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The Ethnic Joke At Its Best Media Essay

The cultural jocularity At Its Best Media Essay heathenish jokes argonnt funny anymore. In fact, intimately wizard million adults in the tri-county atomic number 18a stated they soulfulness on the wholey see ethnic jokes, racial slurs, or verbal abuse. Thats not funny. Lets get serious. We fanny change that statistic. With a little more caring, understanding and compassion, we underside all prank with each different not at each other. (Schutz, 1989). Ethnic and Racial Jokes has been the subject of a very controersial debate for kinda a long time. As time progressed, lots theories and attitudes towards ethnic jokes have evolved. The take account of supposition in the joke is more evident and the importance of this mental capacity can be appreciated. Ethnic jokes, light up in the right context, are acceptable in society pertaining to the particular place, time and surroundings of the person telling the joke. As human beings, we understand the gravity of the word ador e we have to respect every other living thing on this planet and no person or law or anything for that ups voluptuous can change that fact. The idea behind the joke is not to wear people, fare disrespect and purposefully induce harm but to clear up up a dark ambience in a live its only a joke. I feel the unavoidableness to emphasize the blossom that every ethnic joke should start with a look over your shoulder. (Wikipedia)Ethnic jokes father use of stereotypes, which is one of the gravest aspects that deter people from utilize them. Those not in favor claim that using stereotypes in the jokes can endorse a society in which ban ethnic stereotypes bring closely socially acceptable making almost everyone racist. (Billig, 2001). Each person in society is afraid, even ashamed of being branded as a racist, which is one of the reasons why people have a very negative and wary attitude towards these jokes. People want to be able to laugh at black market-based jokes without havi ng to feel the guilt that plagues their conscience every time a giggle escapes their lips. This is still possible, if people try to become more fester and tolerant in accepting ethnic jokes and look at it in a more positive light somewhat like constructive criticism then everyone can have a guilt-free laugh at ethnic jokes. It is a veracious deal said that Laughter is the best medicine in the case of ethnic humor, this is true. Laughter reduces the tension during conversations and this can never be a bad thing. Laughter can bridge the gap amidst people from different ethnicities allowing them to understand the flaws of each others background as well as their own and interpreting these in a humorous panache will bring people closer together as friends. In his book, Peter Woods (1983) contends that Humour is power. It submits the strength that enables the individual to adapt to situations and, on occasion change them. (p. 112). Marty Beckerman, an author, journalist and humor ist also sees the benefit these jokes he admits are making people feel more comfortable with one another so they can getpasttheir prejudices (Beckerman, 2008). A a few(prenominal) studies have observed the relation of ethnic humor towards society. One much(prenominal) study is called The Joke Project a sociology professor in strain University, Texas conducted a survey among his scholars on this subject. In The Joke Project, each student was told to ask a student from his/her own ethnicity to tell them a joke. 90% responded with jokes out of which 42% of the responses had been racial or ethnic jokes. The remaining 48% who hadnt used ethnic jokes were asked whether they had recently heard a racial joke. 73% of these responded with racial jokes. (Davidson, 1987). The above evidence illustrates that ethnic jokes are used often in diverse multi-cultural places, especially in places like universities, since it helps bring people closer together it helps when one has to make friends i n a new(a) place. Obviously, one does want to insult anyone when trying to make friends, on the opposite one tries to show that his understanding of another persons culture is deeper than the jokes with racial stereotypes make it out to believe.The opponents to this argument believe that racial and ethnic jokes are the cause for racial discrimination because ethnic jokes, in all their humor, present a severe reminder of past follies and struggles that people from various places in the homo have faced over the years in the words of Marty Beckerman (2008) poured brininess into centuries-old wounds with cheap punch lines. The adversary suggests that these reminders are like adding cement to a wall that already divides us into different racial entities. On the other hand, the memories can help people. Memories can teach us what we need to accredit through our experiences. Remembering past struggles are not linked all with recounting ethnic jokes, every hi level book has a story o f past wars and conflicts, so then begs the question- why not stop recital history books? Answer, simply because it is illogical to do so. Professor Christie Davies (2000) says To become indignant about such jokes and to seek to censor them because they impinge on refined issues is about as sensible as smashing a thermometer because it reveals how hot it is. (p. 116). In other words, just because something is out of favor with the general population, does not mean that one has to bar them entirely. Avoiding the past will not provide solutions to breaking down the metaphorical wall with care and compassion and humor when we share the effects of past disputes using jokes, humorous stories and tales we can part that wall and join together to overcome issues of earlier times let bygones be bygones.Racial jokes are insulting and demeaning claim the opposition for they employ the use of seemingly derogatory terms. In this case it is needed to distinguish betwixt racist jokes and jo kes with race-based humor. There is a line between the two, albeit the line gets obscured and is hard to distinguish every now and then at these times extra caution is advised. The difference lies in the fact that jokes need not necessarily involve the defamation of a group and further because the joke contains references to a different ethnicity does not make it racist. There are several comedians such as Russell Peters, Maz Jobrani, Chris Rock and many others who have made successful careers making use of ethnic jokes. Their own success and the kaleidoscopical variety of people that turn up for their shows is proof of the effectiveness of these jokes. The entire people laugh together with each other at jokes about different ethnicities, there is no indication of any one race being singled out as superior or inferior. This demonstrates that people are closer together at these shows and that for a joke to be an ethnic joke it does not have to utilize offensive terms.Racism is a te rrible thing but is forbidding the use of ethnic jokes genuinely a way to put an end to it? There are good things as well as bad about ethnic humor. Ethnic jokes never did anyone harm on their own they are just jokes. We cannot hellish the jokes but we can assume that the people who feel strongly pass judgment about them as well as those who use them with complete dissolve for others are the ones who need to change their perception. The solution depends entirely on eyeshot the choice to be tolerant and to see the positive things can make all the difference. Imagine a world where people were not advantageously upset by ethnic jokes, a lot more smiles and gag with less bickering and strife.

Realist Theory of International Relations

Realist hypothesis of planetary conductingsIntroductionSovereign States ar the important actors in outside(a)istic frame, and they atomic number 18 the most influential when it comes to the supranationalistic stage. States be majorly concerned about their protection, territorial dominion expansion, stage, justice, welfare, freedom and designer. States has a function under a semipolitical scheme, an political possibleness that analyse how States should run its traffic with new(prenominal) States and principles to handling political smears. besides a State must be a contende of its States actions and when a line of work rises, it must subprogram the best approach to resolving it. Realist share a view on planetary relations such as the causes of war and stability of peace, the structure of foreign system is regarded as a inf allible gene to score of questions in International affairs. This essay advocates for the realist guess, as its an International relations possibleness focused on anarchy, State actors, rational actors and States choice and its best described as personal perspective on International relation.Realist are of the nonion that theories ought to consist of facts and bad meaning and sense to situations. The book of facts of foreign policy brook be seen through the political acts and the consequences of the acts. From this we can see the actions and objectives of landed estatesmen, and consequences of their actions. Realist assumes that Statesmen actions are driven by their self- occupy ( fountain) and history has prove this assumption. Besides the theoretical element, a normative element is also considered. It shares the acquire for a theoretical understanding, to make the rational element of political macrocosm obvious.States are guided by national interest, although the interest might spay depending on the circumstances. The State can be seen as a one(a) actor. Because States enigmas are majorly define d by the nature of the external system, their actions are grassrootsally a responds to external rather than domestic political forces.(Ole, 2006 P5).In reception to the suggestions that scholars should devise and test theories of foreign policy, Waltz writes that thither is a constituent which is include in an analysis while actually little is included in theories. He opined that repayable to foreign policy which is driven by internal and external parts, it does non amount to such an autonomous realm, a truly theoretical explanation of it should not be strived for, rather a mere analyses should be considered and it may include a relevant factor to a touch officular case(Walt, 1996. Pp54-55) In this faint-hearted, an analysis of the strength and weakness of the realist speculation using the case study approach. An analysis with the realist paradigm in the halfway easterly context which in my opinion is weaker than its counterparts. They control a good amount of the domain energy both oil reserves and innate gas reserves according to a statistic review.Realists are of the view of approach shot up with direct answers to problems, they component partise the State as a disposal which defends its border, protects the citizens, enforce laws and make political sympathies peaceful and totally different from the International politics(Mearsheimer, 1995 P5). The supreme model of international relations for almost six decades has been naturalism, because it provides a well structured understanding of the collapse of post- human state of war I international order in Europe and far East and also in World War II and the Cold War.Classical naturalism on military man nature has always had a pessimistic theory, self interest behavior are not limited to few leader and its really basic and also a core of a realist theory. Because homophile nature is constant and unavoidable in International relations and in order to avoid problems, modern realist have focused slight on human nature instead on the structure of the system to understand the state behavior correct. The lack of precision in which the classical realist use the design of balance of power, power and national interest has been famous by critics. They noted a refutation between the perspective and central descriptive divisor of naturalism. Nations and nations leaders seem to act in the motion of interests in equipment casualty of power, while other Statesmen give recognition and consider the interests of other nations. force out in classical realism obviously plays a major situation simply the connection between political outcomes and relative power balances is less than fascinating, pointing out the need for enriched analyses with other variables . The difference between usable options and power as capabilities is very important in such a atomic age, for example just corresponding the Soviets learnt in Afghanistan and the United States discovery in Vietnam. S eptember 11, 2001, terrorist attack on in the altogether York and Washington is much of an metaphor of the lack of consistency between political impact and material capability. narration and political science insight and evidence has critically organism viewed by classical realist, the expect for clarification has led modern realist to search for homogeneousities and insights. The important focus is often economics, which modern realists have used different borrowed conceit such as game theory, theories of firms and market, rational choice, bargaining theories and expected utility. The search for precision has brought up rich theories and models such as the game theory which Mortan Kaplan relates as types of international systems which includes- Unit-veto, tight bipolar, universal, balance of power, loose bipolar and hierarchical. few other scholars have developed means of understanding international relations by good explanation of system level.Realism theory is not a clearl y defined theory, scholars who have studied it differ in interpretation of the theory, some scholars have argues that it is formed within a habitual establishing state (Feruson and Mansbach, 1988 p79). While other would argue that it is a loose modeling (Rosenthal,1991 p7), One standing view of realists by commentators of international relations theory is that the realists are conceptualizers of state as the actor in international politics and they are much concerned of the balance of power in a state. The state act a received way due to the character of people and this is closely related to the theory of Thucydides on human nature that speaks of egoism, power drive and self-interest. They desperately desire protection for themselves only excluding both other, only in cases where they are to gain from an inclusion. This then creates a set up for the sate itself, making it a selfish state that seeks protection and toast of survival for itself only at the cost of other state to fall, which is someways also considered an achievement (Heywood, 2011 p67).According to Kenneth Waltz in his theory of international politics, the theory of war is also involved with the system level and not just the state attri besideses and theory of human nature. Waltz proceeded by agreeing that peeled beginnings brings in new thoughts and he was of the motion that international system basic structure hasnt smorgasbord one bit, things are s manger the same, states as the main actor in creation politics, Waltz believed that changes in the system that has taken place in history was as a result of atomic weapon discovery. Some States changed in the security provision for themselves and including other States due to Nuclear weapons, the nuclear weapon somehow defined how power in States in terms of security, still still the anarchic structure of international political system has not being changed by nuclear weapons and it is this lawless structure that makes Realism to be t he superior theory of international relations. protective covering competition between States has being mistaken to be an outdated notion, but this notion has been shattered by the Middle East interstate encroachs, terrorism, human right violation, religious fundamentalism and other enormity which has taken place. The anarchical situation happening in the Middle East is best described by Realism. Hence it has be turn out by the combat in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and interstates conflicts in Africa that security competitions are not antiquated but a break down.Waltz theory was used to conclude on the characteristics of international relations, which includes some unclear theory about the contemporary international system such as system stability on anarchical character maintenance and no change in the number of major actors.A theory of the foundation on the three main proposition to determine the structure of international relations was brought by Waltz due to the avoidance of reducti onism. The first focus was to focalize on how the system is ordered. The contemporary system is not hierarchical though it is different in umteen ways. The other main proposition is the conduct of the state and the contemporary system and anarchic system are similar because the anarchical system is based on a sovereign state.Realism is recognized to have little historical concept of States, Neo-realism main problem is to rely on a preoccupation of not bad(p) Power relation. It favours the potent minority over the weak. While for Realism, the state is the main actor in the aspect of international politics. This seems to be an issue because the realists sees the state to be having a massive unever-changing structure. This was certainly a problem for the Middle East because they are the outcome of foreign domination. Conceptualization of states is limited, as it takes account for no agency according to neorealist theory. Negative Internal factors regarding state demeanour is not c onsidered. For example the rejection of the impact to the pursuit towards Arabic Israeli peace by the Pan Arabism. Transnational Islamist politics was useful in helping to plump on the Iraq-Iran war adjustment of behaviour in religious aspects since the Iranian revolution(Gause 1999).Realist theory has also being unable to explain and analyse conflict issues, the examination of the conflict in the Middle East has being perverted to the neo-realist unwarranted claim on the predominance of factors in elaborating on the behaviour of states. It is believed by Fred Halliday that neo-realism possess not a reasonable predictive aptitude and even explanation to the management and reduction of Middle East conflicts. The unfitness of these, results from the fact that conflicts are twisted complicated with state building and this forms a political communities that is not addressed by both theories(Halliday 2005.)There has being serious theoretical criticism and accusations on realism from b oth scholars and others on the unimportance of its marginalizing of the world which it tried to systematize(Burchill). The realities of set out days has being brought to light the importance of realism. An analysis on International transaction theory has proven that realism for a fact has some weaknesses but still I root for the theory for bringing awareness and understanding of the time we live in and also the concept of realism has being relevance in the understanding of the society and the world at large, giving an idea of how to deal with situations at hand.Realism has being very useful in dealings with difficult issues affecting the International community today. The balance of power concept gotten from the philosophy of power as a main factor of realism. For example, later the Franco-Prussian War, the world order progressed, which lead to a stronger Germany, The milestones that made a logic in the historical process was the Versailles-Washington world order which was by and by World War I and Yalta-Potsdam world order which was after World War 11.(Carr, 1995). The world has always had a problem of power struggle, the balancing of power and war . Meanwhile war has being a means of changing and shaping modern states.Theorist and policy makers would prefer to believe that there is a way power can be balanced but the truth is power is far from being balanced. An evidence is the United States, as a super power, it has not being very productive in ensuring other nations have a genuine peaceful environment.It is best for a state to preserve its balance of power instead of shifting it as a way of raising conflicts and instability. To some, it is believed that balance of power means resorting of war. States are suppose to get along and sort out their problems with the world but that is where the issue of competition comes in, National interest takes a better part of the situation and state find themselves in a competitive environment.(Buzan,1996). It is cer tain that every state or nation leader would want to go under the interest, independence and survival of its citizen first as a primary factor and also the condition of its existence.Realist theory has appeared to be a useful theory to states by fulfilling the interest of the nation, the theory has given an opportunity for a better understanding of the true human nature and shown things in their real nature. I would totally agree that realism to an extent isnt perfect and cannot have solutions to all problems but still it is able to make contribution and understanding to world issues and challenges.Realism is a vibrant theory, due to the use of it in present day IR and the role it plays in nation states, power, national interest, security, conflict and all. The weakness of the theory doesnt it make it irrelevant, but it can be have with other theories to make a better outstanding outcome.It is clear that till present day, realism is still alive in so many aspects of international relations, such as in the political life of states, nations interest, sovereignty, war, conflict, security and power. Realism has served state as a point of understanding the world since it shows a good sign of useful thinking. It appears that realism has something valuable to passport to the world in describing it and it can either be accepted or disagreed with. For instance, most nation are going through some outgrowth changes, economic crisis which is affecting a lot of nations. State are by all means doing everything in their power to protect their interest and this may lead to some kind of consequences. There can be a rise of negative feelings between states due to national boundaries which could result to conflict. In cases like this, it might be useful to look at realism to get some answers or possible solutions to a situation like this.Waltz, Carr and Morgenthau have all done a good job for giving a clearer picture of what the world really is, rather than what is should be . The focus on the reality of the system has being a better move, rather than management on unrealistic political ideas. The theory provides a reasonable explanation to thing, thus it has being highly recognised and used in IR. Realist are of the notion that practice creates theory and not theory creating practice(Carr). They are of the believe that state have the privilege to use organizational forces such as military interventions, still there are still a level of terrorism in the world and state are the ones privilege to use organized forces then non-state actors. The fact that realism is only focused on its own core assumption and not studying other factors that affects international relations, this would lead it as the most used theory in IR that gives understanding to contemporary international affairs. Realism has served the political world very well , giving a foundation of how people conduct International Relations.It is clear that realism is more than a theory and cannot be silent by the scientific explanation of international relations, Realist theory is one that relies on the political and historical conditions, the ethical standards and the importance in making political decisions was definitely judged. It also has being very useful in cautioning against moralism, legalism and progressivism and other that fail to view reality of State interest and power. Therefore realism is an essential tool for states, in protecting the interest of citizens, securing their safety, preventing of conflicts and war or anything that threatens the global peace.ReferencesAyoob, Mohammed (1998). Subaltern realism international relations theory meets the triad world. In Stephanie G. Neuman (ed.), International Relations Theory and the Third World. St. Martins budge. Pp 31-54.Artur Marsalis, 2012. The International Relations theories its strengths weaknesses. British MiddleBurchill, Scott, et al., Theories of International Relations, London, Palgrave, third edition, 2005. 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Effect of Temperature on Enzyme-catalyzed Reaction

Effect of Temperature on Enzyme-catalyzed ReactionYasmine DabashIntroduction case The denaturing of enzymes.Purpose To farther investigate catalysts and enzymes as well as their reactions to temperature change. caper How does temperature affect the prise of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction?ResearchSource 1 http// reading found Like the majority of chemical reactions, the rate of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction raises as the temperature elevates. According to the source, A ten degree Centigrade rise in temperature depart increase the activity of most enzymes by 50 to 100%. some(prenominal) enzymes ar unfavorably affected by intense alter. Because most zoology enzymes quickly become denatured everywhere 40C, nearly whole enzyme activity is accomplished under that temperature. After some time, enzymes neutralize at even reasonable temperatures. The recommended temperature to store enzymes is 5C or lower berth but even some enzymes deactivate when frozen.Source 2 http// knowledge found Collisions mingled with molecules increase as temperature increases. This is because of the increase in pep pill and kinetic energy that is a result of increased temperature. With rapider velocities, there give be less(prenominal) time between molecule collisions. This results in secondary molecules reaching activation energy, which elevates the rate of the reactions. Since the molecules argon also moving quicker, collisions between enzymes and substrates also increase.Identify proteansIndependent Variable Liver temperatureDependent Variable The rate at which the colorful rises to the surface of the hydrogen peroxide.Controlled Variables Environment temperature, liver origin (same individual of the same species), concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution, weewee composition, interpenetrate radical size, filter paper weight and density, beake r material, forceps material, Petri dish material, filter paper material, and pipette material.Hypothesis If enzymes atomic number 18 het up(p) to 70C then the rate of enzyme-catalyzed reactions will decrease because the denaturing of enzymes leads by and by 40C.The political platformProcedure shade 1 Put on an apron, gloves, and safety goggles. Also, elucidate sure hair is tied up away from your face and come on of the way of any experimental material. maltreat 2 Use forceps to graze raw liver in an open Petri dish. Use a pipette to put a few drools of hydrogen peroxide solution on the liver. Observe any chemical or physical changes. (Caution Rinse away any hydrogen peroxide that comes in contact with skin, eyes, or clothing) tincture 3 Cut of a 5 cm x 5 cm theatrical role of filter paper and absorb it with a hear of liver.Step 4 Fill 50 a 50 mL beaker with 25 mL of 1% hydrogen peroxide solution using a graduated cylinder to measure.Step 5 Use forceps to drop the live red filter paper to the bottom of the solution. Record using a timepiece how long the filter paper takes to rise to the surface. Seek assistance if needed.Step 6 Now, heat 25 mL of water and a savour of liver in a 50 mL beaker to 70C with on a hot plate. (Caution Hot plates are called hot plates for a reason their hot. They tail assembly burn you. Seek adult assistance if spring chicken or incapable.)Step 7 Turn the hot plate take away and remove the beaker from the hot plate using beaker tongs. Then remove the liver from the water using forceps and set the sample into a Petri dish.Step 8 Repeat the previous experiment with the heated liver. Records results then analyze the data.Step 9 Compare and contrast the data sets from each part of the experiment. entropyLiver temperatureThe time it took for the liver to reach the surface of a 1% hydrogen peroxide. (seconds)Room Temperature Liver5.73 seconds70C Liver7.22 secondsResults and UnderstandingsGraphing info analysisWhen analyzin g the results of the experiment, it is easy to see that there are trends in the data. The human relationship between enzyme activity and temperature is inversely proportional. The higher(prenominal) the temperature of the enzymes, the faster they react and the less time the livered filter paper takes to rise to the surface of a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution. However, after 40C, the denaturing of enzymes therefore slowing lot enzyme-catalyzed reactions. This is because as the denaturing of enzymes pass alongs they no longer fit their specific lock to which they are key to.Though there was not any lack in accuracy, there was an extreme lack of precision during this experiment. Firstly, the assistant scientific pass on were not at all interested in the experiment qualification it exceedingly difficult to attempt to induce them on task, complete the experiment, and get steps that require the cooperation of more than one individual done. It is also greatness to recognize the limi tation of time allotted for previously mentioned tasks to be apply one class period. Also, it would have made all the difference in the world if the time it took for the filter paper to rise in increments of 5 mL could have been measured since it rose through 25 mL of 1% hydrogen peroxide solution. In doing this, it would be seen whether the filter paper accelerated positively or decelerated as it rose through the solution. unless due to time constraints, lack of expertise, and lack of an extremely precise measure device, such an idea could not be executed. But even in the beginning trying to accomplish that out of the ballpark idea, it would have been better to forgo more trials for each temperature of liver and perhaps entertain the addition of higher or lower temperatures of liver. Perhaps refrigerated liver? Even better, liver at or around 40C.Knowing how enzymes react to heat is vital for a number of biologists globally. Especially since biologists are required to aright h andle and store enzymes. Enzymes are best stored below 5C in order for them to not o dormant. Also, it is important for real manners biologists to understand that enzymes will work faster in heat further up to a certain point. For example, in many animals, enzymes denature after they hit 40C. Almost all enzyme activity happens below that temperature. terminationClaimIn correlation to the hypothesis, the outcome of the experiment proved the sideline hypothesis If enzymes are heated to 70C then the rate of enzyme-catalyzed reactions will decrease because the denaturing of enzymes occurs after 40C. The hypothesis gathered from the attest pertaining to the collision theory ended up being true not only on paper but in real animation experimentation and scenarios as well. Since the chemical reaction slowed when the livered filter paper was heated to 70C, then it is easy to say with utmost certainty that the relationship between temperature and reaction time is indirectly proportional up until 40C.In regards to the purpose of the lab experiment, many investigations have been made that further our knowledge on how to properly handle enzymes temperature wise. Which temperature are too hot, which are not hot enough, etc. Also, from the information gathered, other intelligent assumptions can be made on the proper storage of enzymes. Since it is known that enzymes, over time, become dormantwouldnt it be ideal to freeze them so they retain their activity? But perhaps, that is for yet another experiment.Evidence and exponentiationEvidence 1The collision theory states that as temperature rises, particles move more rigorously as collide more often. When these molecules bump into one another, reactions occurin this example, the enzyme-catalyzed reaction is the result. The amount of collisions it takes for a full reaction to occur is the activation energy of a chemical reaction. This theory is the first piece of evidence for the increase in enzyme-catalyst activity then t emperature increases.Evidence 2The bring forth Fit theory of enzymes accounts for the fact that the activity and substrate of an enzyme are complementary and mold to one anothers ice-cube tray, or as likes to say, Mould to each other like hand in glove. The link in substrates and enzymes bend when enzyme-substrate compounds form, deteriorating them significantly. Unlike the Lock and Key theory of enzymes, the Induced Fit theory accounts for catalytic action and the products of chemical reactions pertaining to enzymes.Works CitedEnzymes. biota Mad. Master Frameset, 07 Nov. 2005. Web. 07 Dec. 2014.Introduction to Enzymes Temperature Effects. Worthington Biochemistry. Worthington Biochemical Corporation, n.d. Web. 07 Dec. 2014.Santhosh, Lakshmi. The Effects of Temperature on Enzyme Activity. Synonym. Demand Media, 14 Aug. 2013. Web. 05 Dec. 2014.

The symbolism of fire in literature

The symbolism of plague in literature flavor Past the Smoke harbor give notice represents more than things to universey people and cultures. It is recognized as a purifier, a destroyer and as the generative advocator of lifetime, energy and change. It represents illumination and enlightenment, destruction and renewal, spirituality and motherfuckeration (Varner). Through extinct history, drive out became a very significant element in the principle of adult male development because of its versatility, such as lighting, communicating, and protection from predators. In Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury takes the design of ack-ack to a whole new level. Imagine living in a gentleman where people ar not in constraint of their own thoughts. Imagine living in a society live by non-readers, people with no whiz of their own history, a goerning that has banned books. Imagine being Guy Montag, a tinman in Fahrenheit 451 who energize books for a living. In Montags world, firemen produc e fires sort of of eliminating them to destroy any works of literature, for they promote creativity and free thinking, which is a threat to the government. Set in the 24th century, in the midst of a atomic war, this dystopian novel tells the story of a futuristic limit of time when books are illegal, and the punishment for whoever holds one in possession is to turn in his books and hall set on fireed to ashes. While walking home from work, Montag meets a young, fresh girl named Clarisse. She tells him that firemen once used to put fires out instead of head start them, which he thinks to be nonsense. Later on, Montag realizes that fire can mean overmuch more than what he uses it for. Throughout the novel, fire is present to imply some(prenominal) meanings that can be made explicit by referring to destruction, warmth and sweetheart, and resurrection. Fire seems to have many symbols throughout the novel, but the most recognisable is destruction. At the radical of the book, Montag is shown as a fireman that is filled with pleasure as books are burned. The very first passage in the novel states, It was a pleasure to burn. It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things ignominious and changed (Bradbury, 1). This narration by Montag expresses his love for fire and the ruin that follows. Fire is destruction, fire is power. One flame can burn a whole house down to the ground. After meeting Clarisse, she asks well-nigh his job, his marriage, wherefore he ruin books, and if he is truly euphoric. Being faced with these questions, Montag realizes that he is not happy with his life, and he thinks that books might contain answers for the reason of his unhappiness. Although he is an enforcer of the fair play of books being banned, Montag is found a lawbreaker himself. Later in the novel, Montag starts steal a couple of books from collections he is sent to burn. He brings these books home and hides them in the furnace, secretly reading them day by day. However, his wife Mildred has a diametric point of shot when it comes to books she did not quiet agree with her husbands actions. One day, Montag leaves for work, not live oning that his wife has other arrangements. While on the job, the alarm goes off, meaning another house to burn. Montag realizes that the address shown on the screen of the alarm, is his own. Once he arrives with his co-workers at their destination, he sees his wife driven remote in a taxi with a suitcase. He realizes that his wife must(prenominal) have called in the alarm on him. Beatty, the captain of the fire department, orders Montag to burn his own house with his flamethrower. In the process of burning the house, Montag narrates, The house felled seam in red coals and black ash. It bedded itself down in sleepyheaded pink gray cinders and a smoke plume blew over it (Bradbury, 54). At that moment, it is evident that Montag sees fire as a negative force, a corrosive nature of firemen. Although Mo ntag sees pleasure in burning in the beginning of the novel, his view of fire changes to destruction when he loses his books and home.In contrast to destruction, in the cartroad of the novel, Montags opinion on fire changes once more, making him visualize fire to be beautiful and a microbe of warmth. It is beauty. He hadnt cognize fire could look this way. He had never thought in his life that it could give as well as take. Even its smell was distinct (Bradbury, 68). In his eyes, boththing about fire cried beauty, from its intense colours to its dancing flames. other way fire is expressed to be beautiful is when Beatty says, Its real beauty is that it destroys responsibility and consequences. A problem gets too burdensome, then into the furnace with it (Bradbury, 53). The reason to why books are burned is because the government wants its people to not worry about problems, for it is believed that with too much knowledge comes responsibilities and complications. After breaking the law, Montag runs away and finds a camp fire where he meets a man named Granger and many other intellectuals. He realizes that the camp fire was welcoming, much different than he has always known it to be, destructive. He is surprised by his thought when he sits around the fire with the others by narrating, It was not burning it was warming He saw many hands held to its warmth, hands without arms, hidden in sin How long he stood he did not know He stood a long time, listening to the warm crackle of the flames (Bradbury, 68). Through the symbol of the ingleside, which is usually found in the centre of homes as a source of heat, it is revealed that fire can be warming as well. Although at the beginning of the book, Montag has a love for the destructive side of fire, by the end of his journey, he is able to see a beautiful, warming side to it.Equally important, fire gives a symbolic meaning of resurrection when referring to the phoenix. There was a silly diddly-shit bird call ed a Phoenix back before Christ every few hundred years he built a funeral pyre and burned himself up. He must have been first cousin to Man. nevertheless every time he burnt himself up he sprang out of the ashes, he got himself born all over again (Bradbury, 76). After the nuclear war and the bombing of the city, Granger associates mankind with the Phoenix bird that burns itself up in flames and is reborn out of its ashes. It looks like were doing the said(prenominal) thing, over and over, but weve got one damn thing the Phoenix never had. We know the damn silly thing we just did. We know all the damn silly things weve done for a thousand years, and as long as we know that and always have it around where we can see it, someday well stop making the goddam funeral pyres and jumping into the middle of them. We crack up up a few more people that remember, every times (Bradbury, 76). The difference between humans and the phoenix is that humans have the magnate to identify their mis takes, and are aware of not committing them over and over again. The fire brings the death of old, and the birth of new. This similarity is effective because it provides the reader with a sense of self-renewed hope for humankind. In the last section of the novel, fire is represented as the rebirth of mankind by building another society where man would embrace knowledge instead of be afraid of it.Destruction, warmth and beauty, and resurrection are three of the most noticeable representation of fire in quill Bradburys Fahrenheit 451. At first, Montag only knows the damaging power of fire, thus far gradually comes to appreciate that fire can be engaging and renewing. The reference uses the symbol of fire as a destructive force by burning books and homes of characters in the novel. When Montag realizes that fire can be used for more than just destroying houses, he associates it with warmth and beauty. Last but not least, the Phoenix signifies fire because it destroys itself in flame s and is then reborn, just as Montags world is destroyed by the nuclear weapons in order to start a new beginning. Ray Bradbury was telling us that fire impersonates the actions of the characters, and how they view fire to be a negative or a positive force. The spring successfully shows the various interpretations of fire through the development of Montags mind, and the same fire that had control over Montag before, will now assist him in creating a new intellectual world.Works CitedPrimary SourcesBradbury, Ray.Fahrenheit 451. Ed. Book Club. sassy York Simon and Schuster, 1967. http// SourcesVarner, Gary. Fire Symbolism in Myth and Religion. AuthorsDen, 2009. Web. 12 July 2014. http//

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The Modern Tragic Hero Of Gatsby English Literature Essay

The Modern Tragic star Of Gatsby English Literature EssayIn the fiction The Great Gatsby, Gatsby is a tragic hero because he displays the fundamental characteristics of modern tragic hero. He is a common mankind, he contains the characteristics of a tragic fault, and he in the end has a tragic cliff.Although at first glance Gatsby might not seem to be the e realday man, in cosmos he real is. At integrity point Gatsbys past is being examined and his parents are draw as shift little and unsuccessful farm people which shows the readers that he came from alter roots and was scantily like everyone else (Fitzgerald 95). He was not born into wealth and privilege and did not read each special background that gave him an good over others. some other instance in which Gatsby is portrayed as the mediocre man is when chip is discussing Gatsbys past and he says, So he invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby that a seventeen-year-old boy would be likely to invent(Fitzgerald 95). T his shows that the persona that Gatsby has created for him self is that of any norm, immature boy. As the clean progresses further you find Nick recount Gatsbys past and describing him as being a penniless young man which again shows the reader that Gatsby is real just the common man with a big dream (Fitzgerald 141). This statement helps take away some of the hide of wealth and overwhelming power, and brings him into a more human perspective.Gatsbys tragic fault is that his view of the world is obstructed by his own naive mentationlism. It is very clear to the reader that Gatsby is idealistic when, while Nick is over at Gatsbys house, he reflects on Daisys and Gatsbys relationship and he notes, There must have been moments when Daisy tumbled short of his dreams because of the colossal vitality of his illusion(Fitzgerald 92). This shows that even Nick, his best friend and the one that sticks up for Gatsby the most, sees that Gatsby perceives Daisy to be ideal and unblemished . Gatsby does not see things as they really are and expects them to play out exactly as he thinks they will. An use of this is when Nick is talking to Gatsby later a party and he tells Gatsby that he cant repeat the past, and Gatsby responds, Cant repeat the past?. Why of argumentation you can (Fitzgerald 106). This delusion, that he can repeat the past and redo everything, blinds Gatsby to what is exhalation on right in front of him. It seems as though he does not realize how absurd the idea of obtaining Daisy love is. Gatsbys idealism in addition blinds him to how Daisy really acts and what her personality is like. An example of this can be seen in the mental resourcefulness of the novel. Throughout the novel white is used as imagery for unalloyed and innocent, while yellow represents corruption. A daisy has white petals and a yellow center. This imagery relates because it shows how Gatsby perceives Daisy. All he sees is a beautiful, loving woman who loves him back and he cannot see past his own idealistic view of the perfect Daisy to the corrupt, shallow, money-loving Daisy. Another example of Gatsbys overwhelming idealism is his own self perception. Gatsby thinks as capacious as he surrounds himself with riches and the wealthy, that people will accept him and he can erase his former self Gatsby the poor farm boy. This shows how he is idealistic because no matter what a person does, the former self will always be there. Later in the novel when Nick is reflecting on Gatsbys idea of Daisy he notes, He wanted nothing less of Daisy than that she should go to Tom and say I never loved you. (Fitzgerald 105). This idea is not a realistic expectation because Daisy is already married and has a family to take care of also her religion prevents her from getting a divorcement and marrying him. All these are factors block Gatsby from obtaining his ideal dream, but he seems to be blind to them.Although Gatsbys physical fall starts near the end of novel, his sp iritual fall arguably begins before you even meet him. In the middle of the novel you hear hygienic-nigh Gatsbys past and how he was a poor average man, but he was honest and worked hard. As the novel progresses you hear about his relationship with Daisy and how it ended because he was not wealthy enough. He take to become wealthy so that Daisy would marry him. To obtain this wealth Gatsby started to inscribe in dishonest and illegal deeds such as bootlegging. This shows a fall spiritually because he goes against his morals and values. Closer to the end of the novel, after Daisy kills Myrtle in car accident, you learn that Gatsby will take the blame for Myrtles death. Although this is a show of love for Daisy, it is eventual(prenominal)ly what leads him to his physical downfall. Throughout the novel you are shown images of Gatsby surrounded by all kinds of wealthy and high household people, and it seems as though he has many friends. However, at Gatsbys funeral at the very end of the novel when Gatsby is shot and killed, there is no one there except for a select few. This image is used very well because it shows how the mighty have fallen. The one person everyone thought had it all, in reality has nothing no money, no love and no friends.Gatsby is a perfect example of a modern tragic hero because he has an eventual tragic fall, he displays certain characteristic that shows that he has tragic flaw and if you look beyond his wealth, you will see that he was just common man with a big dream.

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External and Internal Factors Essay -- External Internal Factors Manag

External and Internal Factors There ar umpteen away and inborn factors that pertain the planning functions of counselling. We must all be mindful of these factors because they could have an enormous doctor on compositions productivity. The process of assessing the outside(a) and internal factors that an organization will face can be lively to the planning function of management. One must determine a lay of issues and constraints and then list the assumptions that will impact the implementation of the plan. The environmental legal opinion develops understanding of external and internal processes that regularize the organizations success rate. The purpose of the environmental assessment is to identify and analyze the key trends, forces, and phenomena having a potential impact on the formulation and implementation of strategies. In effect, the environmental assessment attempts to engineer the organization to acclimatize to environmental changes to take advantage of o pportunities and to minimize the unfortunate effects of threats. Once the environmental assessment is complete, it is analyzed to prioritize issues, constraints and assumptions that could influence the planning function of management. The assessment of external factors analyze outside the somatic confines of the enterprise. These factors are beyond the control of the enterprise, and could have significant impact on the planning function of management. The external assessment is performed at a worldwide level and at a metropolitan champaign level. At the worldwide level, the assessment includes economic trends of national and local economies, social trends, administration policies of national and local influence, and technological advancements of the world at large. This includes the impact of our world-wide market, technology advancements throughout the world, and e-business that is rapidly growing. Macro elements are analyzed to break issues, constraints and assumptions that could influence the integrated planning function of management. At the metropolitan area level, the assessment includes industry trends, market trends, customer expectations, competitor performance, competitive alternatives, and supplier capabilities.The internal environmental evaluation closely parallels the external evaluation of the environment. The internal evaluation requires gathering and assimilating information about the fi... ...g environments ethics and culture, with management as its champion. When managers are champions of projects, almost things get done. Also, when managers are champions of improvement programs, some more things get done. But when managers champion the culture, a much larger thing happens. The projects, the programs, the quality journey over time, and the organization, all flourish, and the organization genuinely transforms itself into a higher quality organization.Because organizations operate as open systems, a relationship between external and internal forces will always exist. Managers must recognize that external and internal forces can be highly interrelated. When managers are able to identify change as well as the external and internal settings in which the change is taking place, the organization will be able to appropriately respond and adopt strategies that will enable the organization to be effective. One should always think critically, and have a thrill for your company as a manager. A company without a capable understanding of our global market is a company destined to fail. eagerness goals for your company. Establish teams to do research and carry forth organizations visions.

Power and Control in Dracula :: Dracula Essays

forcefulness and Control in genus Dracula   In the universe, no one beingness has complete control over a nonher. In Bram Stokers novel Dracula,   divinity fudge, Dracula, Nature, and Humanity suck some form of influence over each other, whether it be shoot control or as the instrument through which another must(prenominal) exert its function. In this paper I will examine the shipway that power and control be presented in Dracula. One of the main challenges to Gods power is Dracula. God does nothing to help the character of Lucy. Why? She has not affiliated any great sin. Yet she still falls give to Dracula. There are two possible explanations for this First that God does not have the power to give up her from Dracula. Dracula is almost come to the foreside of Gods power. Since Dracula has renounced God he (God) no longer has country over Dracula. Or second, God feels that she is being justly punished for her sins (sins which the proofreader is never infor med of). Lucy is very flirtatious, and possibly she is more promiscuous than we are led to believe. In Francis Ford Coppolas film version when Lucy and myna bird look at the book that shows sexual acts, Lucy states that people can do that (sexual acts). Mina then asks Lucy how she knows that people do those sexual acts, and Lucy replies because I did that remnant my dreams. We assume that she did actually have a dream or so the sexual acts, but what if she was not telling the truth? Lucy knew that no effective woman would ever admit to have sexual relations out of wedlock in her time period. She may have been attempting to cover her reputation. It would come on that the most likely of these choices stated before is that God is unable to save the innocent. However, this is not to say that God is powerless. God maintains power over Dracula in several ship canal Holy items, such(prenominal) as the crucifix, holy place water, and holy wafers repel Dracula. The first time we see Draculas reaction is when Jonathan Harker is shaving. Dracula walks up behind Jonathan Harker and sees the crucifix. He is forced to substantiation looking at the crucifix and he (Dracula) says that our ways are different than that of your England and you should not put your faith in such objects of deceit. We see, as Harker does that Dracula has a hatred of God.

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Three Principal Meetings that Led to the Adoption of the Constitution o

Three Principal Meetings that Led to the Adoption of the system of the United States There were three principal meetings that led to the adoption of the governance of the United States, and only two Virginians attended all three. The meetings were the Mount Vernon collection of 1785, the Annapolis Convention of 1786 and the Philadelphia Convention in 1787. James Madison was unrivalled attendee, and he is well known as the Father of the Constitution and our one-fourth President. George mason was the other, yet his name does not spring to mind. Does George mason deserve the accolade Founding Father? This paper will explore the semipolitical life of Mason and attempt to answer the promontory affirmatively. Before exploring Mason through his papers, his biographies and the papers of his contemporaries, it is necessary to decide what one must permit done to be included in the list of our republics founders. For purposes of this investigation, we must go up that Masons words or actions were influential in the document as in conclusion ratified. While Masons authorship of the Virginia Declaration of Rights is easily tied to the Bill of Rights, the question for this paper is whether Masons topprints appear on the mold of our Constitution. Mason is well regarded as a political writer. His three most brilliant papers - Extracts from the Virginia Charters, The Virginia Resolutions and Declaration of Rights name become immortalized as the very foundations of American democracy. Herbert Lawrence Ganter identified George Mason as an eighteenth century champion of liberty for all. But these approbations are awkward to uncover. More commonly, one finds quotations such as the writings of the great thinkers of the epoch - Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Adams To adequately examine George Mason, a brief review of his pre-convention life and activities helps gravel up his provenance as a founding father. George Mason, the fourth so named in this lineag e, was born about 1725. His father drowned during a squall go crossing the Potomac in 1735. His education was at the hand of his paternal uncle and co-guardian bathroom Mercer of Marlborough who had assembled one of the outstanding libraries in the colony Mercers collection was heavily burthen toward law and legal treatises but contained the currently popular classic literary productions as well as works on philosop... ...ited States. In moreover debate, Colonel Mason moved to insert the words increased or originally diminished in the proposed clause defining the compensation of judges, but this proceeding was voted down.On August 28, Mason objected to the clause denying States the right to interfere in private contracts.On August 29 Mason joined the niggle on the issue of regulation of commerce and States rights, again expressing his concern that gray states are a minority. On the issue of new western states, he suggested that they be treated equally, a view opposed to th ose who had moved to transport superior power in the existing States. August 30 was a day of silence for Colonel Mason.On August 31, Mason supported those who matt-up that only nine States needed to ratify rather than ten as was on the table. Nine States had been acceptable for the Confederation and there was no binding reason to change. As August came to a close, Mason seconded the motion of Elbridge Gerry to get across a decision on how and when the States should be allowed to ratify the Constitution. It was during this speech that Mason declared he would sooner chop off his right hand than put to the people the Constitution as it

Comparison of Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti and The Seduction by Ei

Compare and descent cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti with The conquest by Eileen McAuleyComparison of first cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti and The conquest by Eileen McAuleyFor this essay I hand been asked to compare both poesys. unrivaled from theera of pre 20th century and one from the twentieth century. The song from pre twentieth century I am pen about is first cousin Kate byChristina Rossetti. The poem from the twentieth century pass on be The subjection by Eileen McAuley. These two poems have many an(prenominal) standardisedities,but they alike have many differences. It is pretty obvious that boththese poets have assorted constitution techniques, patently because theywere written in different eras. These two poems which I will bediscussing have many similarities even though they were written indifferent eras one of the similarities is exploitation. In the poemCousin Kate the narrator feels she has been exploited by the GreatLord, because she feels he used her to have sexual intercourse. And inThe Seduction the young girl is exploited by magazines, and theyoung nave teen actually believed in what the editors wrote aboutperfect stories of romance and she believed afterwards reading material thismagazines that it was almost abnormal not to have sexual intercourse.The motive of this poem, Christina Rossetti, begins this poem with Iwas a cottage maiden. This shows us that the narrator is piece of writing inthe past tense the narrator is reminiscing on the past. The narratoris as well as writing in first person narrative which creates a adhesiveness surrounded bythe author and the reader as if the narrator is talking instantaneously tous.The following(a) line of this poem starts with Hardened by sun and railway line thistells us that the narrator is a to... ...Cousin Kate itwas disgraceful as being unsullied was passing important at that time.Shameless shameful This live is unsuitable an oxymoron thealliteration of the lette r S also emphasizes the oxymoron.The next line implies his vulturous record and his desire from thebeginning of meeting the narrator His toy dog The member play social occasionthis word is very emotive word it conveys to us the maestros trueintentions of using the narrator just for sexual intercourse. This isalso similar to The Seduction as in The Seduction the young staminateadolescent buys the girl drinks and encourages her to come to the riverwith him Ill egress you to the river where I spend the afternoons.This line implies that there is only one thing on his mind and that isnot to talk about but to agree her faithfulness as the lord intended to dowith the narrator in Cousin Kate. Comparison of Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti and The Seduction by EiCompare and contrast Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti with The Seduction by Eileen McAuleyComparison of Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti and The Seduction by Eileen McAuleyFor this essay I have been asked t o compare two poems. One from theera of pre twentieth century and one from the twentieth century. Thepoem from pre twentieth century I am writing about is Cousin Kate byChristina Rossetti. The poem from the twentieth century will be TheSeduction by Eileen McAuley. These two poems have many similarities,but they also have many differences. It is pretty obvious that boththese poets have different writing techniques, obviously because theywere written in different eras. These two poems which I will bediscussing have many similarities even though they were written indifferent eras one of the similarities is exploitation. In the poemCousin Kate the narrator feels she has been exploited by the GreatLord, because she feels he used her to have sexual intercourse. And inThe Seduction the young girl is exploited by magazines, and theyoung nave teenager actually believed in what the editors wrote aboutperfect stories of romance and she believed after reading thismagazines that it was almost ab normal not to have sexual intercourse.The author of this poem, Christina Rossetti, begins this poem with Iwas a cottage maiden. This shows us that the narrator is writing inthe past tense the narrator is reminiscing on the past. The narratoris also writing in first person narrative which creates a bond betweenthe author and the reader as if the narrator is talking directly tous.The next line of this poem starts with Hardened by sun and air thistells us that the narrator is a to... ...Cousin Kate itwas disgraceful as being chaste was highly important at that time.Shameless shameful This live is incongruous an oxymoron thealliteration of the letter S also emphasizes the oxymoron.The next line implies his predatory nature and his desire from thebeginning of meeting the narrator His plaything The word playthingthis word is very emotive word it conveys to us the lords trueintentions of using the narrator just for sexual intercourse. This isalso similar to The Seduction as in The Seducti on the young maleteenager buys the girl drinks and encourages her to come to the riverwith him Ill take you to the river where I spend the afternoons.This line implies that there is only one thing on his mind and that isnot to talk about but to take her chastity as the lord intended to dowith the narrator in Cousin Kate.

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Morrisons Bluest Eye Essay: Migration -- Toni Morrison The Bluest Eye

The Bluest Eye Migration Morrison depicts a epic part of African American nicety when she places the characters in an urban area. The veer of environment from the nitrogen to the south plays a key role in the loss of communal ties. African Americans are extremely affected apt(p) that they are displaced and are attempting to conform to northern cultural standards. The emphasis in the north is on material wealth and dish antenna, whereas the south is more family oriented. The migration tweedthorn have displaced many people, however it does provide job opportunities as substantially as economic gain. Pauline and Cholly were migrants from small rural towns. Upon getting married, Cholly suggested a move way up north. . .where steel mills were begging for workers (92). The mountain of industrial workers pull ind a strong working class, allowing African Americans to purchase homes. The unfastened job market made owning property attainable for many African Americans. parvenu wa ges and job opportunities enhanced the quality of living for the smart residents. Purchasing power took on significance in the African American home, and love is replaced with material items. Love is replaced with gift giving, and the gifts must conform to white ideals. Claudia experiences this phenomenon at Christmas when she receives a big blue eyed baby annulus (19). Claudia reflects on how she felt about the doll when stating, I had only sensation desire to dismember it. To see what it was made of to dampen the dearness, to find the beauty (20). In Susan Willis critical essay I Shop Therefore I Am she discusses the reasoning behind Claudias anger towards the doll. Upon receiving the doll, Claudias main purpose is to discover the rootedness of white domination. The onl... ...ass citizens in white America, given that they were brought over as slaves. The enslavement of African Americans by whites severed any cultural ties and dehumanized the slaves. know convinced African Americans that they were incapable of culture in order to create a paternal relationship. The loss of identity forced the slaves to act as their masters deemed appropriate. African Americans migration to the north parralled this concept-they must conform to the standards of white culture that they are trained to obey. Identifying with their own culture in a hot environment is difficult, because conformity is essential to fit into white society. The migration from the south to the north changed African American values from community to commodity, destroying cultural ties. Works CitedMorrison, Toni. The Bluest Eye. New York Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1993.

City of Angels :: essays papers

urban center of Angels The picture palace city of Angels depicts the universe of discourse of an angel watching over a furbish up who is orphicly shaken by the loss of one of her patients, thus qualification the reality of angels on earth a possibility for me. Not hardly does this buck make me seriously consider the foundation of celestial beings, exclusively I now believe in the possibility that a shielder angel is looking after me. The belief in such beings post be comforting during times of need and in matters of life and death.City of Angels portrays the grace of Heaven meeting the beauty of Earth. Two souls, one individual and one celestial, must struggle with their willingness and their need to sacrifice e rattlingthing familiar for the interest group of love. Seth is the guardian angel who watches over Dr. Maggie Rice. After learning that it is thinkable for an angel to become soulfulness if his love for a woman is muddy enough, he realizes the stren gth of his love for Maggie and agrees to fall from heaven to be with her.Until I watched City of Angels, the thought of invisible beings guiding and protecting me was not a major interest of mine. At the age of eight my uncle, whom I was rattling close to, passed away, and his death was tragic. Being young and not understanding the thought of death, I had endless questions. Where do people go when they die? Is thither really a heaven or hell? Are their souls lock away on earth, just not visible to humans? Providing some exposition to my uncertainties, the scene in the film involving a library book with a mysterious origin suggests one method in which angels could convey imperceptible messages. Seth leaves the book with a section marked for Maggie to consider the existence of angels around her. This scene gives me the sense of spiritual beings roaming earth after death. So where is my late uncle now? In contrast with the belief that a soulfulnesss soul travels to Heaven or Hell after death, I feel that my uncles soul is static nearby. It is clear that my uncle is my guardian angel. alike to the scene in City of Angels where Seth leaves the book on the nightstand to shine a message, I have felt as though my uncle was give in a time of concern.City of Angels essays papersCity of Angels The film City of Angels depicts the existence of an angel watching over a repair who is deeply shaken by the loss of one of her patients, thus qualification the reality of angels on earth a possibility for me. Not further does this film make me seriously consider the existence of celestial beings, precisely I now believe in the possibility that a guardian angel is looking after me. The belief in such beings quarter be comforting during times of need and in matters of life and death.City of Angels portrays the grace of Heaven meeting the beauty of Earth. Two souls, one mortal and one celestial, must struggle with their willingness and their need to sacrifice everything familiar for the saki of love. Seth is the guardian angel who watches over Dr. Maggie Rice. After learning that it is thinkable for an angel to become mortal if his love for a woman is deep enough, he realizes the strength of his love for Maggie and agrees to fall from heaven to be with her.Until I watched City of Angels, the thought of invisible beings guiding and protecting me was not a major interest of mine. At the age of eight my uncle, whom I was very close to, passed away, and his death was tragic. Being young and not understanding the pattern of death, I had endless questions. Where do people go when they die? Is in that respect really a heaven or hell? Are their souls still on earth, just not visible to humans? Providing some report to my uncertainties, the scene in the film involving a library book with a mysterious origin suggests one method in which angels could convey subliminal messages. Seth leaves the book with a section marked for Maggie to consider the existence of angels around her. This scene gives me the sense of spiritual beings roaming earth after death. So where is my late uncle now? In contrast with the belief that a psyches soul travels to Heaven or Hell after death, I feel that my uncles soul is still nearby. It is clear that my uncle is my guardian angel. in like manner to the scene in City of Angels where Seth leaves the book on the nightstand to lance a message, I have felt as though my uncle was range in a time of concern.

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Free Speech on the Internet :: Web Laws Politics Rights Essays

Free Speech on the InternetFreedom of run-in has been a big issue on the Internet lately. But Id want to suggest that, properly viewed, policy markets are a untold big free speech issue than the recent ban on untoward internet posts.First, lets start with the puzzle why free speech?. What is the inherent difference between a legislature forbidding few peck from making indecent speech at the request of others who fear creation offended by such speech, and a legislature taxing some sight to pay for other peoples education or recreation? In each case interests are opposed, there are policy-making winners and losers, and a majority may trample on some rights of a minority. why should one case be forbidden and the other allowed? The strongest wide-accepted argument for having courts select down laws which limit free speech is to protect communications intend to influence the political process. You see, even if a large majority best-loved to ban indecent speech, or to fund educ ation with taxes, they might neer find out that they all preferred this outcome if they were prevented from publicly discussing the issue. Instead, a government might lock in its current advantage and preferences by forbidding any questioning of its current laws. Without free political speech, a minority might much more easily trample on a majority (a worse fate than a majority trample a minority). Thus political speech deserves extra protection.Note, however, that this argument for political speech applies to any action whose briny consequence is to communicate breeding to influence the political process (and whose other consequences are not likewise burdensome to others). So not only should it apply to newspapers, TV, the internet, T-shirts, bumper-stickers, and window signs, except it should also apply to political demonstrations and other costly political signals.You see, the main information communicated by a political demonstration is not the linguistic communication cha nted or held high on posters, but that fact that these people care enough to spend their time demonstrating for this cause. (Thus it is important to demonstrate in clear public view, and to not look like youre having too much fun.) Expensive signals like demonstrations can communicate what mere words cannot - metier of feeling and opinion. (Sure you can say you really care, but everyone says that.)Unfortunately, many expensive political signals, such as campaign contributions and political advertizing, are widely limited by law. Perhaps such limits can be justify by arguing that these actions can also do much harm, in addition to communicating information to politicians and voters.

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sometimes he sat dense and unmoving all morning or crawled about the schoolroom decorate oblivious to the other pip-squeakren or to his teacher. The book Dibs is a testimony of a child who seemed to be mentally retarded because he has created his own worldly concern inside of him. In her book, Virginia Axline proves that the therapy by the play is a way of set people such as Dibs. During her book, she gives lecture to the reader of a put down taken from the sessions with the little child. During this expose, we will develop Dibs singing with adults in particular his teachers, parents and grand mother. Then we will analyze another relation the unmatchable with his therapist. In the second part the phenomena of rejection will be canvas in both sides in the mother and the father side and also with Dibs itself. Later, we will try to understand which role play therapy had occurred on Dibs change.When the books starts, Dibs is in the school since two years. At the beginning he refused to talk. Sometimes he could stay dumb and still during an entire morning. Other times, he could have violent bout of anger when it was time to go stomach substructure, which provoked towards teachers and director of the school a big anxiety. Was he mentally retarded? Was he suffering of a mental illness since his give? Did his brain have received a shock? No one knew, even his parents who always refused to talk about their sons attitude. exclusively as the author, Virginia Axline, said there was something about Dibs behavior that defied the teachers to categorize him, slickly and routinely, and send him on his way. His behavior was so uneven. At one time, he seemed to be extremely retarded mentally. Another time he would speedily and quietly do something that indicated he might even have superior(p) intelligence (Axline, Virginia Dibs in search of Self, 15). The staff meeting of class lastly decide to help Dibs and to do something for him. It is at this point that the Doctor Virginia Axline, narrow down in working with children and parents is called. Dibs relationship with his teachers was non existent. His reaction was the one of an assisted person. When it was going-home time, the child used to stay in the class without a gesture postponement for the teachers to put his coat on while saying No go home No go home No go home (Dibs in search of Self, 1... ...ip with the examiner, whom he had never seen before explains Virginia Axline in her books. The results of Dibs indicated that Dibs was an exceptionally gifted child capable of getting a score of 168 at a I.Q at 15 years old. The reader will assemble in annex, a garner written by Dibs himself when he was fifteen in order to protest against an injustice. This letter shows first of all a maturity certain of the adolescent and the miracle that Play Therapy had on him. I establish personally incredible to realize that this child who was predominate to stay in his own world all his life had b een capable to write this letter where the theme of humiliation and revenge are once again present. workings CitedAxline, Virginia. Dibs in Search of Self. New York Ballantine Books, 1964Axline, Virginia. Play Therapy. New York Ballantine Books, 1969Battachi, Marco W. Une contribution la psychologie des motions lenfanthumili. Paris n.p, 1993Brenner, Charles. An Elementary Textbook of Psychoanalysis. New York cast anchor Books Doubleday, 1973Winnicott, Donald. Playing and Therapy. London Tavistock Publications, 1971

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The American Dream in The Great Gatsby :: The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald Essays

The American Dream what does it mean? Wealth, material possessions, and power atomic number 18 the core values of The American Dream. For many Americans, the dream is based simply upon building a higher standard of living. Gatsby was one of these Americans who lived his whole life history in pursuit of wealth and power.Gatsby based his whole self- universe on how very much currency he earned and the possessions he had. He felt that with specie came many other advantages to life. Gatsbys sole purpose for acquiring wealth was to put on back his old love. When Gatsby first met Daisy he was underprivileged and considered slimed because of his lower class status. He knew that while he was poor on that point was no chance of them ever uniting as a couple. I was poor, Gatsby had no money and he thought that Daisy was tired of postponement around for me (131). Gatsby felt that the all way to win Daisy back was to reach for what many people considered the American Dream. Gatsby ac hieves The American Dream, but his opulent faith in money and lifes possibility thingmajig his dreams and life into worthless existences based on falsehoods. Gatsby was able to reach his end in becoming wealthy. He worked all of his life employed in many different jobs in hope of making it big and being able to show Daisy what he had become. He felt that money would be able to buy him happiness. Gatsby also bought a huge house to essay and attain Daisy. A factual imitation of some Hotel De Ville in Normandy, with a tower on one side, and a marble swimming pocket billiards and to a greater extent than forty acres of lawn and garden ( 5.) His house was nothing more than a symbol of his wealth. Gatsby used the house in an attempt to win Daisy back. He would throw party after party hoping that one mean solar day she would attend and be amazed at what Gatsby had become. He bought all of his possessions not for himself, but to show others what he was worth. Gatsby realized that Da isys main and only concern in life was money. She was so caught up in money and material things that it was more important to her than true love. This made Gatsby believe that anything was likely when you had money. After becoming wealthy his only purpose was to swoon and impress the shallow Daisy.

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The Relationship of Education and TechnologyTodays society seems to be relying more and more on engineering. ready reckoners are being placed in almost every machine placed on the market today. That brings to our forethought that in the future things arent going to change. Technology will increase as jobs may decrease and as the carry for people with degrees in Computer Science and Engineering become most valuable to the labor industry. With tot every last(predicate)y(a) of this technology booming going on, where does fosterage go in the bosom of all of this? Does technology hold a position in education? Better yet, does education hold a position in all of this technology? I will answer these questions and more in undermentioned pages.The need for better education has been increasing signifi push asidetly over umteen years now. Educators are non just being told to teach reading, writing, or arithmetic anymore. They are instructed to teach all of these things but wit h use of technology. With all of the technology coming out these days students are in need of the hi-tech knowledge. Making some educators go derriere to analyse most the top technology in their fields. This bringing one of the first reasons that technology in education has its good and bad points. First, making educators go hazard to school time and time again only makes educators? jobs more difficult. thither is more expected of them. On the positive side having educators go back to school and learn about the better technology increases the students? chances in having the best education that they could possibly have.Another point is the fact that technology is taking over. More and more educational tools are being created to increase students? teaching abilities. Not only will these tools ... expect everything to be run by computers then you are waiting for a let down aft(prenominal) you must pay for the repairs of the machines you rely on. Teachers are th e best source of information. Educators potentiometer be closely related to computers. You should respect us as you would a computer. You should allow time to recharge our batteries. Teachers also need to be upgraded. We can?t just give out the information we know, we must learn new information so that the old stuff can be renewed. Where technology seems to be taking over, schools may have a grab of technology in them but will not allow to be taken over by technology. I especially will not allow the technology take over. Works CitedDell Computers. WWW. 1999-2003. www.Dell.comUS part of Education. Teaching with Technology. WWW. 1998. http//

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Born in 1817, in Concord, Henry David Thoreau became one of the greatest writers among the American Renaissance. Thoreau based his whole philosophy on the fact that man need to get rid of material things in order to be an individual. An delicately educated man, Thoreau went to Harvard, which placed heavy emphasis on the classics. Thoreau studied a curriculum that included grammar and composition, mathematics, English, history, and various philosophies. He also spoke fluently in Italian, French, German, and Spanish. After his graduation in 1837, Thoreau became a teacher. He and his familiar John, however, closed the school in 1841, for Thoreau knew writing was his passion. He kept a journal beginning in 1837, and most think he wrote path before that time. Thoreaus love for writing pushed him to make it a driving force force in his life.Thoreau was also a big take time off of the Transcendentalists Movement. The Transcendentalists assumed that the soul and nature were the two ess ential parts of the universe. " transcendentalism started as a radical religious movement, opposed to the rationalist, conservative asylum that Unitarianism had become." Unitarians had expressed the need for and conviction of a more personal and transcendent experience of the divine. "If a man does not keep pace with his companion, peradventure it is because he hears a different drummer." Individuality was a big part of Thoreaus life he believed that independent, well-thought action arose nat...

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In the United States, equality between a husband and a wife continues to progress, globally, in particular in third initiation countries the oppressed position of wowork force in the household continues to be a usual problem.In both India and Brazil, women are non equal to their male prognosticate parts within the household. Factors that cause this inequality to manifest and continue bath be attributed to, male dominant and patriarchal histories of the countries, employment opportunities, legal issues, especially the rights of women to harbour reproduction, educational opportunities for girls, marriage customs and vulnerability of women within the family payable to fears of violence, domestic abuse and rape.The colonization of Brazil occurred primarily by men of Portuguese decent. In creating this society, they instilled the values of machismo, which is highly prevalent in well-nigh Latin American countries. This concept provides men with both authority and attitude while women are placed in a position of sub-ordinance and place as weak (Aboim, 2004). The tradition of machismo as well as the patriarchate of the Catholic Church places men in dominance (Aboim, 2004). With this superiority comes the sexual double standard. Men are expected to demonstrate their masculinity and manfulness through premarital and extramarital sexual experiences. Women on the other excrete are expected to remain virginal until marriage and to be cheeseparing to their husbands throughout the union (Lewis, 1997). These values are difficult to put into practice session at times because of poverty, isolation and unequal ratios of men and women. As a result, illegitimacy and prostitution are common. Although this paradox exists, the traditional view is the almost widely accepted (ibid). Women have, despite their oppression, been allowed open access to schools and employment, and in 1933 were give suffrage on a national level. With this equality they were still non recogn ized as equal with men in matters of the home. Men were mechanically considered the heads of household and women were legally subordinate to their husbands.Under a Civil recruit reform put into place in 1962 women were considered to be in the uniform legal category as minors (Aboim, 2004). Women of middle and upper classes could not legally represent their family or administer the families assets. Nor were they able to work away of the house without the consent of the male head of household (Alvim, 2000). Before the insertion of the new Brazilian Constitution of 1988 which granted men and women equality nether the law, the father or husband of a woman had the right to control any employment contract she entered into.

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea :: essays research papers

20,000 Leagues Under the SeaJules Verne was born in France in 1828 and always had a love for the ocean. He once tried to be a sea captain on a gravy boat but things did not train out. Jules Verne has written many very famous books such as transit To the Center of the Earth, Five Weeks in a b altogetheroon and Around the piece in Eighty Days. I have written a appraise on one of his most famous books 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. This book combines adventure, distrust and mystery throwing in a few pieces of information about tone under the sea. The book begins with some great suspense, it begins with a boat chasing a giant monster that has destroyed some huge unsinkable ships. either time they get close to this monster a giant germinate of water shoots hundreds of feet into the air, causing the boat to back off. Once in a while the monster will disappear from sight for hours. While recitation this part of the book the reader feels like he is on the boat chasing the monster a lso. A lot of times the boat gets close adequate to the monster to catch it and thoughts of what you think the monster could be run by your head like crazy. When they finally make an attempt to capture it, it disappears downstairs the depths of the ocean. One of the most suspenseful and mysterious parts of the book was when the characters were thrown and twisted into a big means inside the submarine that seemed to have no doors. At this point in the book the characters have no thought what was going on, neither does the reader. The only thing that happens during the time in this room is a man comes in and gives them some food, minutes later they all fell asleep. Why where they put to sleep, where is this room that seems to have no doors? This is provided one of the hundreds of questions going through your head during these couple chapters of the book. When they wake up all the lights in the room are off and the submarine is shaking.

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The lady and the tiger was a story with no ending, this is bothersome because it truly left everybody wondering. That is quite possibly the brilliance of the story, it forces readers to ponder their thoughts and come up with their own ending. Love has a lot to do with the story The maam and the Tiger. The story gives the princess condemn over her devotee. The problem arose because the princesss father entrust not digest her to be with him. The story takes place in a kingdom and involves the king, the princess, and her lover. The princesss close on which door to gesture to her lover is presumed to have a large impact on the story, which it does however the question that is which door her lover opens remains un-answered. The princess will open the door with the lady behind it, she will be able to put her jealousy and romantic emotions behind adult male morality. The princess will lead the gentleman towards the door with the maiden behind it because it is exceedingly unethical to kill a man because she will have to jar against them together. Human morality plays a large role in her last to do this. The pain she experiences from seeing her lover with her enemy will fade. On the other hand, the pain she would experience from seeing him die in depend of her eyes would linger on and on. Furthermore the pain of the reflection of that decision to kill him would bring her much regret. She would continue to question her morality and she would woe from the decision she made for a very long time. In The Lady or the Tiger Stockton says Had it not been for the moiety of barbarism in her constitution it is probable that the lady would not have been there (Stockton 4). That quote is trial impression that even though her father was semi barbaric, due to the moiety she and t... ...nd, that decision leads him to be hit in the face by the guard. Following the hit, he falls to the ground. When he stands up it is undeniably decision time. He looks up to the king and g ives him a nod of respect, he also looks up at the princess and quickly gazes into her eyes. The princess subtly pointed to the left. She changed her mind the door she now wanted him to go through was on the left. He steps forward accepting the princesss suggestion to go to the left, he places his hand on the door handle. He stops and keeps his hand there for a few second so opens up the door and notices a beautiful maiden stepping out of it. modify with joy, he wraps his arms around her and thanks God for letting him live. The non-Christian priest and wedding singers follow close behind the maiden and in the knowledge base the two are married. The obviously guilty had in fact good been found innocent.

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Fantasy vs. Reality in J. M. Coetzees Disgrace Essay -- Coetzee Disgr

Fantasy vs. Reality in J. M. Coetzees let down J. M. Coetzees novel Disgrace is, on the surface, the story of a wayward college professor, Dr. David Lurie, who is ageing into a disrespectful decline. But this story tells of not only the discord and wrenching change that exist in the microcosm of Luries mind, only if also the fit themes that underlie the social, political, and ethical systems that be the reality of present day southern Africa. As David Lurie interacts with people and creatures outside his normal milieu, the fault lines between his unforesightful view of the world and reality begin to crystallize with a disconcert clarity.What goes on in your soul is dark to us... . These words are typic of the willful ignorance used to justify the actions of people, governments and society in a reckon of unfortunate circumstances. The alienation endemic in such a devise reinforces the notion that each of us is absolutely alone when it comes to matters of the soul. Often, th is willful ignorance is the cover used to wrap ones conscious mind into a state of demurral that permits the status quo to limp on.If a society can be flagitious of misanthropic behavior, then it must first exist on the individual(a) level. It is in personal relationships that errors germinate and where true contrition belongs. The original circumstance of this phrase is between Lurie and his colleges disciplinary committee. Having been caught misusing his authority to seduce a untried student, the professor is asked to explain. Repentance would go a long way toward absolving his sin, but he is defiant. Though it is acknowledged that we suck up our weak moments, all of us, we are only human (52), Lurie offers a confession but no contrition. As in Byrons La... Lucy who must ironically point out reality by snapping, Wake up, David... this is Africa (124). Though he seems to be coming to terms with his true identity, the damage of perceived primacy is still humiliating. The best he can do is identify with those he had been blind to before, human and animal alike. Lucy admits they have both in fact been reduced to having nothing, no cards, no weapons, no property, no rights, no dignity.Like a dog.Yes, like a dog. (205)But David Lurie has learned to have and to recognize dignity despite all indications to the contrary. The animals he tends all posses it as does he he has learned to concentrate all his attention on the animal they are killing, giving it what he no longer has encumbrance in calling by its proper name love (219). encounter CitedCoetzee, J. M. Disgrace. New York Penguin Books, 2000.

Road To Maturity in Mark Twains The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn :: Adventures Huckleberry Huck Finn Essays

huckabackleberry Finn The Road To Maturity Growing up is a coarse and ambitious action we must all go through in life. Every angiotensin converting enzyme grows and climb ons mentally and physically at their own individual rates, and although the line among be a child and being an adult is rather indistinct, there ar certain qualities and attitudes that all mature adults possess. Attaining these qualities and ideals can only be through through life experiences and learning by trial and error. No one can grow up overnight it is impossible. solely as our future on life and the world around change, growing up is inevit satis pointory. In the satiate hold The Adventures of huckabackleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, the main character huckleberry Finn begins the unyielding process of growing up, and he starts to develop a more mature expected value on life. One of the early examples of huck still having quite a a bit of growing up to do is shown in the book when huc k finds that Jim has quarter away and is hiding on the same island huck is. huck asks Jim how he got there, and at first Jim isnt expiration to name huckaback. But when Huck promises not to tell a soul, Jim confides in him that he has quarter off. Huck is shocked by this bit of information, and Jim reminds him that he promised not to tell. Huck responds by saying, I said I wouldnt, and Ill stick to it. Honest Injun, I will. volume will call me a low down abolishonist and detest me for memory mum- but that dont make no difference. I aint a going to tell. Huck is outset to realize the importance of keeping ones word. Young children run and tell things that happen to anyone with ears, and it is hard for them to keep promises. He realizes that the things he says stir others, and the fact he is now capable of understanding that shows that Huck is beginning to soak up a more mature view on life. some other draw factor in growing up is being able to take the blame for ones own actions and being able to come vindicated and justify when you have done something wrong. In the beginning of the book, Huck has a solidifying of issues with confessing his own actions.Road To Maturity in Mark Twains The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Adventures Huckleberry Huck Finn EssaysHuckleberry Finn The Road To Maturity Growing up is a long and hard process we must all go through in life. Everyone grows and matures mentally and physically at their own individual rates, and although the line between being a child and being an adult is rather indistinct, there are certain qualities and attitudes that all mature adults possess. Attaining these qualities and ideals can only be done through life experiences and learning by trial and error. No one can grow up overnight it is impossible. But as our prospective on life and the world around change, growing up is inevitable. In the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, the main characte r Huckleberry Finn begins the long process of growing up, and he starts to develop a more mature outlook on life. One of the early examples of Huck still having quite a bit of growing up to do is shown in the book when Huck finds that Jim has run away and is hiding on the same island Huck is. Huck asks Jim how he got there, and at first Jim isnt going to tell Huck. But when Huck promises not to tell a soul, Jim confides in him that he has run off. Huck is shocked by this bit of information, and Jim reminds him that he promised not to tell. Huck responds by saying, I said I wouldnt, and Ill stick to it. Honest Injun, I will. People will call me a low down abolishonist and despise me for keeping mum- but that dont make no difference. I aint a going to tell. Huck is beginning to realize the importance of keeping ones word. Young children run and tell things that happen to anyone with ears, and it is hard for them to keep promises. He realizes that the things he says affect others, and the fact he is now capable of understanding that shows that Huck is beginning to have a more mature view on life. Another key factor in growing up is being able to take the blame for ones own actions and being able to come clean and apologize when you have done something wrong. In the beginning of the book, Huck has a lot of issues with confessing his own actions.

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The Importance of a Classical Education :: Teaching Education Philosophy

The Importance of a Classical educationThis essay will attempt to answer three questions what is classical education, why is it necessary in our day and what are its benefits? The word classical or classic is used in many contexts and often without specific nitty-gritty Classic Coke, classical music, classic rock however, classical usually subject matter something that through time for various reasons has been proven worthy of our respect and interest. In music, the work of certain composers has been recognized as worth saving go that of others, even though perhaps popular in its own time, has been tossed excursus to the dust-bin of history. The same is true of books some books are more worthy of culture than others because of the profundity and clarity with which they express the ideas that they contain. The study of the great books has been the backbone of mature education for centuries. If you look at the books read by the intellectual giants of our culture, you flummox t hat there are particular books that come up again and again. These books were infallible of nigh inculcateboys until the rise of Dewey and the democratization of education through the unexclusive school system. The public school system byword these books as elitist and not substantially comprehensible by the masses and therefore not appropriate for public education. Another influence contributing to the demise of the great books was the demoralization of the Christian intellectual companionship. Most of the institutions of learning in this country were founded by Christians who saw it as their duty to conquer the intellectual arena for Christ. However, since the rise of secularism and especially since the humiliating defeat that scriptural Christians saw at the Scopes Trial, the evangelical community has been in full retreat from the intellectual arena. Before the turn of the century, most institutions of learning were dominated by those who thought from a biblical worldview however, this consensus apace began to crumble and in 1925 at the Scopes Trial, through the public humiliation of William Jennings Bryans creationism, academia as well as the general culture came to hold biblical Christianity as unworthy of intellectual regard. Even though the trial was in no way a rigorous debate of the creation issue, its egress on the Christian intellectual community was nothing short of disastrous. From that pane on Christians felt as though the intellectual community had injure them and, to return the favor, they abandoned the intellectual community in droves.