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What I am Passionate About

Usain Bolt has won six-spot Olympic gold medals. What do they all have in jet? It is not that they won numerous gold medals. It Is they ar all fiery ab proscribed what they do, Since I started pre drill at age four, my time outside of school have been piled up with never ending activities, first in that respect was ballet, whence came ice skating, art class, then swimming, chess, thenPlano, speed reading, and flute. Whenever I quit doing unrivalled thing, I picked up something new. As the years go by, most of these activities atomic number 18 only memories, but one thing has rooted inside of me. afterward a day of academic learning and demanding homework, I will quick retreat into my safe haven, drawing. I love drawing. I think I am better at it than spelling. Maybe that is the reason I am better at math and science than reading and writing in school. To me, math and science is another way of drawing using dfferent media.I turn over when writers want to write, their minds will be filled with words and sentences, but when I want to express myself, my mind will be filled with images and graphics. School, homework, and holding up heartfelt grades can be pretty stressful, When I draw, I intuitive feeling I am In a world where at that place are endless sunshine, a warm breeze, soft rolling colour hills, fragrant flowers, morning dew on the bright green grass, chirping birds sometimes there are lines, geometric shapes, and dots which all Intertwine In the endless void.As abundant as I can Imagine, I can draw, I feel happy. People often think artists are only appreciated when they are dead. I believe that is a narrow way to appreciate art. artwork is the major part of our life. Everything we live by pretty much started out with an Idea throwing on a piece of paper in the salmagundi of sketch or drawing. How would Thomas Edison plan out his idea for the well-fixed bulb? Drawing has lead a major part of me it has become my anchor and my passion and I am pretty darn good at It.

Professor Howard Zinn’s purpose for writing “A People’s History of the United States”

1. In a nutshell, Professor Howard Zinns decide for writing A peoples History of the United States was to fracture a report of the United States (from the start settlers only the way to the middle1970s at the time of publishing) that did not outright lie or sugar coat our countrys past. Furthermore, Zenn seeks to avoid manipulating our history as a means to calm the reader, albeit causing controversy when his book first debuted.Additionally, in the words of the author himself, If history is to be creative, to call up a possible future without denying the past, it should, I believe, emphasize new possibilities by disclosing those hidden episodes of the past when, even if in brief flashes, people showed their baron to resist, to join together, occasionally to win. I am supposing, or perhaps notwithstanding hoping, that our future may be found in the pasts fugitive moments of ruth rather than in its solid centuries of warfare.By this, Im surefooted one of his goals was to de monstrate the impact of the human spirit and how even though A Peoples History of the United States is filled with the distressful reality that conflict is always present in our society, it also shows that sometimes good triumphs over evil and that maybe history doesnt sustain to repeat itself once more. 2.The thesis for pages 111 of, A Peoples History of the United States essentially revolves around the statement, It is enough to stir us question, for that time and ours, the excuse of progress in the annihilation of races, and the say of history from the standpoint of the conquerors and leaders of Western civilization. This is a concise epitome of pages 111, stating the claim of Zenns underlying argument in regards to all the information presented in the first chapter. 3. Howard Zinn held the nowmainstream idea that traditional (school) history

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Time Scale for Research Project

Time scale for Research Project 1. Design and stimulate Video demonstrations (Completed) 2. declinationide on a conceptual framework for the stand appear (Laurillard) 3. settle on quantitive/qualitative or mixed method (Mixed quantitive/qualitative) 4. point of reference and read 20 quality applicable resent journal articles (5 bran-new already) 5. Design and create a questionnaire for research (Completed) 6. Design and create a practical marking scheme (completed) 7. Decide on whither to use a focus group or not or interview or not (numbers)(Focus Group Interview) 8.Design and create a questionnaire for info on students phones for set-back day (completed) 9. Decide on what journal to write for (by Nov beginning(a)) 10. Decide on possible themes for article structure and headings etc (see 9) 11. Design and create a admit form for the students (by Nov 1st) 12. Design and write an application for consent from ITB to carry out research (by Nov 1st) 13. Put abstract together and submit to Open development online journal(completed) 14. Make up a specific timetable for implementing athletic field (by Dec 1st) 15. print annotated bibliography (by Dec 7th) 16.Decide on a learning theory for the project (by Dec 1st) 17. Rewrite literature review (Completed) 18. Rewrite research proposal (Completed) 19. Decide on specific method of analysing the results. Miles and Hubermans interactive model of info analysis. (by Dec 7th) (Jan 1st) 20. Carry out practical study and collect info (Jan 6th 22nd) 21. Collect data from questionnaires and focus group (Jan 25th 29th) 22. consider data (Feb 1st Mar 1st) 23. Write journal paper (Mar 1st June 1st) 24. Constantly read journal papers and adapt entire study as work proceeds, start writing ASAP and keep on updating ePortfolio and private Blog.

Patients Dealing with Poverty Essay

scantness affects al more or less half(a) the world. Over tierce billion stack live on less than $2.50 a mean solar day (Global Issues). The United States, one of the wealthiest nations in the world, accounts for almost 12% of these statistics. In auxiliary to these people, a nonher 50 million be near need level. even kayoed more alarming, according to the 1999 Census Bureau, over 16% of all children in the United States live in distress verse the recorded 12% of adults (Yahoo Health). I chose to write close to people life sentence with mendi hindquarterscy because perfection has really placed the issue on my heart this grade. Last May, my develop lost his job and became homeless. I am happy to say he is now employed and looking for housing. After seeing the effects of poverty first hand, I befuddle felt tremendously compelled to reach out to those in need. I charter applied for an Episcopal Urban detain Program through AmeriCorps and if I am accepted, I will be w orking with them starting in August.God has really blessed me with a heart of compassion and understanding, and I want to use that gift to wait on others to the scoop up of my ability. impoverishment is a global issue that affects e real niche of our world. There atomic number 18 an endless amount of people anguishing in every county and numerous issues to be discussed. Because there be so many people affected worldwide, I am only going to focal point on the effects in the United States for this essay. So, what is poverty? Poverty sack be defined in several different ways. According to the US Census Bureau, poverty is measured in numbers. Any person living on a yearly income of $11,136 or under (add $2,820 for each surplus person in the household) is considered to be in poverty (US Census 2010). However, the cordial definition of poverty is any person living with a want of essential items such as food, clothing, water, and shelter (Think Quest). Minority racial and e thnic groups are much more likely to live in poverty.Also, poverty is much more prevalent in single, female-headed households (Yahoo Health). It is extremely essential to be educated about the kinds of people living in poverty, especially if you are a wellness complaint worker, because the effects of their financial status strikingly advert their well-being. Individuals living at or near poverty level suffer a variety of chronic ailments. They much have no wellness insurance so they rely on emergency rooms for care and often do not fill their prescriptions. They frequently postpone getting medical care due to lack of insurance and also have shorter life spans (Society of Teachers of Family Medicine). For every small decrease in income we see a signifi good dealt decrease in wellness outcome. Another big dread of poverty-level individuals is that they are more likely to smoke and to live sedentary lifestyles (Hope finished Healing Hands). In a study done in year two hundred 0, researchers found that more than one third of people living in poverty had a drug or alcohol fuss. Also, more than half (56%) of those studied reported not having enough to eat at one-time(prenominal) in the last year (Society of Teachers of Family Medicine).Lack of nutrition, for any period of time, can cause detrimental effects on the body such as weight loss, bone deterioration, and even death (Merck Manuals). Mental wellness issues such as depression and anxiety were also very prevalent in this study of poverty-stricken people. Something very interesting to me about this study is that in response to interview questions about issues in daily life, personal health and/or access to health care services were the third most commonly cited concerns (employment and housing were the top two concerns). Among these health concerns, costs and health insurance coverage were the biggest issues raised. Nearly half of Americans whose incomes are below cl% of the poverty level are without insurance coverage. In contrast, only about 40% of those with incomes below 100% of the poverty level are without health insurance (Society of Teachers of Family Medicine). This is due to the target income range of government programs.Federal and tell apart programs (such as Medicaid) help tremendously with insuring those at poverty level. However, there are many others considered the working poor who do not qualify for these programs. These people all too often have to choose between nonrecreational for meals and paying for health care. Those living in poverty that do have health insurance from government programs often have very hold coverage. Prescription medications and medical supplies (such as eyeglasses) are often not included. healthcare professionals often mistake those in poverty, especially those between the 150% 200% level range, as non-compliant patients (Society of Teachers of Family Medicine). Because people living in poverty often do not come in for preventative care, do not fill prescriptions, and fail to adhere to other recommendations, they can easily be mistaken for bad patients. It is a common misconception that they are ignorant to the grandeur of health care.It is imperative to understand that these individuals are doing the best they can with the finances and resources they have available. The main solution to health care problems those living in poverty face is a transfigure to our health care system. coverage needs to be available to all members of society for all health needs. As healthcare workers, we are not all called to be change agents in the world for this cause. However, we can educate ourselves to better understand poverty so we can deal effectively with those patients experiencing it. Americans almost always depend to be stateed of poverty in under-developed countries. They also seem to be well-aware that poverty causes poor health. Still, many in the U.S. remain unaware that this problem exists in our country as we ll (Hope by dint of Healing Hands). health care exitrs can communicate effectively with poverty-stricken individuals by showing a genuine desire to assist and serve them.Developing a whizz of empathy, not sympathy, for the person shows that you care for them rather than feel bad for them. It is important to understand that these individuals sense of time occurs only in the present. They rarely withdraw of the future or what effects their present actions might have on them later in life (TFC Association). They live for today because that is all they have. It is best to project kindness to these individuals, as with any group of people. Another very effective tool for helping those living in poverty is providing resources. Researching lay off or low-cost programs in your community and sharing them with these patients is a great way to help. Using appropriate humor is also a great way to lighten the mood and bring a smile to someones face that may be experiencing financial hardsh ips (TFC Association).There are so many problems poverty brings upon an individual. musical accompaniment with this burden can truly effect a person is so many ways. As a healthcare worker there is only so much we can do to assist people at these low-income levels. Although we can not provide a means for them financially or fix the living mail they are in, it is important to understand the impact we can have serious by being compassionate. If you work in an office with ignorance to this issue, it is vital to inform those around you about the effects of poverty on health care. in advance jumping to conclusions about a patient who is non-compliant, you may want to admit questions to find out if it is due to poverty. The key is to treat them with dignity and respect, disregarding of their social status, and you really will make a difference.Works Cited1. Poverty Facts and Stats Global Issues. Global Issues Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Issues That Affect Us bot h Global Issues. Web. 24 Mar. 2011. . 2. Poverty. Yahoo Health. Web. 24 Mar. 2011. . 3. Poverty Data Poverty Threshholds U.S Census Bureau. Census Bureau Home Page. Web. 24 Mar. 2011. . 4. Finding Solutions to Poverty. A Dollar a Day What Is Poverty? Web. 24 Mar. 2011. . 5. Understanding the farming of Poverty. Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. Web. 24 Mar. 2011. . 6. Poverty and Healthcare Fatefully Linked. Hope Through Healing Hands. Web. 24 Mar. 2011. . 7. Undernutrition Disorders of Nutrition and Metabolism Merck Manual Home Edition. Merck & Co., Inc. Is a Global Research-driven Pharmaceutical Products Company. Web. 24 Mar. 2011. . 8. Health Needs of People Living Below Poverty Level. Transplant Financial Coordinators. Web. 24 Mar. 2011. .

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Case Analysis of “Which is Higher”

In the northeastern part of the United States, the barons Island School District caters senior highschool school precept to a large urban bea wherein about one third gear of the students population is of cultural minority. The school district has six senior high schools, from grades ten to twelve, wherein one re displayative was selected to comprise the committee on revising the syllabus for secondary memoir. Meanwhile, Dr. Tom Blakely, the head for social studies curriculum was appoint to spearhead the committee on revision.The chosen members of the committee were Luis Garcia of Garfield High, Eric Tannenbaum of Central High, Lois Blakely of forefront Buren High Lee Cheng of Kennedy High, Delicia Jackson of South Point High, and Michelle McMurray of Westside High. These members are all history teachers in their respective schools. They were tasked to scrutinize the living curriculum in social studies for their school district. Thus, the committee is expected in the windup to come up with the most plausible instructional objectives, teaching orders, paygrade tools, and set of references for the revised social studies curriculum.Two Main Positions Eric Tannenbaum favored the time-tested lecture-discussion as his primary method in teaching history. Sometimes he also uses group work and current event discussion in his class. He believed that lecture-discussion method is the most abstract in presenting lessons with wide coverage. By using it, he terminate tackle lessons within the al treatted time. In terms of evaluation, he used to administer teacher-made tests which for the most part yield objective type items. In addition, essay questions are also provided in his tests.Tannenbaum thought that the first two levels of the Blooms taxonomy of learning objectives should be first attained by students in order to prepare them for higher-order learning. Michelle McMurray advocated the problem-solving feeler in teaching history. She believed that a facts -oriented subject would just employ preventatives on the part of the students. She added that for the students to appreciate history, the method should be focused on principles by dint of substantive learning experiences rather than memorization of dates, places, and people.To be able to do this, learning objectives that utilize problem-solving and creativity should be formulated. In her class, she employs methods to connect historic facts to the present knowledge of the students and its relevance to the contemporary time. For each unit, she encourages students soulfulnessly or by group to identify problems of their interest to work on. Given the appropriate time to prepare, the students provide present their reports. With these, learning experiences become meaningful to the students star to a abundant time memory of learned facts.Based on the presented production, she formulates essay-type questions that correspond to the high-order level of Blooms taxonomy. She also allo ws students to write questions that can possibly be used as test questions. The two members of the committee supported the nonion of Tannenbaum concerning curriculum design for social studies. Luis Garcia and Cheng Lee both agreed with Tannenbaum propositions for those are conveniently used by most history teachers. On the other hand, Lois Blakely and Delicia Jackson supported the ideas of McMurray.For them, learning can just now be meaningful when students interest and active participation are attach for every learning activity. Analysis Blooms Taxonomy Blooms taxonomy of educational objectives is a hierarchy of learning objectives from simple to a to a greater extent complex (Huitt, 2004). Most of the time, it is described as a ladder where students take on to climb from the low to higher level. Knowledge, comprehension, and application belong to the low-level cognitive domain while analysis, synthesis and evaluation are high-order thinking level (Huitt, 2004).Based on McMurra ys analysis, Tannenbaums objectives were merely just at the low level of the Blooms taxonomy. Even though he has essay questions in the evaluation, those questions also require simple recall of selective nurture or tuition. Conversely, McMurray favored essay-type questions that require students to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information. She allows students to identify interesting point for research in every unit of the subject then give them freedom to rigorously research on their chosen fields and present their outputs on the class.Additionally, the other groups are also further to raise their questions concerning the presented report. Based on their presentation of outputs, she patterns questions for assessment. With these, McMurray were able to give independence to her students by working and discovering rising-fangled things on their own, thus, leading the students to higher-order of thinking. Ausubels Meaningful Reception Learning The meaningful learning of Ausube l denotes the submergence of new information and acquisition of new meanings (Elliot, Kratoch leave behind, Cook, and Travers, 2000).As a student internalizes new information, he patterns and fits this to his existing cognitive structure. By anchoring this new information to his existing dodgeta, renewal or adjustment of the schema results leading to the acquisition of new meaning, hence, the term meaningful learning (Elliot, Kratochwill, Cook, and Travers, 2000). facial expression back at the trip analysis, since Tannenbaum used to employ lecture-discussion on his class, students will just tend to memorize and depend on the details of his lecture.Although absorption of new information occurs but the internalization and transformation of the information into new memory unit is deterred. As such, the learned facts only remain in students mind in a short period of time. On the contrary, finished the methods of McMurray students may have the chance to work independently and present their output based on their own plan. By anchoring the subject matter into the present thinking level of the students, the teacher motivates them and incites them for further learning.Discovery Learning. Jerome Bruner postulated that the active difference of learners in every learning activity would result to a long mind-retention of learned facts or principles (Dandapani, 2004). Environmental stimuli arouse learners interests that trigger them to find firmness of purpose for a perplexing situation. In finding the most plausible business relationship for the seed difficulty, one may exhaust all possible resources in his environments. In this process, learners internalize information, fit this to their existing cognitive structure, and create or adjust schemata (Dandapani, 2004).Since, problem-solving approach is under discovery learning, McMurray utilizes the process of discovery in her teaching approach. Information Processing theory Information Processing Theory emphasized t he roles of attention, perception, thinking, memory, and problem-solving processes in learning (Lachman, Lachman, and Butterfield, 1979). Every individual observes a lot of environmental stimuli but the brain mechanisms selectively limit the absorption of information in such way that the new information would systematically form with the existing cognitive structure (Lachman, Lachman, and Butterfield, 1979).By giving attention on a particular stimulus, one may be able to perceive what has been observed. Then, the role of memory takes place by organizing this new information with the existing schemata. In this assimilation process, once the newly absorbed information is ineffectual to be fitted into the existing schema, either this will be lost in the memory or adjustment in the existing cognitive structures results (Lachman, Lachman, and Butterfield, 1979). This representation that the mind does not only fit the newly absorbed information into existing schemata but also adjust to accommodate it.In the case analysis, Tannenbaum often used lecture-discussion method for he can cover a lot of topics within the allotted time. However, as firmly stated by McMurray, lecture-discussion would only provide numerous facts that most of the time give burden to the students because of their difficulty in memorization and their inability to organize, relate and integrate unalike information, and unable to see its connections and relevance to everyday living.McMurray proposed that by formulating learning objectives which will utilize problem-solving skills and develop creativity, learning will be meaningful for every student and a all-night retention of learning is foreseen. My Opinion Tannenbaum is not entirely wrong with his method of choice. He just failed to address individual differences by integrating several methods of instruction to cater the lesson to the different needs, interest, and abilities of the learners.His method is inclined solely to rigorous memorizati on of facts giving way to rote learning. Even though he has a genuine purpose of accomplishing the time-bound topics overconfident for the course, he is actually delimiting the subject into low-level of thinking resulting to failure in developing multiple intelligences. McMurrays approach in teaching is anchored on Ausubels reception learning, Bruners discovery learning, and information processing theory. As such, we may infer then that her approach in teaching is more(prenominal) democratic and student-centered.She encouraged active participation among her students and allowed them to work on the topic of their choice. By means of this, she actually harnessed the interest of students towards problem-solving and incited them to find ways to accomplish their tasks. Moreover, she patterned her evaluation based on students outputs and even encouraged students to formulate test questions. With these, learning becomes meaningful for every student that may propel them for further learn ing.Nevertheless, with regards to the possible content gaps or topics that are not able to tackle up due to time constraints in employing problem-solving approach, as what McMurray did, teacher may supplement the report of the students by bringing up the topics that students failed to choose. We also need to admit the inevitable truth that our minds tend to go forth and only limited facts stay in our long-term memory. Therefore, it is much split up to incur content gaps in a subject if the tackled topics retain longer in our memory rather than to cover all prescribed topics in the absence of authentic learning.

Macy’s Inc Case Essay

Analyze the publicly-traded unattackable Macys Inc. you are to completed a pecuniary psychoanalysis. Complete the following steps for this portion of the image 1. Obtain financial information for your firm for at least a 5 (2008-2012) year time uttermost. This information should include income statements, balance sheets, cash-flow statements. 2. submit a brief history of the firm You will need to do background reading about the firm in order to gather insight into its functioning and behavior. Focus this section on the who, when, where and what questions about your firms history. 3. Complete financial measures of the firm for a multi-year time period (e.g. 5 years).This should include all measures concerning the income statement, balance sheet, and cash-flow statements. 4. Analysis of the financial slaying of the firm. Once all financial measures have been determined, an analysis of this information is authoritative to understanding how well the firm is performing and its up-to-the-minute state of operations. there will be two components to this analysis a. End-Point Analysis Using the end-point methodological analysis described in the document in the Reference Module of the circumscribe Section of the course, compare the firms current financial performance to its financial performance in the beginning time frame.Describe, discuss, and analyze the changes you observe. b. industriousness Comparison Obtain current sedulousness data on the several(a) financial measures you have determined for the firm. Compare the performance of the firm to the industry and describe/discuss your results. 5. Summarize your findings. Based on the financial analysis you have just completed, summarize your findings and draw conclusions about the changes in the financial performance/structure of the firm over time and about the current strengths of its operations.

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Industrial Revolution facts, information Essay

industrialisation is a period in which machines take mail helping instead of men. It is the period in which machines do work once through by humans. This is basically time period from which the agrarian lodge transubstantiate into an industrial society.BackgroundIndustrialisation took place in the mid of eighteenth century to former(a) 19th century in mainly atomic number 63 and North America starting in Great Britain followed by Ger many another(prenominal), Belgium, and France. During this time period industries played a vital role in the urbanization of Europe. It was a shift from pastoral work to industrial working path. Mostly labor before industrialization apply to work on their own, things were mostly handmade which took many time and labor. Industrialisation helped the poor corporation in incompatible aspects of saving time as well as energy. The transformation from an rural economy to industrial economy is known as Industrial Revolution.Industrialisation had pla yed the vital role in the construction of new society in Europe. As industrialization changed scenario of society further also mystify devastation to the society because Capitalism emerged during industrialization which made rich community more(prenominal) richer and poor community poorer. Howard Zinn once said Capitalism has been continuously the failure for the lower classes. It is now beginning to fail for the middle class. Such various observers as Karl Marx and mile Durkheim cited the alienation and anomie of individual workers faced by seemingly meaningless tasks and rapidly altering goals. The fragmentation of the extended family and community tended to isolate individuals and to countervail traditional determine. By the really mechanism of growth, industrialism appears to create a new strain of poverty, whose victims for a sorting of reasons are unable to compete according to the rules of the industrial order. In the major(ip) industrialized nations of the late 20th century, such developments as automated technology, an expanding service sector, and increasing suburbanization signa lead what some observers called the emergence of a postindustrial society.Industrialisation in Thomas venturouss refreshing Tess Of The DUbbervillesWhen Thomas venturesome was born in 1840, agri gloss was the most measurable industry in England, employing roughly 20% of the labor force. By 1900, however, agricultural workers comprised less than 10% of the total workforce. braw witnessed oft of this inviolableship as a baby growing up in Dorsetwhich would later become his model for Wessex. courageouss Dorset was, in fact, the poorest and least industrialized county in Britain, and the farm laborers led difficult, often unrewarding lives. Laborers toiled from six oclock in the cockcrow until six oclock at night in the pass and from the first light until dusk in the winter. It was non uncommon to disclose women and children in the fields their labor was fre quently used as the twopenny-halfpenny substitute for mens. Their diet was monotonous and meagerbread, bacon and cheese, and only now and then milk. They drank beer and tea, and those who could not afford tea would soak burnt toast in water. In addition, the financial backing conditions of many of these laborers were horrendous. Many lived in squalor and did not have the money to improve their condition. In 1851, there were half a million such laborers in England.Thomas sturdys Tess of the dUrbervilles (1891) contains complex and detailed interrogations of many prim values and of the capitalist culture of his time. This novel is a fierce condemnation of the social, ethical, moral, religious, and political values held by the majority of Hardys cultural elite contemporaries in England. The most obvious example of Hardys cultural lit crit is his assertion in the novels subtitle that Tess is A thin Woman. By traditional straight-laced standards, Tess is a fallen woman and as s uch is considered damaged honourables suitable for the lowest bidder. Hardy is radically departing from these values by proclaiming Tesss purity and virtue charge though she has had inner relations outside of marriage. It is, therefore, not surprising that initial play offion to the novel was highly negative.This cultural criticism is one of Hardys many challenges to the social conventions and values of his time found within this text. Tesss fence with Alec is both a gender and a class conflict. The text uses Tesss relationship with Alec to expose the similarities and interconnections between a mans carnal and emotional oppression of a woman, on the one hand, and a more powerful social classs economic oppression and demolition of a weaker class, on the other. Hardys Tess laments the destruction of the independent rural artisan class and blames nouveaux rich capitalist society for this degradation. Hardy goes on to condemn the industrialization of agricultural work because of what he views as the passing destructive impact of technology and mechanization upon the quality of the rural workers lives. Hardy is also extremely critical of organized Christianity in several places end-to-end the novel, including the scene in which Sorrow is actually denied a Christian burial. Hardy also raises questions about the injustice and inequality of a legal system, which finds Alec necessitous of any wrongdoing but sentences Tess to death.Hardy clearly defines Tess as a member of the independent rural artisan class, a group whose trend of life as a whole he asserts is at run a risk of extinction and whose quality of life is in decline due to capitalist economic forces and the industrialization of agricultural labor. He writes The village had at a time contained, side by side with the agricultural labourers, an interesting and better-informed class, ranking clear above the former the class to which Tesss father and mother had belonged and including the carpenter , the smith, the shoemaker, the huckster, together with nondescript workers other than farm-labourers a set of people who owed a certain(a) stability of aim and conduct to the fact of their being life-holders like Tesss father, or copyholders, or, occasionally, small free-holders. But as the long holdings fell in they were seldom again let to similar tenants, and were mostly pulled down. (435)Hardys description of Alecs family embodies all that Hardy maintains is wrong with capitalist nouveau riche society there, money and status are more valuable and meaning(a) than people. Industrialisation in Charles Dicken novel David Copper FieldCharles John Huffam daemon was born on 7 February 1812 in Portsmouth, the second of eight children. When he was nine years old his father was imprisoned for debt and all of the family overleap for young Charles were sent to Marshalsea, the debtors prison. Charles instead went to work in a nigrify factory and suffered first hand the appalling condi tions, loneliness, and despair. During his lifetime he died in June 1870 industrialization dramatically reshaped Britain, the population of London tripled and he saw the induce of the railways, the telegraph, and the steamship.He used his novels to bring to attention the social ills and abuses of Victorian England in such a way that the general reality could relate and react to. For example, Oliver Twist attacked the workhouse system and portrayed a criminal underclass that captured the publics imagination. In David Copperfield and Great Expectations, he drew on his early experiences of the debtors prison and the blacking factory. He exposed the brutal Yorkshire schools in Nicholas Nickleby and the inadequacies of the law of nature in Pickwick Papers and Bleak House.The main reasons, therefore, were the mostly questioning donjon conditions of the lower classes in factory cities, the automation of industry and the huge fork up surplus in the country all throughout Great Britai n. Furthermore, there were waves of migration into the huge cities and more and more capitalists that could be found in parliament, widely supporting political industrialization, alone neglecting the working conditions of their employees.In the Early Victorian amicable Novel (1830 1850), the industrial system was to blame for the bad living conditions of the workers. However, it was not considered an abstract but rather manifested itself in individuals, like good and bad factory owners, responsible and irresponsible ones. And there was an unshakeable belief in morality and that those who were bad could be converted to good ones, those who were irresponsible could be made responsible. The authors at that time drew less attention to the lucubrate of the world of work and its machines, but rather preferred the depiction of physically and mentally injured people, because of their work. Therefore many metaphors were used to describe the reign social conditions, such as Jungle of w ork up, Prison of Work or Subjugation of the worker through the machine.Thinking of Social Criticism, huge cosmoss in society, like workhouses, industrialized cities or even certain governmental systems might occur to ones sound judgment in the first place. But many people forget that the smallest institution in society is the family. And the first socio-critical element in David Copperfield to begin with shall be the family itself. Therefore one has to know that families in the 19th century, especially in higher social classes, were organized completely differently than families are today. Usually, the conserve was the big boss in the house, whereas the woman had to be the good woman of the house and mother who had to obey her husband. And the children, above all boys, normally were educated in truth strictly, and once out of the age in which they had to be cared for by their mother, they were completely under their fathers control and influence. fiend now wants to rap this m ore or less old-fashioned position in his novel, but therefore he has to set up the right situation.The orphanage was an important topic at the time of industrialism because many parents had to work very hard and there were bad working conditions in the factories or workhouses. Subsequently, the parents were often physically worn out, many mothers not rarely died during or shortly afterwards the birth of their children, and many fathers often died during their difficult, inhuman and most dangerous work. And the children they left hand were orphans, many of them still too young to care for themselves and facing a world they were not ready for, however.And this topic of the orphanage is also raise in David Copperfield. As already Davids father is dead yet and his mother dies shortly after the birth of her second child, presumably distress from the tortures of her cruel husband.Dickens was not the first novelist to draw the attention of the training public to the deprivation of t he lower classes in England, but he was much more successful than his predecessors in exposing the ills of the industrial society including class division, poverty, bad sanitation, privilege and meritocracy and the experience of the metropolis. In common with many nineteenth-century authors, Dickens used the novel as a repository of social conscience.The novel directs this teetotal attack at the Victorian public opinion, which was either unaware or condoned such treatment of poor children. Dickens was critical about the Victorian education system, which is reflected not only in Nicholas Nickleby, Hard Times and Our correlative Friend but also in his journalism and public speeches. As a boy, he was shocked to read reports about the cheap boarding schools in the North. In Nicholas Nickleby Dickens describes abusive practices in Yorkshire boarding schools. However, Dickens does not only criticise the malicious education system, but he is primarily concerned with the fates of these u nfortunate children who are representatives of the most vulnerable lot of the society.

Spartan Society – Year 12 Ancient History Assignment

exposit 1 (a)He was believed to be the creator of the knockout ball club and how it functi integrityd. Most of the starks open idea him as a God-like figure and worshipped him. There is no plastered(prenominal) source or a piece of evidence ab tabu(predicate) Lycurgus and archaeological records contradicted his existence often. Even seriouss had no idea of what Lycurgus looked like but there were his portraits and statues as what people imagined how a wise lawgiver would look like. (b)TheHyakinthia fete This was a feast named after Hyakinthos, a youth who was l everyplace of the god Apollo and died when Apollo accidentally hit him with a discus.The flower of the red hyacinth was believed to feign sprung from his blood. In his grief, Apollo ordained an annual festival. This festival was held at the ancient enclose ofAmyclae(about five kilometres from Sparta). This site was the location of a huge statue of Apollo, the tomb of Hyakinthos and an clean argona for fes tival dances. The festival as well ask place over three years in the (summer) month of July. A and thenaeus, writing in the 2ndcentury A. D. , has addicted an account of this festival, which basically revolves around mourning for Hyakinthos, and praise of Apollo The festival had deuce demonstrates 1.The world-class stage involved rites of sorrow and mourning in follow of Hyakinthos. There was a ban on the wearing of wreaths and on buoyant songs. Offerings were placed at the dead youths tomb. The eating of cultivated cabbage and cakes was forbidden there was a limited funeral meal, then a day of ritual grief. 2. The second stage involved rejoicing in honor of Apollo, the wearing of wreaths, the singing of joyful songs, sacrifice to Apollo, a festive meal, a procession to Amyclae, choral song and dance. The historian Hooker has interpreted the festival as a festival for the dead on cardinal hand, have with a thanksgiving for life on the separate.TheGymnopaediae festival Th is was The Festival of the strip Boys. The festival was held in the Spartanagora(market place). It commemorated the battle of Thyrea fought against Argos c. 550 B. C. The festival have choral performances the unsexting up of images of Apollo and Artemis boxing amongst boys and men. Although much has been written about the violent aspect of the festival, it has been interpreted as a rite of passage on the way to manhood, an initiation that paint a pictured membership or be coherenting to the companionship.The Gymnipaediae were celebrated in July, the hot trial part of the year. The festival consisted of a series of athletic competitions and melodious aftermaths among boys and men. bound and running in tough conditions proved the say-so of the Spartan citizens to the onlookers. In its early context it was part of the whole warrior code to initiate the immature soldier to a life of physical excellence. It was not confined to Sparta. This festival was a thank- moroseering to A pollo for soldiers success. c)Religion in Sparta, like in many civilizations, had a commitment to support the ideals of a militaristic high party. The Spartan ideal of an elite sort out multitude terra firma influenced the approach to faith and the ways in which religion would be molded to suite state doctrine, therefore highlighting the immensity of religion in upholding the values of Spartan society such as endurance, loyalty, obedience, conformity, and skill. Religion was similarly use to create social coherence, important in promoting conformity and in controlling the society under the ideals of the military state.At an unmarried level religion provided a way of ensuring fertility both military man and natural as well as averting disaster and ensuring supremacy in war. Religion was important for the State and this could excessively be seen in the wartime practices of the Spartan Army. According to Powell, Spartans believed in military sooth proverb, following an a rmy to war was a herd of sacrificial animals ready to appease the Gods. Consultative sacrifices were held earlier embar queer on a military campaign, before a battle and when stepping into the door of the enemy.As written by Herodotus, Cleomenes in 494 on an invasion campaign to Argo was move troops home because he had seen bad omens at the river Erasinus. Spartans to a fault chaffered Oracles at Delphi for predictions, famously at the battle of Thermopylae Leonidas was told to give up or fight to the death against Persian troops. The Spartan corporate trust on vaticination is reflective of how religion was utilize for military organisation and was important in supporting the state with battle strategy and on issues of joining battles. The reliance on religion creates a perceive of reassurance for warriors if they had een given a costly battle prediction and as well a justification for retreat with a bad omen, as seen through Cleomenes. The mythology was interwoven with eve ry aspect of Grecian life. Each urban center devoted itself to a particular god or group of gods, for whom the citizens often built synagogues of worship. They regularly honoured the gods in festivals, which high officials supervised. At festivals and other official gatherings, poets recited or sang great legends and stories. Many Greeks knowing about the gods through the words of poets.Spartan mythology was different than any other city-state in the Ancient Greece. Their gods were the same as others but Spartan gods were gear with armors and weapons. This is an pillow slip of how militarised Sparta was. Even their lawgiver Lycurgus is believed to be a myth by historians. Many Spartans worshipped as a god and in stage to create a perfect city-state, he could be constantly recreated to exempt why things were as they were. Although the Greeks had no official church organization, they universally honoured certain holy places.Delphi, for example, was a holy site dedicated to Apol lo. A temple built at Delphi contained anoracle,or prophet, whom brave travellers questioned about the future. A group of priests represented from each one of the holy sites. These priests, who also might be community officials, interpreted the words of the gods but did not possess any circumscribed knowledge or antecedent. In addition to prayers, the Greeks often offered sacrifices to the gods, unremarkably of a domestic animal such as a goat. (d) The religious data link to the military can be first seen in the Greek Gods the Spartiates emphasised and worshipped.The principal Spartan Gods were Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Discouri and Zeus. Apollo, Artemis and Athena more explicitly demonstrate the militaristic nature of Sparta with the three Gods associated with victory, wisdom, and skill in battle. Even Gods that were not usually known for battle were given militaristic traits, like the statue of the Armed Aphrodite in Thornax. The worship of Apollo and Artemis and their high status reflects the military value of Spartan society in training the youth for future defence.Such devotion to Apollo and Artemis can be seen in the Sanctuary of Apollo at Amyclae where coins in the likeness of Apollo were found and at the Temple of Artemis Orthia where thousands of votive offerings were found. Rites of passage within Spartan society were also carried out at the Artemis Orthia and can be likened to a vigorous military test of endurance with religious overtones. Young boys endured harsh whippings whilst trying grabbing stringed cheeses off the shrine. Those who could withstand the punishment were given honour and moved onto another stage in their military training.Religion in this case was used to sort out those with better warrior potential. Another function of religion in Spartan society was to train the hoplites. Hoplites were taught religiously devotional dances and songs, but the worship taught in the barracks also had military purpose. The song and dance helpe d with organise war movement, as the musical devotions not only praised the Gods but taught ideas of rhythm that was used in coordinating Phalanx in battle and the ability to move in a manner that was in harmony with the other warriors.Other examples of religion being a form of endurance training and test can be seen in the Spartan festivals. In the Carneia, the participants had to live in barracks as though on campaign and were made to run and chase a figure to train, test and celebrate athletic ability. The festival was associated with military success and the state used this festival as a way of glorifying past times victories, therefore promoting the successes of the military state.According to Hooker The Principle aim of the Gymnipaediae another festival was the habituation of the Spartan manhood to trying activity. The festival consisted of athletic competitions, musical all the samets and dancing as displays of strength and endurance. This gave the state the opportunity to train hoplites, and separate the strong from the weak The subroutine of religion was to support the military organisation and was vital to a state, which precious an elite defence force and celebrated skill in battle.As shown to a higher place religion was used a form of preparation, training assurance and mastermind in military situations. It was believed in Sparta that a queen by faithfulness of his betoken descent should perform all the public sacrifices on the citys behalf Xenophon. The fagots acted as a priest towards the Gods. Aristotle, Dealings with the Gods are designate to the kings Ritual responsibility was associated with political office staff giving kings special control in religious interpretation or jurisdiction.The kings through public sacrifices first received the divine messages of Gods and poufs could also consult the oracles as they wished. As divination was passed through the kings to the rest of society, the Kings had the power to make the people to curtain call to the Gods will. spiritual authority equates to political power an example of such power was when King Cleomenes refused to go into battle but got off trial by saying that the omens were bad so he could not fight. If a Spartan King had evidenceable religious excuse he could be forgiven for losing battles and refusing battles.Such religious data link was important in gaining, loyalty and obedience in the political arena, the divine status of the Kings was sign of military elitism. Spartan society according to Xenophon depended on the king and was loyal to the King, even believing that if an untitled person meshed the royal seat military disaster and famine would ensue. Spartan society valued conformity, coherence and believed in strong social controls, which religion then reinforced.Spartas social organisation was formed to encourage a sense of community and kinship, which in turn intruded on private religious practice. The Spartiate was inevitable to share sacri ficial meat with his mess-companions. Religion was interpreted to support the dodging of shared messes. Other ideals or Social cohesion can be seen in the Spartan religious festivals. In this festival people would communally mourn the dead and have a thanksgiving to life, it was to religiously as a community reaffirm the need for a close society.The festival of Carneia also emphasised a communal time of celebration, which honoured heroism and past successes in battles. During this time the Spartans were not allowed to travel to wars or battles, the Carneia being the reason they were late to fight in the Marathon 490BC and the lesser numbers at Thermopylae. Spartans had special departments, which were in charge of dealing with the oracles from Delphi and keeping records of signs from God. The power to consult the Gods however was exclusively among the authoritative forces of the state just as power itself was.Even Ephors had divination powers and all political classes of Sparta had religious duties to perform. It is evident that religion in Sparta functioned as political organisation religion was used to demonstrate prestige, power and authority which were vital to society that honoured divinity and, religion also assisted in creating a way for the governing forces to manipulate the wider society with claims of celestially ordained political decisions. The political connection to religion was a way of promoting the Spartan ideal of an elite warrior society.Part 2 (a) 1- Leonidas (Famous for the Battle of Thermopylae and the Persian Wars. ) 2- Menelaus (Famous for the Trojan Wars and the husband of the Helen of Sparta, later became known as the Helen of Troy. ) (b) According to Plutarch, the council originated when Lycurgus attempted to constrict royal power. More than likely, Gerousia originated as a result of a fighting between the kings and nobles during the first Messenian War. There were 28 members and the two kings in the Gerousia.Membership was qualif ied to Spartans over 60 years of age that were no longer reasonable for military service. Thus it was a consistency of elders who held their office for life. The Assembly select members by acclamation and although any Spartiate was eligible in practice members belike belonged to highly respected noble families. Aristotle mentions the exceed families, Plutarch says that they have to be the scoop up and most deserving. and the selection was by acclamation (shouting and clapping).The Gerousia was a Probletic body and this meant that they watchful and deliberated on bills to be presented to the Assembly for voting and if the vote was not canonical by the Gerousia, it could simply ignore it by adjourning the bill would not be passed. The Gerousia, Kings and Ephors acted as a court of justice and they tried cases of murder and duplicity and imposed penalties ranging from death to banishment and fines even the prosecution of a king would come before the Gerousia and the 5 Ephors .All these factors ensued that men of conservative opinion had the best chance of getting into the council, staying there and replacing themselves with people of the same outlook. It would take a brave and confident king to pursue a indemnity that did not command the support of the majority of the Gerousia, knowing that in the event of failure, he was likely to be prosecuted upon his return. T. J Buckley stated in his accommodate Aspects of Greek History to exemplify the power of the Gerousia. (c) The Ephorate was the fourth major ecesis in the Spartan constitution.Five Ephors were elective each year from the whole citizen body and by the fifth century, they were constitutionally the most powerful public officials. They were in charge of the day-today condescension and were also main executive body of state, implementing the decisions of the Assembly, at which they presided. They were also in charge of private lawsuits, which they judged sitting separately. They were combined with the Gerousia in the trial of a king. They supervised the other public officials, having the power to suspend, jail and even bring capital charges against them.One of their most important responsibilities was the supervising of the agoge, the long and tough system of state education that was essential for the high standards of the Spartan army. In the field of foreign affairs, they would receive foreign ambassadors to ascertain their business before presenting them to the Assembly. In time of war, it was their responsibility to organise the call-up of the army, deciding the precise size of the army that was needed for the coming campaign and may even have possessed the power to give orders to commanders (except for the king) in the battlefield.When king set out an expedition with the army, he was accompanied by two of the Ephors who acted as overseers. Aristotle saw the Ephors as the most powerful of the four key institutions of state but also the most corrupt. However, Ephor s had disadvantages as well. For example, Ephors did not have a continuous power in the state as they were only elected for a year and could not be re-elected ever again. This caused differences of opinion over policy between successive boards of Ephors, but also between indivi three-fold members of the same board.There was often disagreement, even personal animosity, between the kings and it is likely that each king would have his supporters among the Ephors. However, Ephors, for all their constitutional powers, only held office for one year and then returned to political obscurity, whereas the prestige of the king was long-standing. Some of their other functions were * They had the right to declare war on Helots. * They could fine people in the spot for being lazy. * They were the only magistrates who could conduct a civil trial. * They had the positive power over all the magistrates. They controlled Krypteia and state finances. (d) Spartan government contained elements of monarc hy, oligarchy and country and this was described as a mixed constitution. Spartan government was consisted of 2 kings and this dual kingship maybe was to prevent one king becoming too powerful. The Spartan Kings had ranges of powers and responsibilities. Some of them were they were the supreme commanders of the army, were the chief priests and decided on the marriages of divest heiresses. Spartan kings were the supreme commanders in the battlefield.However, the policy stated that only one king was suppose to lead the army to prevent any differences of opinion about the strategies and tactics during the battle while the other remained at home. This dual kingship ensured that each could keep an eye on the other. The leading king was usually accompanied by 2 Ephors and they kept a close supervision of the kings leadership and the Kings were blamed if the campaign had failed and severely punished. The king that leads the army had the absolute power in the battlefield and picked bodygu ards were to accompany the king.Aside from the kings responsibilities for the military, they were also the chiefs of priests. It was believed that Spartan kings were the priests of Zeus and they were to offer solemn sacrifices to Zeus requiring a gilt omen to proceed. Those sacrifices were performed on the frontier and the fire from these sacrifices carried with them throughout the entire campaign. Kings were also expected of to be responsible for the oracles of Delphi. It was believed in Sparta that a king by virtue of his divine descent should perform all the public sacrifices on the citys behalf Xenophon.The Kings acted as a priest towards the Gods. Aristotle, Dealings with the Gods are assigned to the kings Ritual responsibility was associated with political power giving kings special authority in religious interpretation or jurisdiction. The kings through public sacrifices first received the divine messages of Gods and Kings could also consult the oracles as they wished. As di vination was passed through the kings to the rest of society, the Kings had the power to make the people to bow to the Gods will. Source B is an excavation of a portrait in Acropolis landing field of Sparta in 1925.It is believed that the statue was a portrait of Leonidas. By the look of the statue, it is a emblematic Spartan man with a helmet, however it does not necessarily indicate that it is Leonidas or even a king. Though in the Spartan religion, Gods were geared up with weapons and armors. This is evident of even if it was a statue of Leonidas, it illustrates what sort of people kings were to the Spartan people. Spartans assumed the kings were descended from Heracles and they are the best kinds of semi-humans, this might be the reason why the king was wearing a helmet, if it really was a statue of Leonidas.

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Positive Behavior Essay

supporting is a moment following a behaviour that could improver the hazard of the port (Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2007). Reinforcement helps the behavior to be strong enough that it sess occur natur every last(predicate)y within its ones purlieu or stool be a part of an intervention final cause that teaches naked as a jaybird behaviors (Sulzer-Azaroff & Mayor, 1991). Reinforcement is an all important(p) concept in operant conditioning and an important part of learning process. B. F. skinner accepted this technique to modify accompaniment and punishment as well as extinction advantage. It increases a forbid behavior, or a optimistic behavior.In Operant Learning, at that place ar two types of behaviors constructive and blackball. Reinforcement is something that is part of allones life and rewards atomic number 18 given to enforce positive behaviors. Positive supporting is something that is done to increase a response from someone. Educators argon often involve d in positive reinforcement. It helps the learners give the desired behavior that is desired by the teacher. Teachers can advert disciples life positively by dealing with their behavior and by using a reward system. Being an Educator, there moldiness be stability to effectively manage a classroom of pupils.some durations universe faced with challenges in managing a students behavior becomes overwhelming especially students with behavior problems. Students are often very dense to teach and to get them focused on the learning thats being given to them because of the disruptive behaviors, exactly having some type of intervention plan in place helps to deal with the behavior problems. Although, teachers like to think they can handle things on their own sometimes before going to an decision maker for an discipline referral, but because of the problems behavior sometimes being so bad, the student has to get involved with the discipline principal.The behavior could cause suspensi on from schooldays in-school or out-of-school for a period of time awaiting a hearing. However, positive reinforcement does lend for some students in the classroom. In my classroom environment the students gets positive reinforcement by letting them go to the computer lab, captivate an directional movie, library, free time, or play music speckle they work and giving small snacks. These are some of the things that we do for positive reinforcement in the classroom. If positive reinforcement worked for everyone it would be a good thing, but some students do not care to be rewarded for good behavior.However, every student should want to do the adept thing and not search on someone giving them something in order to do well. veto reinforcement is also a theory of Operant Learning. According to B. F. Skinners( 1953) theory on operant conditioning Skinner says that to be rewarded has more than effect if it does not happen. If one was rewarded constantly the effect would be greater than the rewards that are usually given. If a student doesnt know when they are being rewarded, they exit control and be maintain themselves more so than anyone who knows the time the rewards are given out.Negative reinforcement is when certain incentives or items are removed after a particular behavior is exhibited. Although it is very flimsy that the behavior may not ever happen again, it is decreased. The negative behavior is increased if a student is stopping, moving or avoiding a negative outcome. It should never be thought of as a punishment. Positive reinforcement is always adding something positive to increase the behavior, but negative reinforcement is pickings something that is negative to increase a behavior.Negative reinforcement is also when you do something to keep from being punished for it. An example is if I nagged my son active keeping his room abstemious and he cleans it to avoid me nagging him to clean it. Reinforcement is something that happens all the time in everyones everyday life. make a plan for a child that is in special breeding is very important. To set the goals and objectives, it has to be in written form. To write a plan for setting goals and objectives takes some thought. First of all one mustiness know what an objective is.Since I have been working in the education field, I have had to learn many things. I learned while sitting in an IEP that the teacher must have goals and objectives for the student. The objective gives information of what you want to learn and to be able to show evidence of what you have learned. The objective is important and it must be well taught to help with the evaluating content of the goals. It leaves not enough room for reason. In writing an objective there are uniqueness that should be communicated and they are the accomplishment of an objective.This is a statement of what is anticipated of the learner. Circumstances are actually what the student can do or how the task can be performed. Th e standard of the objective tells how the student performed the assignment so that it will be acknowledged. Writing objectives should be around how much or how well of what someone will do and by when. For example Alicia will show respect for others, her peers and adults, her ideas, thoughts, opinion, personal space and property. Alicia should do this independently 90% of the time.Since Alicia is having problems with respecting others, she has to sit away from the group until she rationalizes to all of her teachers and peers. at one time she does this, she can return back to the group. Alicia likes being with the group, so she finally decides to apologize to everyone. The data was collected by Informal Assessment and Data Collection. another(prenominal) example would be Alicia needs to follow directions without arguing with the teacher 1 out of 4 times a day as calculated by observation, weekly observation and charting the outcome.Everything we do have a consequence whether its positive or negative. However, to get a positive remark one must increase the behavior to something positive. To get a negative behavior, do something that is not acceptable. It is always wise to try and increase the students behavior by positive reinforcement and definitely not by punishment. Doing something that is positive to decrease the negative behavior is always the right thing to do. Reinforcements of both behaviors are something that is done on a quotidian basis of everyday life.Today because people operate by their environment, (Martin & Pear, 1999) we all look for reinforcement in our lives rather its at work, with our friends, or family. All behaviors eventually become a way of growth. As for reinforcement, it will be more successful if the intensity and the magnitude of enforcers is greater ( Mittenberger, 2008). So, the loafer line is that Positive Reinforcement should be used in the classroom to help those students that are experiencing behavior problems. Special Education Teachers should take into servant of positive reinforcement to better help their students to be successful.

Discourse: Ellen Lupton’s Deconstructivist Theory Essay

distinguish imaginations from Ellen Luptons A Post-Mortem on Deconstruction? * Deconstruction is part of a broader field of criticism kn admit as post-structuralism, whose theorist have include Jacques Derrida, Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, Jean Baudrillard, among opposites. Each of these writers has looked at modes of representation from alphabetic opus to photojournalism as culturally powerful technologies that transform and construct reality. The phrase deconstructionism quickly became a cliche in design journalism, where it usually has expound a style featuring fragmented shapes, extreme angles, and aggressively asymmetrical ar flapments. This gathering of formal devices was easily transferred from architecture to bright design, where it named existing tendencies and catalyzed new geniuss.The labels deconstructivism, deconstructionism, and full plain decon have served to blanket the differences betwixt a broad range of design practices and an equally broad range of theory-based ideas. Rather than reckon it as a style, you can view deconstructivism as a do by an act of incredulitying. In Derridas original theory, deconstruction asks a question how does representation inhabit reality? How does the external appearance of a affair travel inside its internal essence? How does the surface get beneath the skin? For employment, the Western tradition has tended to value the internal mind as the sacred source of soul and intellect, while denouncing the body as an earthly, windup(prenominal) shell.Countering this view is the understanding that the conditions of bodily experience temper the way we say and act. A parallel question for graphic design is this how does visual from get inside the content of constitution? How has writing refused to be a passive, unmixed vessel for written textbooks, developing as a musical arrangement with its own structures and devices? * The Western philosophical tradition has denigrated writing as an inferi or, dead assume of the living, spoken word, when we speak, we draw on our inner consciousness, but when we write, our dustup argon inert and abstract.The written word loses its connection to our inner selves. Language is nonplus adrift. * It has recently become unfashionable to compargon nomenclature and design. In the palm of architecture and harvests, the paradigm of expression is losing its luster as a theoretical model we no longer think of buildings, tea pots, for fax machines as communication cultural marrows, in the manner of post- ripe classicism or product semantics. For the design fields, deconstruction has been reduced to the name of a historical terminus rather than an ongoing way of approaching design. Derrida made a alike point in 1994, saying that deconstruction pass on never be over, because it describes a way of thinking about language that has always existed. For graphic design, deconstruction isnt dead, either, because its not a style or movement, but a way of asking questions through our work. Critical form-making will always be part of design practice, whatever theoretical tools one might use to identify it.Apollinaires Il Pleut is a everlasting(a) example of the juxtaposition of language and design of piece and content. Like the other structural games calligrammes are often referred to, Il Pleut uses typography as an active voice picture rather than a passive frame, demonstrating only the beginning of the possibilities gettable for manipulating type to reflect language. Often graphic design can get word cultural myths by using familiar symbols and styles in new ways, and Apollinaire does precisely that in this futurist, poetic, and exciting way.Marinetti, other Futurist-classified poet, was a master in deconstruction letting the words themselves build imagery both literally and figuratively the letterforms and sentences themselves becoming the building blocks of his compositions. This 1913 work by Marinetti, Words of Liberty, is a thoroughgoing(a) example of the theory of metalanguage, proposed by Roland Barthes. In his work, Elements of Semiology, he advanced the concept of the metalanguage a systematized way of talking about concepts like meaning and grammar beyond the constraints of a traditional ( first-order) language in a metalanguage, symbols replace words and phrases.Insofar as one metalanguage is required for one explanation of first-order language, another may be required, so metalanguages may actually replace first-order languages. Barthes exposes how this structuralist system is regressive orders of language rely upon a metalanguage by which it is explained, and therefore deconstruction itself is in danger of becoming a metalanguage, thus exposing all languages and conference to scrutiny.A work of design can be called deconstruction when it exposes and transforms the formal rules of writing, interrupting the sacred inside of content with the profane outside of form. Weingart is t he perfect example of this, using not only letterforms themselves but also nonobjective elements within his composition to distort the typographic content. Yet, the link between language and typography is so close that typography is, essentially, the frontier between languages and objects languages and images.Typography turns language into a visible, tangible artifact, and in the process transforms it irrevocably. While researching the link between the inside and outside form of content, George Orwell seemed to hold very similar views in his The Politics of English Language, speaking not of the link between typography and language but instead the written and spoken versions of English itself. Modern English, especially written English, is full of bad habits which spread by imitation and which can be avoided if one is willing to take the necessary flurry and what trouble does this necessarily include?Protecting ones writing from staleness of imagery, and of course lack of precisio n. Both are marked by vague writing or perhaps, in some cases, sheer incompetency of modern English prose, as well as the use of expiry metaphors. He concludes for us that verbal false limbs and pretentious diction are the downfall for our mangled language, and we, the ambitious struggling writers of the world, can unite against its on the face of it inevitable destruction. But let us look closer at Orwells reasoning for a moment that if thought corrupts language than sure enough language can also corrupt thought.Although written nearly 60 years before our time, he shares this ideal with a modern heavyweight of writing Stephen King. King has already imparted a great secret to us about the nature of writing that ideas come from nowhere, and that vocabulary is one of the first steps toward a novel which actually functions as it should. One should not begin writing from the abstract, trying to dictate with impressive words or alliterative sentences one should have an idea in min d and wherefore set about trying to convey that idea to an audience.Vague writing only begets vague understanding, which is not the vehicle in which your novel should be riding. I personally feel that this is a powerful parallel to language and typography that the designer should have in mind what exactly they are trying to communicate before beginning their design, instead of taking text copy and moving it around, trying to design without a firm message at hand. This eventually will end in a vague, enigmatical and garbled communication, one which has no place in todays world unless of course you happen to be a self-proclaimed Dada-ist.

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Boys Don’t Cry

The movie Boys Dont Cry basin be seen from a sociological perspective focusing on issues of sex, sex activity, personal identity and sexuality in a societal context that is set knocked bulge out(p) in the movie. The whole- watch or objective view of society faecal matter be imposed in a sociological way on the movie. Brandon/Teena as a consultation shows elements of being male but wants to be distaff, so there is conflict between his/her sex and gender.The movie over all told can be comp bed to attitudes of sexual control and violence in a antique society, in which transgendered and GBLT communities ar excluded from the rest of society and isolated, and are also charge under a special phase of scrutiny that goes past tenable discretion. The violence in the movie Boys Dont Cry is sort of sugar coated when compared to reality, unfortunately.Politically speaking, a liberal feminist might view Brandon/Teenas death as motivated by the state, while a radical feminist might vie w the whole movie as a bourgeois concept, and the postmodern feminist may consider the meta-implications of the characters death within a film based supposedly on true events, but in a way that has caused controversy. wind and gender are very authoritative to Brandon/Teena, and just as important to the characters who persecute him/her.Sexuality, sex, and gender are related to each other because they all describe in relative terms maleness and femaleness in individuals and the tendency to form male and female roles in societies. There are basic differences between these terms, even though they do inter-relate. Sex is just almost whether a person has the physical equipment and physiological tendencies of male or female in this sense, it is not sex defined as the act of acquire ones kicks, but sex as it is filled out on a form, name/age/sex.Generally sex in this commentary is either male or female, although there are those rare individuals who are true hermaphrodites, and there ar e also increasing possibilities for trans gender individuals in this modern day. The trans gender identity can leave the borders of sex and gender intact. In these modern times, sex is for the most part an either/or proposition that is based on physiology. Gender, on the other hand, is based on culture and behavior rather than strictly on physiology. And sexuality is about what the individual likes or is attracted to.Sex refers to biological differences, while gender refers to the heathen construction of male and female characteristics gender roles are the tasks and activities assigned by the culture to the sexes sexual orientation refers to a persons habitual sexual attractions and activities Sexual norms vary considerably cross culturally and through time (Sex, 2008). Film makers can present their stories any way they want, because it is a free society. It is up to the audience to choose which movies to see.After watching this movie, if I had a son like Brandon, I would let him do whatever he wanted in public or private, as long as he wasnt hurting anyone. If his school kicked him out for wearing dresses, I would sue the school and stay on his side. You are supposed to experience your children unconditionally. If my boy thought he was a girl, I wouldnt be uptight about it or blame myself. REFERENCE Boys Dont Cry and the Brandon Teena philosophy (2008). http//www. flickfilosopher. com/flickfilos/archive/001q/boysdontcrybrandonteena. hypertext mark-up language Sex vs. Gender (2008). http//www. indiana. edu/lggender/sex-vs-gender. html

Nursing Practice Essay

1.Describe, in detail, specific to their age, health conditions, or a nonher(prenominal) factors, what resources the members need to assemble front to a disaster where evacuation or sheltering in place is required. any alliance does create its problems and every community is made up of twain the young and the aged. The ages of this community ranges from 0 to 70 plus. This community needs major interventions to uphold improve the health status of the members of the community. Spoke to about 5 members in the community, four middle adults and one old. All the four adults did non have any source of health insurance. The older one has Medicare. When a disaster strikes, residents could be asked to get a disaster kit. The kit should be able to contain water, food, excess clothing, first aid kit, emergency items (flashlights, extra batteries, toilet papers etc). Parent with babies should have pack dramatis personaeula, serviettes, bottles baby wipes and diaper rash ointment.2.Des cribe, in detail, specific to their age, health conditions, or other factors, what resources that the members whitethorn need during an evacuation or sheltering in place. Most of the young and old may have minor mental problems as a publication of the tragedy they go through (depression, etc.). Member may need to have any form of ID on them, which entrust be for their own good. The Texas 2-1-1(Texas wellness and Human Service Commission), gives information and referral on shelter locations, transportation options, and moderate medical facilities. The Southern Baptist disaster relief also does provide run like Ameri jackpot red Cross, but also do advert with clean-up activities like debris removal.3.Describe, in detail, specific to their age, health conditions, or other factors, what resources the members may need immediately after an evacuation or sheltering in place, if adequate local support is unavailable. It is advisable for members to have any form of ID on them that go a way be for their own good. FEMA provide federal reenforcement and supplements state disaster relief. One other resource is the American personnel casualty Cross, emergency assistance of Red Cross offers feedingstations, shelters, cleaning supplies, domicile items, clothing, comfort kits, first aid, blood, credit cards etc.4.Identify their resource deficits? come their lie withledge deficits? FEMA and the American Red Cross agreed that FEMA should be the main(a) agency for mass care in the NRF because the primary agency should be able to direct federal agencies resources to meet mass care needs, which the Red Cross cannot (Fagnoni, 2008). Now, the deficit cut being requested by near politicians in Washington is going to make it difficult for resources to be assumption out adequately to victims of a disaster. One of the deficits of knowledge is how to allocate disposed resources. Most aggregates finds it difficult or have no idea where or how to get protagonist in time of di sasters. Although every American know about Red Cross, but most aggregate do not know where to start to get the held ask.5.What resource or knowledge gaps can be addressed by the community health nanny to prove their flexible lines of defense (NSM) of the community aggregate? The community health nurse can address the gaps by first offering medical help, and by helping the community to get access to basic resources needed. Secondly, by providing the community with adequate information and ways in which to help the aggregates get the help they need. This will help give aggregates some kind of comfort and help reduce stress and pain.6.What is the top priority knowledge deficit partake? The top knowledge deficit concern will be how aggregates will be coping. Lack of knowledge always comes with lot of stress. Without much needed information and resource, aggregates will find themselves being very anxious and will not be coping well. Basic life necessities might be difficult for aggr egates to get hold off, and that puts a lot of stress on individual.

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J.J Reddick

What is trollinging? tumiding a number means approximating it. A go number is often easier to uptake, derive, and remember than the precise number. In MyFinanceLab most of our makes argon move tenfold numbers. A decimal number has three man The whole number element, the decimal point and the decimal part. For example pic So, in order to lag a decimal number we basically fatten out the decimal part of it. These be the two basic steps for locomote decimals to a place value to the chasten of the decimal point tone of voice 1 Locate the digit to the right of the given place value.Step 2 If this digit is 5 or greater, add 1 to the digit in the given place value and delete all digits to its right. If this digit is slight than 5, delete all digits to the right of the given place value. For example Round 736. 2359 to the nigh hundredth. Solution Step 1 We locate the digit to the right of the hundredths place Step 2 Since the digit to the right is 5, we add 1 to the digit i n the hundredths place and delete all digits to the right of the hundredths place.Thus, 736. 2359 move to the hot hundredth is 736. 24 Rounding in MyFinanceLab In MyFinanceLab we enjoyment infix instructions to indicate the place value to which you must round your lowest arrange(s). For example Lets say your final answer is 736. 2359. You must put in 736. 2 if the input instruction is Round to the nearby tenth. You must enter 736. 24 if the input instruction is Round to the ne arest hundredth. Note Other typical input instruction in MyFinanceLab isRound to the nearest cent if the final answer is in currency units. You should enter 736. 236 if the input instruction is Round to three decimal places. Now, lets habit a simple Time Value of Money (TVM) question you may encounter in MyFinanceLab. Problem Example Comparing Interest for various(a) deepen Periods.If $1,000 is invested at 8% compounded annually, monthly, what is the amount after 5 year? (Round to the nea rest cent. ) To solve this problem without using a monetary calculator or a spreadsheet, we train to use the compound please, in store(predicate) value, formula pic where, i = r/m FV = future value at the destruction of n flowings PV = present value r = annual drift m = number of compounding periods per year i = appreciate per compounding period n = Total number of compounding periods Solution a. Compounding annually means that there is one interest payment period per year. So, n = 5 and i = r = 0. 08. pic pic pic Therefore, rounded to the nearest cent, the final answer is $1,469. 33 b. Compounding monthly means that there are twelve interest payments per year. So, n = 12(5) = 60 and i = 0. 08/12 = pic pic pic Therefore, rounded to the nearest cent, the final answer is $1,489. 85 This TVM example boosters us to understand a basic rounding principle in MyFinanceLab Do not round until the final answer. As you can see in part a. after figure out the expressi on picwe leave it unrounded and use as many an(prenominal) digits as possible in its decimal part. The same happens in part b with the other exponential expression. Take another look at part b. because rounding i to a small number of decimal places, such as 0. 007 or 0. 0067, would have resulted in round-off errors.So, to avoid this, use as many decimal places as your calculator is capable of displaying. Tips If you wishing to calculate TVM problems, mathematical calculations are relatively straightforward. However, as you will see, TVM calculations are easier using a financial calculator or spreadsheet. But, no librate what method you use equation, financial calculators, or spreadsheets, you get the same answer because they all use the same formula and concept. These are some tips for solving TVM questions. Calculator Tips doctor your calculator to display at least pentad decimal places or to floating decimal place (nine decimal places). Set your calculator to one pa yment per year.Adjust this setting if necessary. Set your calculator to the end mode. Adjust this setting if necessary. Excel Tips Take advantage of the formula help that Excel offers. If you are lost, click on Help. Be paying attention about rounding variables. For example, suppose youre dealing with the interest rate 6. 99% compounded monthly. This means you will need to enter the interest rate per month, which is = 6. 99%/12, and since you are performing division in the cell, you need to put an = sign before the division is performed. Dont round the result of 0. 0699/12 to 0. 58 and enter 0. 58 as i. Instead, enter =6. 99%/12 or as a decimal =0. 0699/12 for i.

I am performing in a Play called Trojans Essay

It is an old Grecian legend just has been re-written and modernisticized as a play by Simon Adorian. It is rough a siege of the city of Troy by the Achaeans. It was over Princess Helena who Prince Paris take off the leader of the Achaeans, Menelaus. It is shown that it is set in modern times by the spray painting by my part, Prince Cassius, at the beginning and when Laocoon talks about the burnt out cars in scene 3. It uses a Grecian ardour in the way it is written by using a chorus, the youths, although in Hellenic plays these parts would usually save been sung rather than acted out.The other play I have studied is Oedipus the King. This is a Greek play that is set in Greek times. Greek theatre differed in truth much from todays theatre because in that location was no scenery. It had a raised section on the back of the deliver, on which actors stood in monastic order to be seen better. Any murder that took place was committed off percentage point, but with the chorus filling in the details. The dead body was the brought on the head on a flat low trolley with wheels to show who had been murdered. The act styles of the dickens plays do not differ too much from to each one other.The chorus still exists in Trojans through the youths, rather than an off stage singing group. Both plays have women in the positions of power and status. Trojans is a modern play with modern cultural themes portrayed through the characters. This would appeal to a modern audience more readily than Oedipus. Oedipus would have been performed in antique times. In the Greek theatre scarcely male actors were allowed. Also no women were allowed in the audience so it would have been a play by men for men. Trojans now has a mixed audience and therefore explores the issues women have as well as men.This is shown by the peace protestors, who are in the first place women, and the youths, who are mainly men. The way plays were portrayed to the audience in Greek times was solel y through the chorus, who described the scenery and who was who. There were only three actors in the play, therefore character changes were shown through wearing diametrical masks. The chorus would also have to explain the weather and the theatres were open variant and plays were performed in daylight because there was no lighting equipment. Things could also be conveyed through a character called the messenger. He would describe off stage action in long and elaborated speeches.This is closely shown in the character of the spokesman, who describes the off stage battles. As Trojans is set in modern times, dissimilar lighting effects and scenery can be used. This mean that there is no need for a passive chorus, but to maintain the Greek feeling Adorian added in an active chorus through the youths. They give transitions amongst scenes when it is required. The themes in the two play are quite similar. They both seethe around the imperial families. With Princess Cassius fronting th e peace protest in Trojans, and King Oedipus having been prophesised to butcher his father, and does.They are both tragedies. King Oedipus finds out what he has done and that he has fulfilled the prophecy. The tragedy in Trojans is that the Achaeans win in the end. The characters in the two plays are similar. The chorus in Greek plays, although not strictly characters, are very closely similar to the youths by applying transitions between the scenes. Also the courier in Greek plays is very similar to the Spokesman, who provides elaborate and vivid volume pictures of what is going on in the city and what has happened in the various battles with the Achaeans.The royal families are not similar however due to the fact that the sure tragedy at the end is not to do with them as it is in Oedipus, it is to do with the youths. Reflecting on this I will play my character as flippant, perhaps a little ignorant and nai ve. The attitude he takes to the lofty family is that of disrespect and he has a bit of a love hate relationship with them, as they are his family. I would play him as loyal headed and wilful due to the fact that he is fronting an active campaign against the war.

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Family Relationships Essay

Whatever defecate they take, family transactionhips ar a eventful feature of most of our lives (Wyse and Hawtin, 2000). The family is the basic social unity of a alliance. A family is made up of pieces and there exists a relationship between members of a family. A family plays a very important role in the heart of an various(prenominal). It is for this reason that it becomes very important for people to enhance good relations with members of their family. Depending on the type of family, people in a family are tie in either by blood or marriage.One thing that cannot be disputed however is the fact that although family members are related family relations almost terms can be challenging as members of a family attempt to need along with each other. The following paper takes an in-depth look at the ever- changing record of family flavour and the roles and responsibilities of people within the family.As already menti sensationd although a family is made up of people who are closure most eras human raceipulation relationships in a family can be challenging. The saying that it takes two to trip the light fantastic is very relevant in a family relationship. A single individual does not have control of family relationship solely. Every member of the family plays a role either in building or destroying family relationships.Many a times family members experience internal wrangles majorly caused by different interests by the members. During such(prenominal) times the best way forward is to attempt to understand one another and change is key to ensure that such wrangles are solved. sometimes family members try to change others so that they can get along. But this is not always easy and when you realize that you cannot change the mortalality of another member of the family then it is always best to understand them. Yet another therapeutic would be to change and adjust yourself in a manner that depart help you get along with other members of the family (Pryor, 2001).Family life is dynamic. This means that it keeps changing with time and the kind of change that takes place are dependent on the circumstances that surround an individual family member as years bridle-path by. For instance the relationship that a person has with his or her parents tour developing up is not the same as one grows older. During the adolescent gunpoint there are many changes that take place both natural and emotional.It is during the adolescent age for instance that a person begins to appreciate much than those outside the family especially those of the opposite sex. This is one factor that contributes to the dynaminism in nature of family relationships. Eventually a person finds that they are spending more time away from home than they used to.Relationships with ones parents become more problematical as one keeps growing and becomes more independent than before. It is during this time that when a young person is asked something which they consider personal they get irritated and they feel that the parents are intruding on their privacy.The other factor that changes family relationships as children grow is that at some stage during growth especially during adolescence children give way some things that they didnt know previously especially matters related to sexual practice and they are not as comfortable to discuss with their parents as they would with their peers. So they prefer spending much of their time with their peers discussing the new discoveries and thus the close relationship with their parents is gradually and slowly eroded (Wyse and Hawtin, 2000).The expectations that parents have on their children as they grow up overly contribute to dynamism in family relationships. Although parents go forth always have good will on their children they may unknowingly put undue pressure by demanding that they must behave in a certain manner or that they must conduct things in a particular manner which is opposed to what th ey (children) would want. A young person may more often than not tend to disagree with some of the beliefs, practices or the general way of doing things by their parents. This mainly happens due to generational gap. This usually leads to conflicts and changes the nature of the family life.For parents and children to have good and successful relationship look upon is of utmost importance. As much as the children will want their parents to take note their freedom and independence they must also respect their parents views and opinions (Pryor, 2001).Having looked at some of the factors that bring about change or dynamism within the family life let us now shift or focus on the roes and responsibilities of family members. Although these two terns are used interchangeably in the practical find they are actually different. The roles of a person basically emanates from the dictation of the society by virtues of the person being a man, a woman or a child (Morrow, 1998). For instance in ma ny societies, the roles of a man include providing to the family and offering protection to his family while his responsibilities many include among others support out on the difficult tasks around the homestead like neutering the fence or the bulb.For a family to exist in harmony and to sustain their relationship the roles and responsibilities of each ember of the family must be well recite out. This helps to ensure that no member of the family feels oppresses with work around the house while the rest are left with nothing to do. tho one important thing to note is that the responsibilities should be not fixed in form of timetable. It is enough to notify family members their roles and responsibilities. This gives room for flexibility so that family members can also get to experience what other family members do.In any given family parents are always in charge and it is of paramount important that children understand this. However the best approach in parenting as recommended by psychiatrists is the one where parents do not act as dictators (Morrow, 1998). Decision do ought to be shared among all members of the family. Whenever all members re involved in decision making they feel that they are part of the family and it becomes easier to implement that decision.In conclusion, a family though made of people who are close can be difficult to manage. It is therefore of paramount importance that family members respect each others views and opinions in order to relate harmoniously.BibliographyMorrow, V (1998). Understanding Families. Childrens Perspectives. capital of the United Kingdom NCBWyse, D. & Hawtin, A. (2000). Children a Multi-Professional Perspective, London Arnold.Pryor, J. & Rodgers, B. (2001). Children in Changing Families. Oxford Blackwell.

Lifestyle Disease

Definition of life-style illness Lifestyle disease A disease associated with the way a someone or group of people lives. Lifestyle diseases admit atherosclerosis, heart disease, and shooter obesity and type 2 diabetes and diseases associated with smoking and alcohol and drug abuse. fixedness physical activity helps prevent obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, colon keistercer, and premature mortality. Lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, some cancers and diabetes, which are no interminable a problem just in wealthy nations.Globally 14. 2 billion people between the ages of 30-69 social classs die prematurely each year from these diseases. These diseases have emerged as bigger killers than infectious or heridetary ones. Risk factors for these diseases include tobacco use, unhealthy diets and physical inactivity. Today we will take think at the most common lifestyle diseases that you need to take care. both(prenominal) of the diseases which occur are collec table to the price lifestyle.They are mainly due to the drugs, tobacco smoking and chewing, alcohol consumption, lack of physical activities, heavy cast aside food, over tension, no social life, lot of traveling, no specific take in habits and changes in ingest hours, etc. It was observed that in many European countries in second half of the 20th century, people changed their food habits. They started overpowering more and more meat, diary products, Alcoholic beverages they had reduced the consumption of bread, potatoes, rice, and corn whiskey flour.This reduced the intake of essential nutrients which were beneficial for the body at the kindred time they reduced doing physical exercises. This created an increase in Cancer percentage amongst the masses. collect to large consumption of junk food and doing less exercises many started torture from various heart aliments. Some of the common disorders and diseases amongst the masses due to wrong lifestyle are- 1) Alzheimers 2) As thma 3) Cancer 4) Type 2 diabetes 5) effect disease 6) Chronic renal failure 7) Depression 8) ObesityLifestyle diseases are know as silent killers. Due to industrialization there was advancement in the life of the people according to that lifestyles changed, they started consuming junk food and did a very little physical activity. In the long run it started creating problems. prior to 1940s the main causes of deaths were Malaria, typhoid but after that due to changes in lifestyle more and more deaths occurred due to the Cancer, Heart attacks, Diabetes. Can we prevent these diseases? Yes, we can prevent those diseases by changing our lifestyle.Following are the some important step which can counter-attack the ill-effects of our wrong lifestyle 1) Performing regular exercises. 2) Balance diet. 3) decrease in unnecessary food consumption. 4) Avoiding junk food. 5) Proper eating quantify and habits. 6) Regularly doing yoga to refresh your mind and body. 7) Doing Meditation. 8) Shar ing your thoughts with your friends Summary Wrong eating habits, less exercises, junk food are the main causes behind the diabolically lifestyle diseases. More and more deaths are occurring due to this. Lets change this and extol a healthy life.