Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Time Scale for Research Project

Time scale for Research Project 1. Design and stimulate Video demonstrations (Completed) 2. declinationide on a conceptual framework for the stand appear (Laurillard) 3. settle on quantitive/qualitative or mixed method (Mixed quantitive/qualitative) 4. point of reference and read 20 quality applicable resent journal articles (5 bran-new already) 5. Design and create a questionnaire for research (Completed) 6. Design and create a practical marking scheme (completed) 7. Decide on whither to use a focus group or not or interview or not (numbers)(Focus Group Interview) 8.Design and create a questionnaire for info on students phones for set-back day (completed) 9. Decide on what journal to write for (by Nov beginning(a)) 10. Decide on possible themes for article structure and headings etc (see 9) 11. Design and create a admit form for the students (by Nov 1st) 12. Design and write an application for consent from ITB to carry out research (by Nov 1st) 13. Put abstract together and submit to Open development online journal(completed) 14. Make up a specific timetable for implementing athletic field (by Dec 1st) 15. print annotated bibliography (by Dec 7th) 16.Decide on a learning theory for the project (by Dec 1st) 17. Rewrite literature review (Completed) 18. Rewrite research proposal (Completed) 19. Decide on specific method of analysing the results. Miles and Hubermans interactive model of info analysis. (by Dec 7th) (Jan 1st) 20. Carry out practical study and collect info (Jan 6th 22nd) 21. Collect data from questionnaires and focus group (Jan 25th 29th) 22. consider data (Feb 1st Mar 1st) 23. Write journal paper (Mar 1st June 1st) 24. Constantly read journal papers and adapt entire study as work proceeds, start writing ASAP and keep on updating ePortfolio and private Blog.

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