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Review of Literature Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Review of Literature - Term Paper ExampleIn chapter 1 of the book Global Islamic Politics, Husain discusses the connection between previous(prenominal) and present revivalist movements. He asserts that Islam can be used as a tool for political changes. Like Nasr, he argues that Islam is too nuanced to be infer as secular or extremist. Instead, its various concepts, such as jihad and taqlid or adherence to legal rulings, have been used and interpreted by divers(prenominal) Islamic movements. The Quran is subject to diverse interpretations, because personal beliefs color the many ambiguous concepts and statements in it. It supplements the political dimension of Islam and can fit nicely into Islam Religion, report and Civilization by Nasr. Love and acquaintance are integral concepts to Islam and can be used to promote interfaith interactions and religious tolerance. In a wrangle to the pope c exclusivelyed We and You-Let Us Meet in graven images Love, Nasr asserts that Christiani ty and Islam share similar fundamental beliefs in one God and in teaching the splendor of faith in daily living. He understands that there are besides core differences in Islamic and Christian beliefs and practices, besides he stresses that these differences are non enough to justify centuries of conflict and opposition. He calls for peace between these religions and their followers, as they both pursue a life dedicated to God. He believes that it is possible for Christians and Muslims to be friends, since they are both advocates of discern and peace We submit to Him, and ask for His help and affirmation in carrying out this momentous task of meeting with you in companionship and peace under the banner of that Common Word that unites us (Nasr 4). This article reinforces the article by Chittick on love and friendship. Islam is not a religion of violence, but a religion of love and peace. Chittick argues that love and friendship cannot be separated in Islamic spirituality, becau se in Persian and Arabic languages alone, saying I love you relates to having a friend in that person that one loves to say I love you in Persian you say dustat daram, literally, I have you as a friend (1). He says that people should understand that the true aim of their love is God, and so they have to act in the kind of love that is characterized by Gods beautiful character traits (Chittick 16). God sends prophets, who teaches people how to love Only when they learn to love by following the prophetic example can they very(prenominal) love God, and as a function of love for God, love their neighbors as well (Chittick 18). This article is comparable to the speech of Nasr, because it signifies that love and friendship can also exist among different religions. Love should be the center of interfaith dialogues and instead of spreading hate and aggression, all religious and non-religious people should promote love and friendship that are based on the core of the human spirit, as Chitt ick contends. Muslims are widely distributed across the world, and so they cannot be treated as a very small minority. According to the Pew Research Center A comprehensive demographic study of more than 200 countries finds that there are 1.57 billion Muslims of all ages living in the world today, representing 23% of an estimated 2009 world population of 6.8 billion (1). The main point of this article is that Islam is a potent force to

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Corporate Governance in UK Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Corporate Governance in UK - Assignment ExampleThe paper throws light on corporate managements that always work on corporate institution strategies so as to meet the increasingly changing market trends. The corporate governance policy also helps to manage the interrelationship amidst stakeholders and the organisations fundamental objectives which shape the way the firm operates. The top management is always eager to know whether its corporate governance policy is effectual enough to meet the sh areholder values even though the management also focuses on impacts of the policy on the firms operational efficiency. right away corporate governance frameworks specifically target internal check policies as a series of corporate failures in 2001 were ascribed to accounting fraud. In addition, corporate scandals of different forms throughout the last decade attainted public and political interest. Consequently, managements adopted more regulative approach towards the development and exec ution of corporate governance practices. As Laura points out, Continental Europes multi-stakeholder model specifically emphasises on the interests of workers, customers, managers, and suppliers whereas the Anglo-American corporate governance model values shareholder interests. However, every organisation takes into account the rights and privileges of its shareholders while material body its corporate governance policies. In addition, a corporate governance framework clearly states the roles and responsibilities of the board of directors, integrity and ethical standards of the organisation, and concerns of disclosure and transparency. It is observed that corporate governance practices vary from organisation to organisation and country to country. Corporate governance fairnesss Corporate governance laws in UK clearly define rights, powers, and duties of directors, managers, and auditors, and the position of stakeholders including employees and communities in which companies operate . Since board of directors are the persons at the helm of affairs of a company, the corporate governance policies intent to establish a mechanism to ensure their accountability. According to Fairley (2010), the UK corporate governance law is shareholder friendly and it allows shareholders to enjoy their sole voting rights in the general meeting. Likewise, directors possess a series of basic rights including issue of resolutions and removal of board members. At the same time, directors have also a set of duties to be carried out toward their company. Directors are obliged to carry out their duties and responsibilities with competence, in good faith, and strong commitment to the organisation. If the voting mechanisms seem to be inadequate to meet the interests of shareholders, directors rights may be questioned in a court of law. The UK Takeover Code protects the interests and rights of shareholders to a great close and assists

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Account Balance and Budget Balance in United States of America, Assignment

Account Balance and Budget Balance in United States of the States, Australia and Indonesia - Assignment ExampleFrom the visual representation, it can be observed that over the four years, Indonesia has had a surplus in its current account balances, this means that Indonesia is saving most of its resources than investing those resources. For the case of Australia and the USA, both countries experienced a deficit in their current account, but Australia has gradually improved its current balance. This implies that these countries are investing more(prenominal) than they are saving and thus, they are utilizing resources sourced from other(a) economies in order to finance domestic consumption. Twin deficit refers to a situation a deficit in the national budget leads to an expanded deficit in the current account. Twin deficit proposition, argues that a large budget deficit has a negative impact on the national saving of the country, this, in turn, leads to change state the current acco unt deficit. Although, some economist that this proposition is so weak in explaining this phenomenon (Hansen, 2003). A twin deficit exists in the case of the United States of America where the budget deficit has led to expanding the current account deficit. This implies that the United States acts as the net debtor to other global economies. Therefore, the United States is investing extra resources to other world economies than saving and in return use resources from world economies to fund the domestic consumption. Indonesia has the largest economy in the southeast of Asia, this economyis characterized by a study development in the information technology sector thus having a comparative advantage over countries in the region. Indonesia was worst hit by the juvenile global financial crisis that hit the world giant economies like the United States. Thus Indonesia has put up measures so to try and shield its citizen from the financial crisis turn economic conditions in the country. The national regime of Indonesia has embarked in various fiscal policy stances so to stabilize the economy. In the effort to stabilize the economy the government has decided to increase its expenditure, in this case, the government has decided to offer a subsidy to the citizen so as shield them from the soaring commodities prices. Indonesia government will more spend in the current year in subsiding the fuel prices.

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Dominican Republic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dominican Republic - Essay ExampleSuch intelligence service includes stories portraying the negativity of Haitians and their poor way of life. This negative depiction of Haitians plays a major role in in slakeing antihaitinismo among the Dominican people. Haitis politics is portrayed as bad and viewed as a political failure by the Dominican press. All the media wants is negative news about Haiti so as to make large(p) headlines and, as a result, make money by attracting many readers. Political cartoons are very common in print media and are used to utilise news that are hard to spread in words. Such news is greatly exaggerated to come up with cartoons that will be attractive sufficiency for news consumers among the Dominican People. The negative news portraying antihaitinismo in the Dominican Republic is mostly false, but due to the media restriction within the Dominican Republic, the Dominican people tend to believe it to be true. In fact, very few Dominican reporters know the truth about Haiti. The rest only give news based on secondary sources, rather than firsthand experience or sources. None of them has been to Haiti to experience their way of life and to give a true grievance of it (Sagas, 2003).During the Trujillo error, antihaitinismo was an ideology, fitting the totalitarian model. The dictatorship required and ideology to dwell on, and on which to misguide the people and into hating the Haitians. The Trujillo error molded antihaitinismo into a system that was to be loathed. It was render as having a very great difference with Dominican ways. This propaganda against Haiti was instilled into Dominicans for decades, around thirty-one years.It means that, some people were born among the Dominican people when the propaganda was still on and lived a great part of their lives under a dictatorship that instilled it into them.It created a nation that had fully embraced antihaitinismo. Such a generation becomes hard to alter their mindset or view towards

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Patient compliance in English hospital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

blockuring compliance in English hospital - Essay ExampleTo summarize those earlier studies, all told of them suggest, for obtaining the best results, imaging be done on naturally filled or empty bladders.For those protocols that require filled bladders prior to imaging, ensuring reproducibility in bladder filling becomes vital. The patient is usually informed to have a comfortably full bladder. Put simply, the patient is asked to comply with the prognosis program. However, when the patient voids the bladder without inform the medical personnel, a situation of non-compliance arises, resulting in errors in imaging. Such errors more often than non are compounded by variations in the interpretation of the data. Patient non-compliance in the form of reluctance to agree for evaluation and treatment owing to significant distress, urological symptoms or erectile functions is now a documented aspect of PC (da Silva et al., 1996, p77 Roth et al., 1998, p1908). Whereas Roth et al., report the development of an acceptable approach for rapid screening for distress in PC patients da Silva et al., recommend that Quality of smell (QoL) assessment be made mandatory to increase participation and compliance rates in future studies that consider QoL to be an important study end point.When patient non-compliance significantly affects the medical interventions, one good strategy of overcoming the same would involve checking on the findings of researchers working on diseases other than PC wherein a homogeneous requirement of having a reproducible bladder volume exists, how those researchers overcame the same and extrapolating those findings to PC. To begin with, usage of frequency volume charts (FV charts) is, perhaps, a better option. Abrams et al., (1996, p53) suggest keeping FV charts for sevener days essentially to cover both work and leisure periods. They also propose computerization of the FV charts as an attractive option. Similarly, based on the results obtained in a pair of related studies, Rabin et al., (1996a, p806 1996b, p34) report greater patient compliance when an electronic voiding diary is maintained in comparison to traditional methods. In a study involving 81 women with urinary incontinence, Jorgensen et al., (1987, p42) advise the usage of one-hour pad-weighing test, which was found to be practical and useful in quantifying the degree of leakage. Although, PC never affects women, extrapolating the observations might mend patient compliance in PC management.Continuing the discussion on similar lines, despite using the above-mentioned remedial measures, it is possible that the patients might not comply or perhaps owing to various reasons, while waiting for treatment, might void early without informing the medical personnel. This situation makes the development of strategies that do not rely on bladder volume imperative. In other words, the best option would be to implement those protocols that are independent of the status of the bla dder. In the absence or non-availability of such protocols, the observations of Faithfull et al., (2001, p1864) are significant. In a

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Aspects of the Fundamentals of Speech Class in APA Style Essay

Aspects of the Fundamentals of legal transfer Class in APA Style - Essay ExampleThe exchange of thoughts, messages, or information by speech is genuinely crucial in our daily lives.The Ameri basin Heritage Dictionary of the English Language states that communication is The art and technique of using words effectively to progress information or ideas. Speech is used in our everyday lives, whether or not we realize it. It is not something that we learn in school and will neer implement in real life. One who can communicate more(prenominal) effectively will more likely gain better success in all areas-personal, academic, and professional of life. Speech, or public speaking, involves organizing ideas, researching these ideas, and presenting them to others. We all have many, many ideas about what we would like to speak about. The difficult part is narrowing it all exhaust to one idea, or topic. The best way to do this is to choose a topic that you are familiar with and interested i n. Use resources such as powder magazine articles, books, newspapers, television shows, conversations with people, etc. to help gain ideas. Knowing how to choose the best topic, narrowing it down, and researching (learning more about various subjects) are skills that can improve my daily communication such as talking with a friend, discussing a topic with a professor, or trying to land a job with an employer.employer.Fundamentals of Speech 3Determine what the purpose of your speech. Will you be speaking to inform and to offer information or will you be writing to try and mold Informing is to give facts and information without adding personal opinion. Persuading is to try and change theattitudes and thoughts of your listeners in order to get them to act upon what you have said in your speech. The skill of delivering information in a manner that is interesting yet informative and the power of persuasions helps my listeners to believe what I say. Speech helps me to be a better storyt eller and makes me more social in my personal life. As I can communicate better verbally, I am more secure about my egotism and others want to listen. professionally and academically this knowledge of delivering information and to be able to persuade others using speech is an extremely effective tool that will lead to my success whether I am in class, at an entry level position, or an executive position in the workplace. The best speeches contain your own experience and knowledge of the chosen topic. Use information from materials such as books, magazines, reference materials, etc. from various sources. Libraries contain a wealth of information. Interviews, the internet and visiting various locations can erect the necessary information. Be sure to take good notes and to give credit to the author of the information that you will be using. Researching and listing references (or where you got the material) will add credibleness to your speech especially if you are doing a persuasive speech. Learning more about various subjects helps me to be able to relate to almost anyone. I can appreciate what they are talking about since I am familiar with their conversation. Researching is a skill that is required in speech, which helps me be more open-minded and knowledgeable. As I am Fundamentals of Speech 4can relate to others better, they will open up and can relate to me more for they know that I am interested in what they are saying. Academically and professionally, I will also do well since I will know my roles/job better. If I have a problem, I can research it and if I still cannot find the answers, I am able to communicate my issues more effectively. If there is a conflict, I can work my way through it by delivering my point of view better without stuttering, showing anger, confusion, etc. This will build up my self esteem and I will feel more secure and it will

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MHE503 Survey of Emergency and Disaster Mgt Module 4 SLP Essay

MHE503 Survey of Emergency and Disaster Mgt Module 4 SLP - Essay fontOver the past fifty years these storms have become more destructive and jamaging to lives and property. Experts link these changes in storms strengths to global warming. With global warming, tropical or agricultural countries such as the Philippines are the ones that see the devastating effects of nature. With the onslaught of these typhoons, floods are sure to follow. Because of the mickle of rain that falls, dams reach their critical levels and depose cause flooding to agricultural areas. In these cases, even hydroelectric power plants need to enforce emergency crises plans to assist the communities that may be produce with the dam overflow (Ingles, n.d.).When storms hit the Philippines, the wrong to lives and property are devastating. The storms also create a domino effect on low-lying coastal towns. When strong typhoons hit the country, even towns that allow not be directly hit by the storm feel its effec t through the torrential downpour of rain. This downpour results in landslides and flooding. Since the Philippines is a agricultural country, rains from typhoons not only damage crops but floods totally destroy farmlands. It will take years before the land becomes ideal for phytology growth and these results in loss of income for farmers and their families who rely on the land. Inconsistent weather patterns have been attributed to global warming (Ng, 2009).Disaster that results from nature ... This monitoring means that they will forecast which provinces will be directly affected by typhoons. There are two seasons in the Philippines. One is the wet season the other is the ironical season. The wet season lasts from June to November, while the dry season is from December to May. Being an agricultural country, the land relies on rainfall to propagate farms. Typhoons can change the volume of rain that will fall, and this can destroy crops. Among its regions and provinces Baguio city, eastern Samar, and eastern Surigao receive the most rainfall annually. Baguio City has the lowest temperatures, almost similar to those of countries with temperate climates (PAGASA, n.d.).In preparing for disaster response, one of the first steps that need to be implemented is the deployment of response by the local government. This initial response needs to be supplemented by volunteer response groups and neighboring communities. After this initial response, the state will then respond to the emergency that will then assess the extent of the damage to lives and property. This assessment will determine if the damages are extensive in order for government funds to be released in these emergency situations (Hazard moderation, 2009). One of the most damaging typhoons in terms of property that hit the Philippines over the past fifty years was Milenyo (international name Xangsane). The storm hit the Philippines on October 25, 2006 (PAGASA, n.d.) and the total damages to lives and proper ty amounted to P6.610B with six of its thirteen regions affected. The capital of country, Metro Manila or National Capital Region felt the onslaught of this highly