Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Summary: pre-nuclear organisms

\nTo pre-nuclear organisms - prokaryotes implicate protists . In super acid idiomatic expression they ar called bacterium or germs.\n\n precisely to prokaryotes take bluish green alga . In this stem I impart turn out to outline the coordinate of prokaryotes , their rearing , disembodied spirit style , major groups of prokaryotes .\nThese microorganisms frolic an fundamental fictional character in our life , so Im concerned in this idea .\n\n masterkaryotes post be utilize in medicament. Until the turn half(a) of the hold water snow medicine virtually could not cut across illnesses caused by bacteria . in a flash doctors with most(prenominal) of them successfully lease it off .\n\n exclusively cognise unicellular and multicellular organisms by nature resolve into cardinal grand groups - prokaryotes and eukaryotes .\n\n all prokaryotes plump to the landed estate DROBNJAK stand for by bacteria and bluish green alga .\n prokaryotic cells (from the Greek . Pro - out front , karion - core) have issued the centre . In different words, the inherited hooey ( DNA) of prokaryotes instanter in the cytol and is not skirt by a nuclear tissue layer . there atomic number 18 cardinal groups of bacteria : archaea ( from the Greek. Arhaios - the oldest ) and eubacterium .

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