobile industry. Many non manufacturing companies like the one those are involved in product development, transportation, accounting, hospital, sales, administration, vehicle repair and many others are making use of the lean principles. There are five traditional lean principles that are applicable outside the automobile industry (Womack and Jones, 2003) value to the customer value stream to provide the product or service that the customer values seamless flow of the product or service pull mode- provide the customer with the product or service in a timely fashion perfection for continuous improvement Traditional versus Lean Project Management Techniques Lean project management differs from traditional project management in the goals it pursues, the structure of its phases, the relationship between phases and the participants in each phase. The traditional production methodology manages conversion of an input to an output. Lean production is managing the production process by converting input to output, by minimising the input flow waste and maximising the value of the output efficiently. Thus the lean production methodology has flow management and management of value in addition to the input, conversion and output of the conventional project management technique. The traditional approach focuses on efficiency rather than value, whereas in lean production the focus is on minimising waste (efficiency) and maximising value of output (effectiveness). Under lean production with the introduction of the notion of value, effectiveness is expanded. In the traditional approach, value is not given much importance. Customers requirements are compromised which extends barely further than market requirements and lowering costs. Lean production emphasises on maximising the value of output by satisfying the customers specific requirements. The change in the production management from conventional to lean production management is because: Inappropriate control mechanisms and performance improvement efforts are used in conventional methodology. Poorly understood and addressed quality under traditional method. These show poor efficiency and effectiveness in the production process which roots from inadequate understanding of the production process. The change in production method from traditional to lean was to add to the existing approach and make it more appropriate for contemporary and complex production systems. Lean Product Development Lean product development encompasses numerous inter-related techniques. The first technique is supplier involvement. Instead of being involved for detailed design specification, suppliers are involved from the beginning of a new product. Since it is the responsibility of the suppliers to develop complete modules for the product, often without detailed specifications, black box engineering is used. Second technique is simultaneous engineering which means performing different activities parallely in the development effort. Parallel development helps reduce time. Another technique is the use of cross-functional teams which consists of members from different functional areas in the company, to facilitate the development of products that are easy to manufacture and assemble. This technique aims at integrating rather than coordinating all the functional aspects in the product from the beginning. When individuals work together to develop a new product, the physical proximity that arises results in the team being integrated. To improve communication, create stronger commitment towards the project and bringing focus for cross-functional problem solving, one should use the heavyweight team structure where the project manager has direct access to and is responsible for the work of all those involved. Instead of detailed specifications because of visions and objectives the whole project is straegically managed. Even though a company implements these techniques, it does not achieve lean product development in a simple way, for successful lean product development the company has to approach these interrelated techniques as a whole. Techniques other than Lean Product Development Lean is a continuous process improvement technique that can be used to evaluate, analyze and improve how a company delivers values to its customers. However this is only one of the several approaches, some other techniques are six sigma and theory of constraints (TOC). Lean focuses on the flow of value to a companys customers whereas six sigma focuses on individual problems, which shows the companys ability to satisfy the customers needs and TOC focuses on the constraints and how to minimize those to improve the volume of throughput within a system. Another technique is lean six sigma which combines the analytical tools of six sigma with the speed and customer value focus of lean to optimize the improvement process. For companies undertaking continuous improvement initiative, it is important for them to first determine the goal, and then apply the appropriate method to achieve the goal. Lean Project Delivery System Theoretical and practical investigations led to the emergence of the Lean Project Delivery System emerged in 2000. It is in the process of on-going development through experimentation. The job of the project delivery system is not only fulfilling the customer needs, but also help the customer decide their needs. It is necessary to understand the customers purpose and constraints, exposure of customer to alternative means for accomplishing their purposes and help them understand the end results of their desires. The lean project delivery system model consists of four phases: Project Definiton, Lean Design, Lean Supply and Lean Assembly. The four phases are a set of interconnecting triads, where some downstream activity takes place from the subsequent phase in each triad. Alteration Decommissioning Commissioning Fabrication Logistics Product Design Design Concepts Purposes Detailed Engineering Design Criteria Operation Maintenance Installation Process Design Use Lean Assembly Lean Supply Project Definition Lean Design Work Structuring Production Control Learning Loops Fig. 2: Lean Project Delivery System. Project Definition Project definition is the first phase in project delivery system which consists of determining the purposes (customer and stakeholder purposes and values), design criteria for translating those purposes for both product and process, and design concepts against which purposes and criteria can be tested and developed. The movement through these three need not follow any specific sequence, although the logical starting point seems to be the purpose. To reveal to stakeholders the consequences of their needs and different value generation possibilities, the cycle through these three modules is necessary. The involvement of stakeholders is a must for the best outcome from the project definition phase. Typical stakeholders can be the client (holds the contract), users of the facility, governing agencies, designers, installers, operators, fabricators, etc. The Lean Design phase should be launched only after bringing the three modules of project definition into alignment. (Project Definition Process: Appendix 1) Lean Design The alignment of values, concepts and criteria is the gate between Project Definition and Lean Design. At the functional systems level, developing and aligning product and process design can lead towards Lean Design. If at all the search for value reveals opportunities that are consistent with customer and stakeholder constraints, the project may go back to Project Definition stage. In order to allow more time for developing and exploring alternatives, the decisions are deferred systematically until the last responsible moment. This differentiates the Lean Design from the traditional practice of selecting options and executing design tasks as soon as possible causing rework and disruption because of conflicts in decisions made by specialists. Lean Supply Lean Supply consists of detailed engineering, fabrication, and delivery. To know what to detail and fabricate, and when to deliver the components, the system requires prerequisite product and process design. Also Lean Supply helps reduce the lead time for information and materials. Lean Assembly Lean Assembly begins with the delivery of materials and the relevant information for their installation. When the client has beneficial use of the facility, which typically occurs after commissioning and start-up the assembly completes. Comparison of Lean and Non-Lean Project Delivery System Lean Non-Lean Focuses on production system Focuses on transactions and contracts Transformation, flow and value goals Transformation goal Downstream players involved in upstream decisions Sequential decisions by specialists thrown over the wall Product and process designed together Process design begins after product design is complete Considers all product life cycle stages in design Not all product life cycle stages are considered Activities performed at last moment Activities performed as soon as possible Systematic efforts to reduce supply-chain lead times Separate organizations link together through the market and take what the market offers Incorporates learning into project, firm and supply-chain management Learning occurs periodically Stakeholders interests aligned Stakeholders interests not aligned Sized buffers located to perform their function of absorbing system variability Sized buffers located for local optimization -(Ballard and Howell, 2003) The Difficult Path to Lean Product Development Lean product development is not an easy thing to do. Several factors can hinder attempts to achieve lean product development. The different factors are: Cross-functional team is a technique that helps an organization in lean product development. They might be having a positive impact on the development effort, but creating cross-functional teams is a difficult task. Even today development is regarded to be a task for the Research and Development department, this shows lack of cross-funtional focus in the organization which ultimately leads to difficulty in creating cross-funtional integration. Simultaneous engineering is another technique towards lean product development, but working with concurrent activities and thus overlapping phases in the development effort is a very complicated task. It is impsossible for the individual engineers to perform simultaneous activities. Coordination of the lean product development effort is not an easy task. For coordination, regular meetings with the whole group needs to be held which is a time consuming activity. If the size of the group is large it resulted in longer meetings with repeated discussions and it may also happen that individuals from one department may find it difficult to understand discussions on issues on other department than the one he is from. Organizations face difficulty in coordinating a visionary-led development project, where visions also create problems. Requesting for detailed design specifications disturb the visionary-led projects. For any project, the suppliers must be involved from the beginning of he project, which results in difficulties for the suppliers to give detailed estimate of costs demanded by the top management. The desire to have the flexibility of black box engineering and known cost of the detailed estimate approach, obstructs a lean process. Hindering factors are more easily identified. Other than the hindering factors in the process of implementing lean product development, there are some supporting factors, which helps in the implementation of lean product development (Appendix 2) Benefits Despite lean being originated in manufacturing, it is now applied in many other business areas including product development, administration, accounting, project management and many others, because of its generic approach of eliminating waste to create more value for customer. A variety of lean product development techniques when applied to project management can reduce project timelines, increase customer value and reduce costs. Some other benefits of lean project management are, it helps increase the productivity, higher quality products, reduction in order processing errors, etc. Conclusion An alternative method to project management is lean project management. The lean approach to project management has worked successfully in potentially difficult and complex areas. The approach contributes to project management performance by focusing on the effectiveness and efficiency of delivering value that is satisfying client needs. Its implementation offers the potential for faster product development with fewer engineering hours, improved manufacturability of products, higher quality products, fewer production start-up problems, and faster time to market. Lean implementations have also yielded improvements in the value generated for clients, users and producers, and also a reduction in waste, including waiting time for resources, process cycle times, inventories, defects and errors, and accidents. It also led to a high level of commitment and motivation from the team, and to the satisfaction of the client organization. Lean thinking when paired with an appropriate agile development methodology can provide significant benefits to an organization. It has the advantage of reducing risk to the client, with the right balance of quality, performance and value for money. Lean product development is the beginning of the journey of continuous improvement. Lean techniques are not simply management tools but rather they embody a culture that needs to be enforced from the top leadership down throughout the company. Systematic implementation of lean in all areas of project management will yield benefits that other improvement methods cannot.

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Odysseus Essay

Will Rodgers, an American humorist and social commentator, once remarked that â€Å"Being a hero is about the shortest lived profession on earth† (atd. in carnival of wit 222). While this may be literally true, most heroes live on figuratively in the recorded stories of their exploits, and in many cases they model characteristics that can inspire readers to emulate they’re behavior. One obvious example is Homer’s Odysseus the fictional king of Ithaca whose courage, strength, and quest for immortality define him as the prototypical epic hero. His encounters with the Trojan war, the Cyclopes, the land of Aeolia with the bag of winds, a witch that accidentally turned his men to pigs and more. Odysseus manages to maintain the delicate balance between hubris and humbleness all throughout his ten year journey home from the Trojan War. This shows that he has potential in being a hero. Homer established the fact that Odysseus was willing to take help in addition to friendship from Athena when he wrote, â€Å"For I never knew the gods to show such open friendship and Pallas Athene standing by Odysseus. The meaning of courage is a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear, and that’s where Odysseus comes in. Odysseus has been through so much just to get back home to his family. From being in the arms of his loving wife to risking his life at war and the sea adventures with his men. Odysseus is faithful to those whom he loves and is determined to return to his home of Ithaca. As he was on the island with Calypso and she asked him to stay with her, he responded to Calypso by stating, â€Å"Every day I long to travel home and see my day of coming.