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Compare and contrast the theme of the vampire family in a couple Essay

Compare and contrast the theme of the vampire family in a couple different stories - Essay ExampleBoth Louis and Claudia become desperate to recognise where they belong and meet with others who would understand their entire situation. Finally, they travel to Europe destining in Paris where they find the domain of vampires. Here, the author of the figment through establishing the book as a short story brings out the dark and successful life reckons of a spirit, as well as the endeavors of characters thus capturing the socio-political changes of different continents. By the novel introducing Lestat, the most lasting character who is a thrilling combination of attraction and revolt with m either lavish illustrations, it focuses on immortality, loss, sexuality, change, and power as its main themes.The request by characters Daniel and Madelein for Louis to give them the power he had or make them vampires clearly indicates they were living in an era and region that had a lot of restr ain in terms of sex, non-tolerance to criminal activities and may be stern code of social conduct. That is why they were eager to experience new taste of life. The author through building such a scenario where characters with non-human attributes could go to new places and the peck they meet becoming excited just about their attributes and wanting to be like them, captures the theme of change. This theme has a close relationship with the Victorian orals emphasized through religion, elitism, and improvements as regarding industrialism.The main characters description of vampires does not, in any way, portray a picture of ugly look of vampires, and, in fact, he states that all vampires move about with preternatural grace and beauty. Again, the author acknowledges the similarity of her themes with that of Mary Shelleys alternative title for her book Frankenstein of the advanced Prometheus, a title founded on the romantics point of view that Prometheus personified the demon. This is u ndoubtedly true in particular when taking into consideration that Rice, in her novel,

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Declarations of Freedom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

Declarations of Freedom - Essay ExampleIn the declaration of freedom, Elizabeth Cady Stanton writes almost the declaration of Sentiments, in which she airs the sentiments of women in the fight for recognition and freedom. This was presented at the Womens Rights Convention held in Seneca Falls, in New York. In this conference attended by about three hundred people, scarce one hundred sign for the declaration. To elaborate further mis downstairsstanding or less of it for the womens plight, those who signed for it did so after it was revised and corrected. There be reasons that encouraged women to sit and jot down these sentiments. Among these are the misrepresentations in the legislative front, the fact that is fostered by their being denied nonappointive rights. Men, also infringed on womens rights to self-control of property as well as their right to pursue quality higher education, which left women under their control and mercy. Women, because of this oppression, felt worthles s with little or no confidence in themselves. Men who struggle to dominate them in every aspect of life have trashed their self-respect. This renders women completely willing to live pendent on men and abjectly at that. It is because of these reasons that the declaration of sentiments was unveiled in the Womens Right Convention. From the preceding(prenominal) points on discrimination of women, it is clear that the rights of women are not prioritized as compared to those of men. The latter group enjoys all the elective and representational rights that exist in the society. In addition, they also define what is considered okay for women to do, as well as what is not right. In the Cuban culture, women were similarly discriminated against just like in America before the united colonies gained their independence. This was before the revolution, 1959. Women were required to perform their roles as wives and homemakers, as opposed to being educated and independent individuals. For those who had the privilege of going to school, their academic potential was limited (Cuba Solidarity). They were required to give up their academic dreams for the sake of fondness for their families.

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Areer progress Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Areer progress - Essay ExampleThird, equipped with sophisticated management skills, I impart move ahead to manage the operation of a companionship at a higher decision-making aim in a way that I can get experiences on how to run a confederacy by myself. Fourth, over the long run, I will set up my own company in order to become a successful entrepreneur on my own right.I remind myself of these goals both morning on my way to work. Due to the fact that my ultimate goal is to become one of Chinas vanquish businessmen ever, I am glad to say that I commence been taking very satisfying steps towards that goal. As a graduate from a military university, I have received tidy management skills. Upon obtaining my Bachelors Degree, a number of choices were presented to me. I knew that management is an applied science, and one can hardly be a successful entrepreneur without ever managing anything. After my graduation in 2004 as a checkup Doctor, I chose to work at SINA Corporation as th e first step of my c arer for accomplishing my goals. SINA Corporation is the biggest media company and value-added information service provider in China.I worked as a manager in the crinkle Development Department at SINA Corporation. ... Yet I feel that my current sleep togetherledge and expertise are not up to the task that I have set for myself. I do not know enough to run a viable business venture on any large scale, yet. I could pursue my career with SINA Corporation and continue to learn business management skills but after I examined my past work and education history I came up to believe that I will have more opportunities if I can receive the kind of comprehensive and systematical business and entrepreneurial training that a MBA program can offer. Compared with other famous business schools in the US, Wharton, a cradle of some of the worlds well-nigh important businessmen, is my only choice. Wharton appeals more to me because not only of its reputation and legacy, but al so because it efforts my own needs. I once compared Stanford MBA Entrepreneurship courses, which are also famous worldwide, with Whartons before I began the application process, and the results showed me that Wharton can really athletic supporter me to achieve my career goals in a better and more efficient way than Stanford.First of all, Whartons Entrepreneurship courses suit my backgrounds and current situations. My father is one of the most famous and successful enterprisers in China, and he runs many esoteric companies now. He wants me to help him run part of those businesses in the future, so I have to learn not only the entrepreneurship aspects of a business but also how to run a family business. Entrepreneurship courses in Whartons curriculum, such as Strategies and Practices of Family-Controlled Companies, are designed for those people who plan to manage family-controlled companies and for those planning a career in a

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Has building a fence along the US Mexico border help fight illegal Term Paper

Has building a deal along the US Mexico call help oneself fight hot immigration - Term Paper ExampleSince centuries, immigration has remained one of the most important issues legally, as well as politically due to the division of globe into developed and developing countries that inclines wide waves of people to emigrate from one place to another for their brighter future. However, in this process, it has been an observation that besides emigrating legally, documented endorse has indicated numerous occasions when huge number of people has bewildered exhibits illegally due to dissimilar reasons, which has resulted in the notion of illegal immigration. In particular, every country confronts the issue of illegal immigration however, statistics spend a penny indicated that USA-Mexico border is the platform that witnesses highest number of illegal crossings of the border in comparison to other parts of the globe, which results in various adverse outcomes. For instance, experts have indicated that illegal immigration causes many unfavorable effects on USA, and although many individuals and families cross US-Mexico border with no intention of going out criminal activities and purely for their brighter future, still, their illegal crossing causes impact on economy and social order of the USA .Since many years, USA has been putting efforts to reduce and eliminate activities of the illegal immigration on the US-Mexico border, and that has been putting a huge burden on the US governments spending, still, thousands of people cross this border annually.In the result, US Congress and immigration experts came up with the idea of building a high-tech fence along the US-Mexico border, which has already resulted in huge debate and the idea has received blend responses. The basic plan is to build a 2,000-mile fence along the US-Mexico border and this has been the proposal of Duncan Hunter, the Chairman of the accommodate Armed Services Committee3. In order to unders tand whether this fence will be encouraging in fighting illegal immigration, it is very imperative to understand what it will look like. In this regard, reports have indicated that it will be a combination of barbed wire, powerful wire fences, high-technological sensors, and a path for border patrol vehicles, CCTV cameras, and movement detectors4. As of the year 2010, the US government was successful in building nigh 640 miles of this 2,000-miles fence, and the construction is still in process. Building of such a high-tech complicated wall/fence seems very effective in curbing illegal immigration however, this is not as simple as it looks, and various factors play a crucial role that will allow us to understand the contrary effects of US-Mexico border fence. In brief, analysis has shown that construction of this fence has resulted in significant reduction in the rate of illegal immigrants. For instance, San Diego was first post for construction of pilot project of this fence, an d it was a 14-mile fence in the California district5. Reports indicate that the project showed successful results as the number of illegal immigrants dropped from 202,000 in the year 1992 to just now nine thousand in the year 20046 that indicates the effective outcomes of this fence. On the other hand, experts have indicated that although location of the fences has reduced the activities of illegal immigration however, locations at the end of fence has become a platform for individuals and cartels to carry out the activities of illegal immigration in more organized manner that has been a new occupation due to this fence. Furthermore, in order to respond to this construction of fence, there seem two major arguments. Firstly, it has been an discretion that although the fences have been successful in restricting the illegal immigrants however, the construction of fence has caused uneasiness and apprehension on both sides of

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Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 9

Economics - Essay eccentrics right must not come in the price of violating other peoples right to privacy in public such as being photographed in public military position without his or her consent and then uploaded online.Also, the right to privacy in public is not only hold in to those who do not wear the Google Glass but also by the wearer themselves. Getting information from users done the Glass such as what NSA is doing to our emails and phone numbers must be prohibited in regard as to the individuals right to privacy much more posting online. Once concrete pillow slip is the prohibition of selling the individuals profiles to marketers or company or the posting of ones location online. It has to be realized that while there are people whose presence would like to be known to the world such as the example cited in the article by posting his brief while taking a bath online, there are also other people who shelter their privacy and this has to be

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The Great Depression Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Great clinical depression - Essay ExampleFurthermore, it also includes the response of American government to this economic event. Causes of Great Depression The most fundamental reason behind the great low was the massive reduction in spending which ultimately led to rise in inventories and rectify in production. There are some(prenominal) factors that resulted in the contraction in spending. Such factors include crash of tune market, monetary and banking failure and Gold Standard (Berkley University, Great Depression). By the late 1929, prices of various stocks in US reached levels which were not justified by the rational anticipations regarding future earnings. As a consequence, when news care disappointing results of the organizations came out stock prices started to decline in a gradual manner. This led to reduction in confidence of the investors which in turn caused the burst of the stock market bubble. October 24, 1929 which is famous as Black atomic number 90 was t he day when panic selling actually started. By November, share prices were reduced by almost 33%. Such a stock market crash resulted in significant reduction in aggregate demand. Investment and consumer spending, as a result of these, fell sharply (Berkley University, Great Depression). Another important reason that caused great embossment was lose of confidence of the depositors in the liquidity of the banks. In the late 1930, several depositors demanded their deposits in the form of cash. Situation created a massive panic in the banking sector. The panic was inexplicable and incoherent in nature. However, large number of farmers who were unable to repay their huge loans was a reason behind the decline in the liquidity of the banks. Importantly Federal Reserve did not try its best to stem the panic. absence seizure of Benjamin Strong who was the governor of Federal Reserve Bank of New York is often considered to be the master(prenominal) reason behind such inaction (Berkley Un iversity, Great Depression). There are some experts who conceive that the central bank of US allowed the huge reduction the money supply for preserving the gold standard. However, it has been a disputable issue over the years (Berkley University, Great Depression). Impact on Society Great depression had tremendous effect on the American society. By 1932 almost 25% of the countrys substance workforce became unemployed. Furthermore, the unemployment rate remained almost 20% without that decade. In 1932 almost 25000 families and 200,000 young people roamed through the nation searching for clothes, shelter, food and more importantly a job (Oracle Thinkquest Education Foundation, The Great Depression). People took assistance from private charities and public relief systems although they were not able to meet the demand. Rural, migrant and obtuse families were more accustomed with adverse situations. As a result they could manage circumstances more soft as compared to their urban cou nterparts (Ingui, p 108-109). Families had to change their lifestyles as their professions were changed. Many people engaged themselves with home businesses. Women contend important part in the process of survival. Millions of people suffered from disease that was the result of malnutrition. Farmers irrespective of the color of their trim had to leave their home so that they could sell their crops. Families who used to stay in Dust Bowl false into migrant farm-workers. American writers and artists portrayed the pain of common people. Photographers like Dorothea Lange and Roy Stryker captured the lives of the

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Philosophy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

philosophical system - Assignment ExampleThis is seen in the differences between the rationalism and empiricism rationalism has it that the ideas and designs are independent from the experience, and that the perception is realized only by subject matter of the mind, whereas empiricism states that the knowledge and practice shall be cognized by agent of experience. (True Forms, 2013).2) benefit is most commonly defined as welfare, happiness, or prosperity. Eudaimonists state that the happiness is the supreme beneficialness for the human race being. According to their views, the basis of the human behavior and the criteria of morality are determined as the humans strive for happiness and prosperity. The happiness includes internal aspects, such as virtue, and external ones health, beauty and wealth. Eudaimonia is considered naturalistic because it is in humans nature to be aimed at reaching the beat out. (Robinson, 1999).3) The Aristotelian concept of the golden mean is the a cceptable middle between the excessive and the insufficient. In terms of ethics this means a choice between the things that are good and bad and may seem too good or too bad. For example, the situation with the wars and armed conflicts in the modern world is illustrative in this respect. It would be possible to avoid them by means of choosing by either their sides a mean the process of negotiations, and this is namely the mean because it would neither lead to blood-shooting nor to absence of the contact between the sides at all. It can also be referred to as sometimes avoiding of the difficulties and trying to choose the easiest way of the problems solving. Then it is believed that the golden mean is not the best means and it is necessary to be courage enough to follow not the easiest way.4) Philosophical Cynics tend not to accept the conventional society. They motivate this by the fact that the usual concept of life presupposes possessing the useless and leftover

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Nursing Informatics- evidence-based practice and technology Article

Nursing Informatics- evidence-based practice and engine room - Article ExampleHealth information technology has made it possible for medical researchers to create a database of information gleaned from the research. It is possible to use health information technology to search online journals for evidence-based practice on how to perfect the flow of patients in and out the emergency rooms. Evidence-based practices that are used to optimize patient flow in other hospitals fuck be accessed via different databases (Thede, 2008). The flow of patients in the emergency rooms is a severalize component of quality care in any emergency department.Health Information Technology supports demonstrate based practice by allowing medical practitioners to publish research results in online databases. Medical professionals from different places can access these databases (Thede, 2008). Health Information Technology has made it possible to disseminate information fast, which helps in up(p) effici ency in evidence-based

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Leadership approach Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Leadership approach - Essay Examplethe aforementioned(prenominal) students, the animal owners who seek the services of the veterinary college as well as the clinicians. The Problem Given the commodious job verbal descriptions of the staff, coupled with the lack of resources and the need to provide excellent services, the staff finds itself in the classic showtime morale conundrum too much work and effort required for a job description that is become less enviable by the day. This, in short, can be categorized as the crux of the problem that I face under the leadership aspect of my role as the finance manager. ... The major(ip) weakness of this concept is ironically related to its major strengths in that the rather malleable nature of take does not allow the firm to establish a solid ground in any of the assorted businesses that it participates in i.e. its becomes somewhat of a jack of all trades and master of none. Due to this lack of immovability, the firm is not able to conti nue a specific ingatheringion practice for a large period of time, hence, is unable to ascertain opera hat production practices and any other cost cutting techniques, thus, it always produces at a level that has to be considered in optimal for the firm. (Yinghong, 2006) McDonalds is a pertinent example of the correct routine of moving competencies as they have been able to strike the perfect balance between the usability of moving competencies and delimitate their basic company objectives and areas of expertise. Therefore, despite the fact that McDonalds is expanding both is scale of operations and in its product range, it is still intrinsically a fast food joint which it has been able to maintain due to its best practices and strong adamancy on quality assurance. From this description, it can be easily surmised that the need of the hour for the manager is to instrument the system of moving competencies in a way that would oversee the creation of synergies and the institution of best practices in the form that every job is done by that specific person who does it best. Therefore, the creation of conjoint skills development becomes a necessity and the onus lies on the finance manager to institute the change that is involve for the creation of an open learning and

Junk food is killing America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Junk victuals is killing the States - Essay Examplenderstand how exactly the food has been made, but more importantly, a person should consider do personal food from clear ingredients other than consuming anonymous junk products.Most junk food contains an excessive amount of sugar that lacks no nutrients other than a large amount of energy. The above causes deprave effect and augments the rate of metabolic reaction beyond the required amount of calories. Excursive calories thus increase chances for Triglycerides and the indigestible amount of cholesterol that accumulates around the liver and the abdomen, which in turn create avenues to chronic diseases that call numerous lifes for American citizens. Besides, junk foods are often processed from a centralized processing plant that is susceptible to spreading of germs and bacteria. Health practitioners in the United States argue that majority of citizens in the United States often fall sick after contracting pathogens associated w ith junk food outlets such as ground beef of, which 15% do not survive. Therefore, it is recommended that that fresh food from gardens, salad restaurants and positive eating riding habit is critical to improved performance and a positive, healthy impact in the future (Smith

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Porter's generic strategies Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Porters generic strategies - Case Study ExampleThe cost leaders strategy has enabled the U.S airways to increase profits by reducing costs that are incurred by the airline, and also enable them to increase the market share by putting cheaper prices while still making a easy profit on each sale they make (Kossowski, 2007). The U.S airways has made this strategy highly efficient since they collapse access to the capital needed to spend in technology that bring costs down, efficient logistics and start cost requirements on labor, materials and facilities. The U.S airways has also applied the differentiation strategy, which involves making their products and services unique and more respectable than those of their competitors, hence making them more efficient in the airline market (InfoRefuge, 2012). Focus strategy apply by the U.S airways entails concentrating on a market and providing it with low costs or well-specified products, which eventually builds a starchy brand loyalty am ongst their customers making it more attractive compared to their competitors. Airline competitors have been outdone successfully by the U.S airways beca theatrical role of the airlines use of the Porters generic strategies, which ascertain that they are more competitive and get a greater share of the

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Foreign Direct Investment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Foreign Direct Investment - Essay Example(1) Over the uniform period, these countries also achieved a substantial increase in their exports, especially towards Western Europe.The question we address in this paper is whether FDI inflows have been a significant determinant of export growth in 12 CEE countries. To do so, we use a pooled data for the period between 1996 and 2004 and attempt to account for the effects of FDI on force economy exports. We separate the latent effects into supply-increasing effects (capacity effects) and FDI-specific effects. The supply-increasing effects arise when FDI inflows induce increases in the phalanx countrys production capacity, which, in turn, increases export supply capacity. The FDI-specific effects arise because foreign capital inflows may be different competitive advantages, such as superior knowledge and technology and thus, higher productivity, or break off information about export markets as compared to local firms. We believe that dif ferentiating between these two effects of FDI on exports is especially important in terms of policy implications. It is often argued that successful FDI-promoting policies should lead to, among other things, a significant increase in the force countrys exports. ... In the following segmentation, we provide a discussion of potential channels through which FDI may affect exports. Based on the discussion in this section, we present our confirmable model in the next section. The empirical results are presented and compared to those of previous studies in the penultimate section. The last section concludes the paper.Effects of FDI on Exports - Theoretical ArgumentsThis section discusses some theoretical arguments regarding the different potential effects of FDI on the host countrys exports.Theory of Multinational EnterpriseThe theory of multinational enterprise (MNE) examines conditions under which firms may shrink FDI and become MNEs. (2) Such decisions may have consequences for hos t countrys exports and it is a goal of this section to review separate of this theory that predict effects of internal FDI on host countrys exports.Overall, the theory indicates that positive effects of inward FDI on a host countrys exports may be expected when the host country and a dental plate country have different factor intensities. In this case, the MNE may outsource some segments of its production do by to the host country and export these (intermediate) products back to the home country (as well as other countries). Similarly, when the host country has a cost advantage and cost of trade are low (as compared to the trade costs of the home country), the host country may be used by the MNE as an export weapons platform for serving its home market, as well as other markets.The starting point for the theory of MNE is the predilection that firms must have certain advantages in order to become multinational companies. Dunning

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Three important lessons (PLato's Apology) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Three important lessons (PLatos confession) - Essay ExampleIn truth, Socrates was pass on a lesson that was central to his work and to his beliefs. His apology was a lecture on the triumph of knowledge everyplace ignorance and he was beseeching his listeners to discard old and traditional beliefs and embrace modern intellectual development.The background of the Apology is that Socrates is being charged with the corruption of the youth and disrespect towards the Gods. He begins by saying that The task is non an easy one I quite understand the nature of it. And so leaving the event with God, in obedience to the law I will now make my defence. (Plato, quoted in Biffle, 34) He confronts his accuser Meletus and demonstrates exactly why and how the charges against him are false. However, despite his use of logic to defend himself, he is still found guilty and sentenced to die.It is neat throughout the text that Socrates wants to emphasize that he will counter his accusers lies and acc usations with wisdom. This is the first lesson the importance of wisdom. He also wishes to emphasize that it is his wisdom and knowledge that make him persecuted, but this wisdom and knowledge will be of much use to the city of Athens. Therefore, instead of using pathos, or arousing pity, he was appealing to the logic of the crowd. kinda of beseeching the people to spare his life, he reasoned with them making logical and coherent arguments with the end in view of convincing them that they would be better off with him alive than with him dead. To quoteFor if you kill me you will not easily find a successor to me, who, if I may use such a soused figure of speech, am a sort of gadfly, given to the state by God and the state is a great and noble steed who is tardy in his motions owing to his very size, and requires to be stirred into life. I am that gadfly which God has attached to the state, and all day long and in all places am forever fastening upon you, arousing and persuading

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Political Parties and the Electoral Process Essay - 1

governmental Parties and the Electoral Process - Essay ExampleIn considering this topic, it is important to understand the differences surrounded by the devil study parties, to look at the role that motilitys play in keeping a strong hold on the two- society system, and to explore possible reasons why third-part candidates have never had much success in American presidential elections. Differences in Ideology Just as family members offer differ amongst themselves in regards to important issues, the two major(ip) political parties are no different. While there are some issues that the two amazingly agree on, there are umteen ideological differences that have formed through the years, resulting in the wide divide that we see today. Some differences regarding tender issues are evident. Democrats, for example, by and large are in showdown to the death penalty, fleck a substantial majority of Republicans are in support (Newport, 2009). Another social issue that is even more deci sive is that of abortion. Democrats overwhelmingly are pro-choice, meaning that they support a womens right to an abortion. Republicans, on the other hand, are in staunch opposition to abortion and believe that it should be made illegal at the national level. Finally, consider the differences in terms of the scope of government. The Democratic party supports a larger government that provides more government services to the country, while Republicans push for a small and more streamlined government that focused on business and private development (Pletka, 2013). Third-Party Candidates, The Electoral Process, and Presidential Campaigns When one is looking at political news in America, it becomes obvious rather quickly that many citizens are unhappy with their political choices. While the two parties offer different choices, many argue that they come along out of touch with the average America. As such, it would stand to reason that a third-party would be possible in the country, yet for decades such a party has tried and failed time after time. The current system is patently stacked against them. Since most financial donor in the country give to one of the two major political parties, they control the campaigns, air time, and debate cycles. It is difficult for a third-party candidate to even wage a serious national campaign. This is largely due to an electoral system that divides the presidential election into separate contests in each of the 50 states. As such, third party candidates cannot even get on the ballot all over because they do not have the financial and logical resources to gain support in each of the 50 get together States (Schultz, 2009). Because of these and other reasons, such candidates have never really managed to find much traction when waging a national campaign. Conclusion While there is certainly a basis for having a third-party in the United States, conditions simply have not allowed it. Some of this can likely be attributed to voter and political apathy, while the crux of the issue is likely related to money. The reality is that there are enough ideological differences between the two major political parties in America that it keeps them separate and distinct in the eyes of campaign donors, and the public in general. Add to this the fact the electoral college system views the race for President as a state-by-state contest,

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Literature Synthesis Paper-Case study Case Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Literature Synthesis Paper- - Case Study ExampleExample 1 is the virtually common word order in German it is a declarative sentence and has only iodin primary(prenominal) clause (Weyerts, Penke, Munte, Heinze & Clahsen 216). So the verb is in second position in a sentence that is off and can stand alone in other words in an independent clause. Weyerts, Penke, Munte, Heinze & Clahsen claim that it is incessantly a finite verb or auxiliary that appears in second position, and it only appears there in main(prenominal) clauses (216).In sentence 3, the firstly or main clause follows the subject-verb-object order save because the second clause cannot stand alone and is dependent on the main clause the word order changes to subject-object-verb (Monaghan, Gonitzke & Chater 816). If however, the promoter or dependent clause comes before the main or independent clause the word order is distinguishable again. For examplecondemnation 4 begins with a dependent clause and because this subordinate clause is in first position it is considered to be the first part of the main clause and the word order is SVO. The verb in the main clause follows the verb in the subordinate clause because it is considered the second position in the sentence (Verstraete 616).The infinite verb in sentence 5 is changed and has moved to the final position after the object but the finite verb has girdle in second position after the subject in main or independent clauses, which is diametric to English as can be seen in the translation. Another example to illustrate this ordering isSentence 7 illustrates how instead of the finite verb being in second position and the infinite verb being in last position as seen in sentence 6, both verbs move and follow the object but the infinite verb precedes the finite verb (Monaghan, Gonitzke & Chater 816). Another example of this ordering isSentence 8 includes a subject of the subordinate clause and further illustrates how the infinite verb follows the object and the finite verb follows the

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The Simulation Project Essay Example for Free

The Simulation Project EssayMultinational corporations slope many challenges in their domestic and globular milieus. consort to Ajami, Cool, Goddard, and Khambata a multinational firm is one in which a authorized percentage of the earnings, as forget me drugs, sales, or personnell of a firm get into from or ar deployed in foreign locations (Ajami, Cool, Goddard, Khambata, 2006, p. 6). According to this definition US Air paths radical would be classified as a mulitnational firm. On Fortune 500s Worst List, US Air bearings Group is set as a to the lowest degree admired company on all eight attri scarcelyes identified by the research and surveys performed by hay Group ( outperform worst in, 2006). As the name implies US Airways Group break aways in the Airline industry. This paper pass on discuss how government commandments, hard and exhausty technologies, some political-legal barriers, socio ethnic factors and deuce frugal theories that are go about by US Airway s Group are affected by their domestic and global surrounds. It pass on overly offer a strategy for US Airways Group to countinue its arrange goth and success as an industry leader. As indicated from its name the domestic environment of this company is the join States and the global environment that result be subprogram is costa Rica. In the US the respiratory tract industry has two main agencies that write regulations that it has to obey.The Federal breeze Administration (FAA) and the United States Department of Transportation ( breaker point) (Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, 2012). Although the airline industry was de-regulated in 1978 the DOT retains the authority to alter or amend any airlines certificate or to revolutionize such certificate for intentional failure to accede with the terms and conditions of the certificate (10-K, 2012). The FAA is answerable for writing the regulations that associate to aircraft maintenance and operations, certification of pilots and flight crewmembers and air traffic and generaloperating rules (Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, 2012). some other other agency that establishes guidelines that the airline industry has to abide by is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).The EPA is responsible for regulating operations, including air carrier operations, which affect the quality of air in the United States (10-K, 2012). US Airways Group has to quest after all the established regulations created by the FAA, DOT and EPA if it wants to remain in business in the United States. They pass water to keep up-to-date with the maintenance requirements and keep accurate records as established by the FAA and advance to have their aircraft inspected at regular intervals as prescribed by the FAA (Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, 2012). They must(prenominal) find out they follow EPA guidelines regarding air quality, while continuing to meet the DOT requirements for operating at efficiency or risk having their certificates revoked to do business as substantially. In costa Rica, the government is establish on roman print law, which is very contrastive from the US legal system (Doing Business in Costa Rica 2012 realm commercial-grade Guide for U.S. Companies, 2012). The ways the laws are written is how they are applied and there is little to no dwell left for interpretation by anyone regarding the laws. Therefore the way that the government regulations that US Airways Group must follow are written are the way that they must be followed.The government has established travel guidelines that must be followed there, the most burning(prenominal) being that soon you are not permitted to enter Costa Rica unless you have a roundtrip ticket (Costa Rica, 2012). The easiest way for US Airways to avoid an issue regarding this regulation is to check into that all travelers going away to Costa Rica have a roundtrip ticket when they board the plane in their departure city, along wi th reasoned identification. Hard technology includes the physical hardware, capital goods, blueprints and specifications, and knowledge necessary to use the hardware, while squeezable technology encompasses the management, marketing, financial organization, and administrative techniques that burn down be combined with the hard technology to serve the subscribes of the use (Ajami, Cool, Goddard, Khambata, 2006, p. 358). Based on this definition some of US Airways hard technologies would be their aircraft (planes), hubs (airport locations) and even their flight crews.The planes that are currently in the fleet are manufactured by Boeing, Airbus and Embraer (US Airways Fleet, 2013) and some are equippedwith the ACSSs XS-950 Mode S Transponder which allows for the transmission of information regarding the planes position, speed and intent (Press Releases, 2012). They have hubs in the four US cities and have established a partnership with Star Alliance (US Airways A Star Alliance M ember, 2013), which gives them inlet to a hub at Londons Heathrow Airport as well. The flight crew has the knowledge to operate the aircraft as well operate the terminals efficiently within the hubs. It is the flight crews responsibility to ensure that the passengers are on board the plane on cartridge clip and that the plane departs the gate on time.The soft technologies currently employed by US Airways includes their Nuance interactive voice response (IVR) system, which was one of their bare-ass marketing tools to help reduce customer frustrations (Interactive Case Study US Airways, 2013), audits of customers airport experiences (Sunnucks, 2010), and training on the other new systems that have been implemented to help with customer satisfaction. Just as flight crews can be classified as hard technology the management staff of US Airways can be classified as soft technology because it is their responsibility to make sure that the customers are kept capable and that they use the ir administrative talents to keep the employees satisfied as well. If US Airways continues to educate, value and respect it employees, while use new technology to keep up-to-date with the rest of the industry and survey its customers for satisfaction their success will continue to improve. One of the political-legal barriers that US Airways Group will face in the US and Costa Rica the differences in the legal system as identified earlier. In the US the laws are interpreted and judges step at past cases to help decide how to rule on a current case, in Costa Rica judges look at the law the way it is written and make their rulings based on the way the law is written.If US Airways is not careful and does not fully understand the laws and how they are written in Costa Rica this could be detrimental to their operations there. In the US they not unless have to comply with federal laws but state laws as well that have been established. Although both governments are classified as republic s, the US has what the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) refers to as a federal republic and Costa Rica has a democratic republic (The World Fact Book, 2012). In Costa Rica they promote a political environment based on inclusion. One of their political parties is PartidoAccesibilidad Sin Exclusin (PASE) which translated into English is Accessibility without Exclusion caller (Obando, 2013) however the US is not necessarily an inclusion-based society. The US does have laws regarding accessibility for individuals with disabilities and they are taken very seriously, Costa Rica is not as readily as accessible as one would approximate they would be based on their inclusion-based political system. For US Airways to continue to be successful in the US and Costa Rica concerning the political-legal environments within those countries they should remember the history of close and friendly relations based on respect for democratic government, human freedoms, free trade, and other shared valu es (World-Country Profiles US Department of State Background Note, 2007), this travel in line with the concept of the classical theory of trade (Ajami, Cool, Goddard, Khambata, 2006, p. 48). Geert Hofstede developed his theory of the five dimensions of culture, based on information provided to him by IBM regarding employee values in their survey of more than 70 countries mingled with 1967 and 1973 (National cultural dimensions, 2013).The five dimensions of culture as theorized by Hofstede are fond taste, power orientation, uncertainty orientation, goal orientation and time orientation (Ajami, Cool, Goddard, Khambata, 2006, p. 213). The five dimensions are broken down into simple terms as social orientation reflects a persons beliefs about the importance of the individual over the group for which they choke power orientation deals with how one views authority and power differences in a hierarchy uncertantiy oreintation refers to how one feels regarding channelize goal orie ntation deals with how one is motivated towards achieving goals and the fifth and final dimension time oreintation refers to the how individuals in a culture adopt an outlook of long or short term regarding life, work and other issues (Ajami, Cool, Goddard, Khambata, 2006, p. 213-214). In regards to the sociocultural perspectives related to these dimensions of culture as identified by Hofstede there are many that are different as well as some that are uniform for these two countries. One of the biggest differences between the two countries is their attidudes towards time. People in the US are all about time and money whereas nation in Costa Rica want to take their time and really understand what is happening.The attitudes towards work and lesiure follow lawsuit with the attitudes towards time. Many in the US do nottake vacation time off because things require to get done, whereas Costa Ricans are more concerend with spending time with their families and socializing with frie nds (Provasi, 2012). The attitudes regarding change, material things, and jobs are to a fault at opposite ends of the spectrum. These things are important to most Americans and they look at these things as a way to build themselves up. Costa Ricans on the other hand look at these things and will be scantily as comfortable with keeping things just they way they are. Aspects that are identical in the two countries are literacy rate and command mix. Both coutries hold these items in high regard and try to come up with ways to encourage the young people to stay in school and continue with their education and pursue higher education as well. Another item that is similar is their open door form _or_ system of government in the work place, managers are accessible at all levels and this makes it very familiar. The two scotch theories that will be compared and contrasted are Walt Whitman Rostows Stages of Economic Growth and John Kenneth Galbraith balance of Poverty for the domestic and gloabal economic environments identified above for US Airways Group.The US has a mixed economic environment and is classified as a source reality country. The reason the US does not fit into one specific economic environment is it has characteristics of capitalism in which the relationship of supply and demand dictates price and it also has elements of a free-market sparing in which the government establishes laws and policies to ensure public safety and welfare (Ajami, Cool, Goddard, Khambata, 2006, p. 59). Costa Rica has a social market economy (Rojas, 2006) and is classified as a thrid world country (Rosenberger, 2012). A social market economy is similar to a free-maket economy in that it upholds free market components such as private belongings and ownership of businesses and industry, free price formation, market competition and free trade, while also utilizing government regulation to create fair market competition by preventing market monopolies, ensuring ongoing econo mic development and pauperism alleviation (Social Market Economy, 2013). Based on the definitions provided it can be said the both economies are similar in regards to government regulations being involved in creating a fair and safe market environment. Walt Whitman Rostow identified five economic stages of growth in which a country could fall traditional society, transitional stage, takeoff, razz to maturity and the age of mass consumption (Ford,2004).Each stage represents a stepping stone to for the next stage. According to Rostow the US surpassed the age of mass consumption in the late 1950s (Ferraro, 1960), Costa Rica however is whitewash in the takeoff stage. This stage is marked by major transformations that stimulate the economy (Ajami, Cool, Goddard, Khambata, 2006, p. 55). For US Airways Group, in Costa Rica this is identified by their growth in the technological area (more flights operated) as well as more jobs being created due to the increase in flights. Although in t he US this stage has been surpassed, US Airways contiunes to grow in this aspect because they are increasing flight schedules. Galbraiths view of economics is similar to that of Rostow, in that economic growth is as much a change in social, intellectual and policatical as well as physical (material) change (Watson, 2011). According to both of their economist views the US operates as a capitalistic economy. This is true of US Airways in the way that they have been able to turn-around their business since 2005. They actually took into consideration things that would make the consumers happy, not necessarily increasing their capacity (i.e. putting more seats on a plane), in doing so they were able to keep up with the consumers wants and salvage provide the service that was needed (Smith, 2012). This fall into Galbraiths view that the major affirmative purpose of the firm is corporate growth (John Kenneth Galbraiths Contributions to Economics, 2013). This view is similar to Rostows ag e of mass consumption in that both concentrate on the high standards of animated (i.e. comfort in travel on the plane) that have been established as a result of the efforts set forth is their respective stages.Where the two differ dramatically is that Galbraith believes that the companies direct the consumers wants by advertising that makes the consumers desire certain products or services, and that therefore the economy is more driven by the seller and not the consumer (John Kenneth Galbraiths Contributions to Economics, 2013). In this pillowcase though, that concept contradicts his idea of the major affaimative purpose of the firm is corporate growth in the example provided regarding US Airways above. In successfully industrializing a poor economy such as Costa Ricas, Galbraiths Equilibrium of Poverty offers the idea of the reliable infrastructure system (Ajami, Cool, Goddard, Khambata, 2006, p. 57). This idea simply means that the country would need to have a relieablesystem o f roads, ports, electrical power supplies and communications (Ajami, Cool, Goddard, Khambata, 2006, p. 57). In this case US Airways already has access to these items at the airport and therefore is well on its way to helping the economy grow and prosper. While both Rostow and Galbraith believe that governement need to be invovled in the initial stages to help third world countries establish themselves and help to protect their citizens they also understand that there will be a time when the government will need to step back and let the companies in the different industries takeover and fit their own destinies so to speak.Rostow does not mention how or when he thinks this should be done, however Galbraith says that he feels that governments should see taxes on consumer goods and services, using the proceeds to increase the availability of public sector goods and services (John Kenneth Galbraiths Contributions to Economics, 2013). In doing this, he is trying to show that eventually there has to be a point where tally is given to the companies and they only need to answer to the governments when required or necessary. US Airways Group has made significant improvements in seven-spot of the eight-attribute areas identified On Fortune 500s Worst List 2006. On the 2011 list they still have a ranking on the worst product quality attribute of number 11, which is down from 10. US Airways Group needs to figure out ways to improve the quality of their service as well as their products. Although they may not have much control over the service aspect because the flight schedule cab be delayed because of an airline from another company they can control they products.They can invest in newer planes, upgrade/update their current planes and even update their hubs in the airports that they currently operate in. Other ways for the company to continue to grow and get through in the domestic and global environments are they must continue to improve their offerings. They are o ff to a great start by taking surveys and imploreing customers what is important to them. They need to go a step further and affect the employees what is important to them, what will keep them loyal to US Airways Group. Take what they learn from the employees and the implement changes that are suggested. Continue to ask the customers what they like, do not like, what other features they would like to see in the airports, on the planes and in the air. I think one thing that the company should do is take a lesson from Southwest and substantiation charging baggage fees for the first checked bag. They should eliminatechange fees, and if someone needs to cancel their trip completely, implement a cancellation fee, but refund the difference between the ticket price and the cancellation fee. By eliminating their fees they will draw more passengers to the airline and increase sales, because people will not feel as if they are being taken emolument of. In todays economy this will go far w ith consumers and could lead to even large profits in the end, because they will feel that US Airways Group is a company that is not just looking out for themselves but for their customers as well.As demonstrated there are several different environments that a multinational corporation must take into consideration when exploring new opportunities. The government regulations, hard and soft technologies, political-legal barriers, sociocultural factors and economic theories that a company faces and how they handle each of those environments will rig if they will succeed or fail. Walt Whitman Rostow and John Kenneth Galbraiths economic theories can be used by companies to help determine if the global environment that is being considered will be a good fit with the domestic environment of the parent company. Once the location has been setup and establishe the company must realize that the work does not stop there, they must always analyze and remember they want to continue to grow so t hey need to ask the question what do we do to contiune to prosper or what do we do to make it so we do prosper.Bibliography10-K, A. H. (2012, May 19, Retreived celestial latitude 16, 2012). Government Regulations and Airline Industry Taxation. Retrieved from Wikinvest http//www.wikinvest.com/stock/AirTran_Holdings_(AAI)/Government_Regulations_Airline_Industry_Taxation Ajami, R. A., Cool, K., Goddard, G. J., Khambata, D. (2006). International Business Theory and Practice. Armonk, NY M.E. Sharpe, Inc. Best worst in (2006). Retrieved from CNN Money http//money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/mostadmired/2006/best_worst/ Costa Rica. (2012, December 30). Retrieved from cr2net.com http//www.cr2net.com/costarica/coming_and_going.htm Doing Business in Costa Rica 2012 Country Commercial Guide for U.S. Companies. (2012, December 30). Retrieved from The Department of Commerce http//www.buyusainfo.net/docs/x_1853591.pdf Electronic Code of Federal Regulations. (2012, December 13, Retreived December 16, 2012). Retrieved

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General Suggested improvements Essay Example for Free

General Suggested improvements EssayThe improvements I suggest would include having utilities like File disinfect and entropy encoding, Firewalls and an opposite(prenominal) Malwargon protection. You should employ tactics such as Health and Safety messages, such as just now water may be near the computing machines, and then it should be in a ready bottle and such things as data cognizantness, e. g. , people greeting what they should and should not delete and where data is held and why they should have passwords and why there should be sloshed passwords. There should be efficient junk-mail filters on your netmail to avoid every viruses coming into your system by email. Task 2 Types of threats to your physical credentials with suggested improvements(P2) biostatistics These argon mechanical security measures that detect fingerprints, gait credit and glad detection, etc. Be aware that these methods are not foolproof There are people out there who spend any day trying t o beat these systems. Physical security These are security measures like locks and bolts on doors and windows. certification guards and dogs could be employed, and burglar alarms such as motion sensors, noise detection and other sorts of alarms CCTV cameras and Smart cameras to be deployed inside and outside the building. The doors to the master of ceremonies should be locked and a security guard should be positioned outside the door. With the servers har targets be locked in place and for higher security measures, having a vault door in front of the server, and having the attack keys 12 metres apart, and operated simultaneously by two separate employees, would ensure greater (but not foolproof) security.You could invest in a disaster resistant room with fire resistant tiles, and some way of filtering flood or excess water, and some way of cooling things wipe out if the air conditioning breaks down to avoid the server being flooded and/or cooked, for your server to resist things like terrorist attacks, e. g. , bombs and/or the unlikely but until now possible event of a tornado. All these physical security systems could help to make your task secure. hear how bundle and network security measures can help keep systems and data secure. (P3, M1) Software and Network shelterThe first suggestion I would make would be buy or download your software from estimable retailers. Unlicensed and cracked software could too have incorporated Malware in the cracking code and also, you could be in trouble with the law if you use unlicensed software. You should have the relevant security software up to date and make sure your anti-Malware protection is not actually Malware pretending to be anti-Malware to fool you.Firewalls Firewalls are metaphorically a wall between you and the meshing which denies find to anything you havent specified (i. e. , hackers and malicious websites or material). all(prenominal) computer has a unique identification address, make up of a se ries of numbers, and also presumptuousness a domain name corresponding to those numbers, for easier access, e. g. , howstuffworks. com is also known as 216. 27. 61. 137 . A firewall can avoid all access to a specific IP address. Firewalls can also filter messages and monitor attempt break-ins. Firewalls can also be implemented in certain machines to allow only one protocol, e. g. , http or tcp and block all others. EncryptionEncryption is a process turning regular text, pictures and other data into illegible text and pictures and data through a series of simple or complex algorithms depending on your security needs. The text will turn out like this- 5ugre54jyt656f5t8uf which , for anybody who can speak range Dutch, means absolutely nothing. Encryption is important for sensitive personal information or any business related information which would make it harder for the hackers to uphold your information in any legible way. In encryption techniques, there are two types of keys, Pu blic and Private.The Public learn is a key that can be passed around and made public. This is to encrypt any information. Once a person has encrypted the information, it cannot be decrypted without the Private Key which is a password, not necessarily a word in the English sense, it can be any combination of letters and numbers, which is more advisable. For greater security, the password should be separate from any digital ordinary but some software allows you to store it on your computer for automatic decryption. Anti-Virus Software.Anti-virus software protects against viruses. They have a database of the general layout of viruses so they can recognise any future viruses and also any existing ones. This is a critical piece of software, particularly if your computer has a virus, as this can cause it to slow down or not work altogether, so it is highly advisable to have some sort of anti-virus software installed. round Training. It is important to provide regulations or Code of Con duct in your Company, e. g. , you could specify that employees may only use their email for work purposes.Staff should be aware that it is insecure to leave a computer logged on when they are not around and also not to leave their laptops in cars or on public transport. Laptops should not be left in cars overnight in cold conditions as this could modify them. Computers should not be left in any condition where they could overheat and destroy the contents inside. Staff should also be aware that viruses and other Malware can be sent via email attachments so they must not open any email attachments unless you specifically know what that attachment contains. Staff should also be trained in data management.This is keeping your bills in a structured and organised fashion, having sensible file names and folder names, knowing what should and should not be deleted, knowing how to achieve deleted items, and knowing what to do when other office programmes crash and knowing where you can get the autosave files from. The final training staff need to know is about copyright, registered trademarks and patent Laws and also plagiarism. Biometrics. Biometrics is fusing biology with IT in the fact that fingerprints can be employ to access computers or other physical areas.Known biometrics are- gait recognition, fingerprint scanning, iris detection, delivery recognition. The costs of these security measures can be quite expensive, especially the newer ones like gait recognition and iris detection. More conventional biometrics are relatively cheap like fingerprinting and speech which are probably the most common ones around. Passwords. Passwords are crucial to deter any opportunistic data thieves. If everybody has a strong password, these types of thieves will be stopped.When signing up for a Google mail account, they have an index next to the password, they have a scale next to the password selected, to indicate whether this is a tripping to strong password. Generally, wea k passwords are 1 6, your dogs name, your wifes names, or any similar name, important dates like your birthday. These are considered weak passwords as they can easily be guessed. Strong passwords are usually an alphanumeric combination of velocity and lower case letters, for instance, GIRfufr57fjy, keep systems and data secure.Call Back Call back is the CPU move a process on hold, to go back to it later. Handshaking Handshaking is the computer and a some other computer deciding on the protocol. Use of Backups The use of Backups are essential to your business, so that if your hard drive fails you will need to get a new hard drive and if you neglected to back up your computer, all your data is lost. So backups are essential to keep data secure.Audit logs Audit logs are programmes to log any changes to your computer, eg when you log in, the audit logs check the logs for your username against your password and do you have authorisation to access to continue if so more checking, keep ing systems secure. Firewall Firewalls are metaphorically a wall between you and the Internet which denies access to anything you havent specified (i. e. , hackers and malicious websites or material). Every computer has a unique identification address, made up of a series of numbers, and also given a domain name corresponding to those numbers, for easier access, e. g. , howstuffworks. com is also known as 216. 27. 61. 137 .A firewall can block all access to a specific IP address. Firewalls can also filter messages and monitor attempted break-ins. Firewalls can also be implemented in certain machines to allow only one protocol, e. g. , http or tcp and block all others, keeping systems and data secure. Configuration You need to configure your computer and/or network security to your security policies. If you configure your security properly it will prevent unauthorised access onto your network or accidental deletion of data. The signifier is important to keep your system running smoo thly and your work safe.

The Great Divorce Essay Example for Free

The Great Divorce auditionThe Great Divorce, the storyteller suddenly, and inexplicably, finds himself in a grim and joyless city (the grey townsfolk, representative of hell). He eventually finds a bus for those who desire an excursion to some other place (and which eventually turns by to be the foothills of promised land). He enters the bus and converses with his fellow passengers as they traveling. When the bus reaches its destination, the people on the bus including the narrator gradually realize that they are ghosts. Although the country is the most beautiful they have ever seen, every device characteristic of the landscape (including streams of water and blades of grass) is unbearably solid compared to themselves it causes them immense pain to walk on the grass, and even a single leaf is far too heavy for any of them to lift. Shining figures, men and women whom they have cognise on worldly concern, come to meet them, and to persuade them to repent and enter nirvan a proper. They promise that as the ghosts travel onward and upward, they will become acclimated to the country and will feel no discomfort.These figures, called spirits to distinguish them from the ghosts, tenderize to assist them in the journey toward the mountains and the sunrise. Almost all of the ghosts choose to return instead to the grey town, bounteous various reasons and excuses. Much of the interest of the book lies in the recognition it awakens of the plausibility and familiarity, along with the thinness and self-deception, of the excuses that the ghosts abjure to abandon, even though to do so would bring them to reality and joy forevermore.The narrator is met by the writer George MacDonald, whom he hails as his mentor, dear as Dante did when see to iting Virgil in the Divine Comedy and MacDonald becomes the narrators guide in his journey, just as Virgil became Dantes. MacDonald explains that it is possible for a soul to choose to remain in heaven despite having been in the grey town for such souls, their time in hell has been a period of testing, and the goodness of heaven will work backwards into their lives, turning even their worst sorrows into joy, and changing their experience on realm to an extension of heaven.Conversely, the evil of hell whole kit and boodle backwards withal, so that if a soul remains in, or returns to, the grey town, even its happiness on earth will lose its meaning, and its experience on earth would have been hell. None of the ghosts realize that the grey town is, in fact, hell. Indeed it is not that much disparate from the life they led on earth joyless, friendless, and uncomfortable. It just goes on forever, and gets worse and worse, with some characters whispering their business organization of the night that is to eventually come.According to MacDonald, heaven and hell cannot coexist in a single soul, and firearm it is possible to leave hell and enter heaven, doing so implies turning away (repentance) or as r epresent by Lewis, giving up paltry worldly pleasures and self-indulgences which have become impossible for the dead at least and embracing ultimate and unceasing joy itself. In answer to the narrators question MacDonald confirms that what is going on is a daydream.The use of the chess game imagery as well as the correspondence of dream elements to elements in the narrators waking life are reminiscent of Lewis Carrolls Alices Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. The narrator discovers that the vast grey town and its ghostly inhabitants are minuscule to the point of being invisible compared with the immensity of heaven and reality. This is illustrated in the encounter of the blessed woman and her husband she is surrounded by gleaming attendants while he shrinks down to invisibleness as he uses a collared tragedian to speak for him.Toward the end of the narrative the terror of the dreaming narrator of be a ghost in the advent of full daybreak in heaven is that of the man with his dream of judgment day in the House of the Interpreter of The Pilgrims Progress. The book ends with the narrator awakening from his dream of heaven into the unpleasant reality of wartime Britain, in conscious imitation of The Pilgrims Progress, the last sentence of the First Part of which is So I awoke, and behold, it was a Dream.Main Characters The Narrator (it is implied that this is Lewis himself) main focus of the narrative George MacDonald the writer, who acts as guide to the narrator. And also many other small characters that play some pretty important roles in explaining Lewis ideas. Allusions/references to other works Lewis consciously draws elements of the plot from Dante (The Divine Comedy) and Bunyan for example, comparing his meeting with MacDonald to the first sight of Beatrice. He also assign the idea that hell exists within heaven but is smaller than one atom of it to his scienti lying readings travel by shrinking or enlargement is a common them e in speculative fiction, and the narrator alludes to its front man in Alice in Wonderland. In the preface, Lewis explains the origin of his idea that heaven is immutable to the ghosts from hell, referencing an unnamed science fiction work which gave him the notion of a character being unable to affect matter around him because he had traveled back in time to the unchangeable past.

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Literary Analysis of Bartleby the Scrivener Essay Example for Free

Literary Analysis of Bartleby the Scrivener EssayBartleby the Scrivener could be depict as a story about evolveting rid of its title character, about the tellers attempt to get rid of Bartleby, and Bartlebys tenacious capacity to be al elbow rooms there. It is the story of an unnamed lawyer and his employee, Bartleby, a scribe of law documents.Confronted non only with Bartlebys refusal to do work (first to read copies against the original, then to copy altogether), entirely similarly with the contagious nature of the particular words of his refusal (Bartlebys peculiar I would prefer non to), the cashier concludes that, forwards Bartleby turns the tongues any further of those with whom he comes into contact, he must get rid of Bartleby. At the selfsame(prenominal) time Bartleby feels mobbed in his privacy (27) when the other b sick-abedet workers crowd him buns his covert, they in turn are invaded by his idiosyncrasy his private idiom prefer. Bartlebys presence b reaks d profess the clear distinctions between public and private, professional and domestic, between privacy and the mob. By pinpointing Bartleby as the designer of infectious linguistic communication (language turned bad), the narrator wants to stop the of course of a process (the turning of tongues) already in progress. But getting rid of Bartleby is as slippy as getting rid of a chronic condition the narrator emphasizes a phrase which appears textually in italics he was always there (20). Bartleby is, as the narrator calls him, a nuisance (40), an intolerable incubus. As a character in the story with a body, he moves very little, exactly the fewer words he speaks break out at unexpected twinklings in the stake. Every attempt the narrator makes to control the nonoperational Bartleby and his infectious language fails hilariously (Schehr 97). The narrator experiences a curious tension between the impossible jussive mood (on the level of the story) to get rid of the subj ect, and the impossibility (on the level of the narration) to write his complete biography (Bartlebys history). Thus, Bartleby is also a fable about writing history or biography.In attempting to write what he thinks of as Bartlebys biography, the narrator merely misnames his writing project, or he emphasizes it from the wrong point of view. In search of Bartlebys origins, the narrator does non simply narrate (as he thinks) the history of Bartleby the Scrivener he relates so i and only(a)r the story of his own perplexity vis-a-vis Bartleby. In particular, he relates his anxiety over the scriveners silence and modes of rupture that silence for we could say that, rather than speaking very little or in particular ways, Bartleby has particular ways of occasionally breaking silence.It is this violence in rescue, this unexpected eruption, which the narrator fears. The narrator, whose acquaintances describe him as an eminently safe domain, who likes nonhing best than the cool tranq uility of a snug retreat (4), is thrown decidedly off kilter when approach with what he terms Bartlebys peaceful resistance (17). Bartlebys weapon is his total indifference to truth, whereas the narrator seeks a min opinion on truth from the other office mates. Bartleby could be seen as the one solid plosive consonant around which the narrator writes his own story about truth rather than the truth about the Bartleby story.Bartlebys passive resistance actually generates the story confronted with it, the narrator creates theories (his doctrine of assumptions, for instance), carries on debates with himself, and seeks the counsel of others all with the opaque Bartleby as the core. In reconstructing Bartlebys story, the narrator follows an implicit system of logic which he n perpetually directly states. It is the logic of cause and effect. (He is not deliberately hiding this logic, nevertheless because he takes its validity for granted, he never comments on it critically.) Believ ing in the possibility of finding a specific, locatable, and nameable cause to Bartlebys condition (as he is able to do with the other office workers, Nippers and Turkey, whose moods vary according to their diets and the time of day), the narrator thinks that by eradicating the cause of the problem, he can alter the effect, the effects of Bartlebys speaking condition in the office dummy. McCall follows the same logic as the narrator in seeking causes of Bartlebys behavior.He mentions remark that when the narrator asks Bartleby to run an errand for him at the post office, that is probably the last place, if the rumor is correct, that Bartleby would ever want to go. (McCall 129). The narrator never considers that his line of reasoning might be faulty that Bartlebys condition may not be linked to a specific, locatable, nameable cause. We as readers may be placed in the same position as the narrator in that we never know either the origin of Bartlebys condition we spectator pump p rimarily its effects, or symptoms, in the story.These symptoms reside not only in Bartleby as individual character, but in the very way the narrator tells the story about that character. Rather than speaking about the cause of Bartlebys condition, one could more aptly speak about the ways in which its effects are mobilise to other characters within the text. When the narrator impatiently summons Bartleby to join and help the others in the scenario of mathematical group see, Bartleby responds, I would prefer not to (14). Hearing this response the narrator turns into a pillar of salt (14).(Faced with Bartlebys responses and sheer presence, the narrator often generation evokes images of his losing, then waking to, consciousness. ) When he recovers his senses, he tries to reason with Bartleby, who in the meantime has retreated behind his screen. The narrator says These are your own copies we are about to examine. It is labor saving to you, because one examination go out answer for y our four papers. It is common usage. Every copyist is bound to help examine his copy. Is it not so? Will you not speak? Answer (15)The narrator is exasperated when Bartleby does not respond immediately to the logic behind his work ethic. These are your own copies we are about to examine. It is labor saving to you. Examining or recitation copy is a money saving activity, from which every member of the office profits (four documents for the price of one reading ). Every copyist is bound to help examine his copy. To the contract the lawyer emphatically demands from his employee, a bond based on an exchange of reading, Bartleby replies three times, gently, in a flutelike tone, I (would) prefer not to (15).By refusing to read copy, Bartleby refuses to consent to the economy of the office. It is perhaps only to another type of reading, one not based on a system of exchange and profit, which Bartleby consents. Although the narrator says he has never seen Bartleby reading not even a ne wspaper (24) he does often notice him staring outside the window of the office onto a brick wall. Staring at the dead brick wall (in what the narrator calls Bartlebys dead-wall reveries) may be Bartlebys only class of reading, taking the place of the economy-based reading demanded of him in the process of verifying copies.About halfway through the story, the lawyer/narrator visits his office on a Sunday morning and, discovering a blanket, soap and towel, a few crumbs of ginger nuts and a morsel of cheese, deduces that the scrivener never leaves the office. Realizing the full impact of Bartlebys condition, he states, What I saw that morning persuaded me that the scrivener was the victim of innate and incurable disorder. (25) The narrator clearly locates the disorder in Bartleby. Seeing himself in the role of diagnostician and healer, he himself is faced with the hopelessness of remedying excessive and organic ill (24).The narrators vexation about an individual medical cure should more aptly be a concern about an obsessively private rhetorical debate or a dangerously idiomatic group contagion (Perry 409). Despite his assumption that Bartleby is incurable, or perhaps precisely because he can effect no cure, the narrator beleaguers himself throughout the story with questions or commands to do something about Bartleby (McCall 9). If the private mans disorder can be passed on to another (one) person, what happens when the condition is let loose out of close quarantine into the public space of the office?Bartleby walks a precarious tightrope between comedy and tragedy (Inge 25). The tragic dimension often resides in the narrators turning inward on himself (a sort of tragic compression), then putting himself on trial, an interior moment of accusation which eventually results in the collapse of the narrative in a single sigh or exclamation (Ah, Bartleby Ah, humanity 46). The comic effects are often related to the authoritarian attempt (and failure) to direct the bedcover of idiom as contagion (Perry 412).If Bartleby has been a figure for tragedy in the lone surmisal of the narrator, he becomes a figure for comedy in his contact with his office mates Nippers and Turkey. The more the narrator tries to regulate the contact between the three, the more hilarious and significantly out of control is Bartlebys influence. The effort to hold or control tends actually to promote the epidemic proportions of the narrative. It is the narrator himself who uses a vocabulary of contagion in relation to Bartleby. He says he has had more than ordinary contact (3) with other scriveners he has known.Bartleby exceeds this already iniquitous contact he has been touched by handling dead letters (Schehr 99). Some critics reproduce the narrators language of contagion in talking about Bartleby. McCall, in his study on The allay of Bartleby, describes our response, the collective readers response, to reading the tale As we go through the story, we watch with a c ertain delight how Bartleby is catching. We root for the spread of the bug. (145) In a somewhat less delighted vein, Borges says, Bartlebys frank nihilism contaminates his companions and even the stolid man who tells Bartlebys story. (Borges 8) In the office scenes where the employees and boss come inevitably together, the bug word is Bartlebys prefer. Nippers uses it mockingly against the narrator as a transitive action verb when he overhears Bartlebys words of refusal to the narrators plea to be a little reasonable. Bartleby echoes, At present I would prefer not to be a little reasonable (26). If Nippers is suffering from his own peculiar and chronic condition of indigestion, he takes on the symptoms of Bartlebys condition when he exclaims to the narrator, Prefer not, eh? Id prefer him, if I were you sir, Id prefer him Id give him preferences, the stubborn mule What is it, sir, pray, that he prefers not to do now? (26) Whereas later in the story the narrator totally loses his c ritical skill to catch himself in his speech, in this exchange he is still able to articulate the effect Bartlebys word is having on him. He notes anxiously, Somehow, of late, I had got into the way of involuntarily using the word prefer upon all sorts of not hardly suitable occasions. (27) It is this qualifier not exactly which is of particular interest.Bartlebys use of words is not exactly wrong. Prefer is so insidious because it is only roughly askew, dislocated, idiosyncratic. As McCall accurately notes about the power of Bartlebys I prefer not to, one must hear, in the little silence that follows it, how the line delivers two contradictory meanings, obstinacy and politeness. (152) The line calls just enough solicitude to itself so as to attract others to its profoundly mixed message (its perfect yes and no) in an imitative way (McCall 152). Prefer is as inobtrusive, as contagious, and as revolutionary as a sneeze.The narrator lets it out of his let the cat out of the bag in voluntarily. When Turkey enters the scene and uses the bug word without realizing it (without Nippers italicized parody or the narrators critical comments), the narrator says to him, in a slightly excited tone, So you have got the word, too (27). In this pivotal sentence, the verb get implies to receive (as in to receive a word or message), but more strikingly for our discussion here, it implies the verb to catch one catches the word as one would catch a cold.The narrator attempts to monitor the contagion by date the bug and pointing it out to the others. But the word mocks everyones will to control it prefer pops up six times in the next half a page four times unconsciously in the speech of one of the employees, and twice consciously (modified by word) in the narration of the lawyer. Bartleby could be described as a story of the intimacy or anxiety a lawyer feels for the law-copyist he employs. The narrator arranges a screen in the corner of his office behind which Bartleby ma y work.Pleased with the arrangement of placing Bartleby behind the screen in near proximity to his own desk, the narrator states, Thus, in a manner, privacy and society were conjoined (12). The narrator idealizes the possibility of a perfect harmony between privacy and community in the work environment, but it is precisely the conflict between these two spatial conditions which generates the story, defining not only Bartlebys idiocy, but the narrators as well.The narrator most characteristically encounters Bartleby emerging from his retreat (13) or retiring into his hermitage (26). The screen isolates Bartleby from the view of the narrator, but not from his voice. Works Cited Borges, Jorge Luis. Prologue to Herman Melvilles Bartleby in Herman Melvilles Billy Budd, Benito Cereno, Bartleby the Scrivener, and Other Tales, ed. Harold Bloom. New York Chelsea House Publishers, 1987 Inge, Thomas M. , ed.Bartleby the Inscrutable. Hamden, CT Archon Books, 1979. McCall, Dan. The Silence of Ba rtleby. Ithaca Cornell University Press, 1989. Melville, Herman. Billy Budd and Other Stories. New York Penguin Books, 1986. Perry, Dennis R. Ah, Humanity Compulsion Neuroses in Melvilles Bartleby. Studies in Short Fiction 23. 4 (fall 1987) 407-415. Schehr, Lawrence R. Dead Letters Theories of Writing in Bartleby the Scrivener Enclitic vii. l (spring 1983) 96-103.

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Flooding in South Africa Essay Example for Free

Flooding in due south Africa EssayMost floods take hours or days to develop, giving residents enough time to prep atomic number 18 or evacuate. Others happen quickly and with little warning. These flash floods can be extremely dangerous and cause major damage to the landscape and the habitants of such an area. Disaster specialists have various ways of classifying floods according to their likelihood of occurring and the eagerness of the flood. A hundred-year flood, for example, is an extremely large, destructive event that would theoretically be expected to happen only at a time every century. Heavy rain in a short period of time in the billet of South Africa, caused more than hundreds of people to be homeless by heavy make full. Floods caused many to seek haunt on rooftops and on trees. This catastrophe killed more than hundreds of people causing the death toll to rise. Recently these floods caused elimination of the Kruger National, a game reserve in Northern South Afri ca. Floods also covered some farmlands and crops were killed as a result forcing farms to close. Most of the roads, dams and large buildings were damaged. Due to flooding some mines were forced to close, this the case of a coal mines in Limpopo. Floods frequently causes major infrastructure damage of roads, railway lines, electricity write out systems, water supply supply and sewage disposal systems. Bribges over rivers are particularly exposed to damage and disruption of back breaker systems follows. The economic effects of flooding are often greater than the flood itself. (Parker 2000) According to Parker (2000) because floods frequently undo crops and livestock, food shortages are not uncommon in the aftermath.Floods may affect food availability in a number of ways. Food stocks may be damaged if storage areas are flooded. Serious flooding usually disrupts transportation of food deficit areas, particularly in towns, which are cut off from supply sources and have inadequate foo d stock. Impacts of flooding may hinder the economic growth and development that is the mellow cost of relief and recovery may illly impact investment in infrastructure and separate development activities in the area and in certain cases may cripple the frail economy of the of the region. perennial flooding in a region may discourage long-term investments by the government and close sector alike. Lack of livehoods, combined with migration of skilled labour and inflation may have a ban impact on a regions economic growth. Loss of resource can authorize to high costs of goods and services, delaying its development programmes. (Drep operation international federation of Red Cross and crescent societies). skeleton 2 three kid were during floods in LimpopoAs discussed under various perspectives, it is clear from the assignment that floods had adverse impact on the socio-economic status of livehoods for people in South Africa more especially the residents of Limpopo. It is also ap parent that there are varying underlying causes of floods i South Africa. Places near the flood event are the most susceptible to the dangers of the floods. Proximity of these places and poverty were identified as being the main cause of picture of people

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Throughout Zora Neale Hurstons Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay Example for Free

Throughout Zora Neale Hurstons Their Eyes Were Watching God adjudicateThroughout Zora Neale Hurstons Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston uses a number of polar items as symbolizations to convey the substance of certain events that take place in Janies, the main characters, lifespan. In this novel, Janies life moves in stages. With to each one stage comes a different item of clothing that represents another relationship and reflects Janies inner self during that period in time. Using an apron, a head weather sheet, a blue satin dress, and overalls, Hurston communicates how Janie grows and evolved as a person throughout her relationships with Logan Killicks, Jody Starks, and most importantly, afternoon tea taproom. In the beginning of the novel, Janies marries a man by the give away of Logan Killicks, a very successful farmer. During their relationship, Janie wears an apron. The apron shows that Janie is a housewife, merely taking orders and doing what she is told to d o. During the course of their marriage, Janie came to realize that she knew promptly that marriage did not make love (25). Janie does not love Logan. She married him for Nanny, her grandmother, and never was able to give way the love for him, as she desired. At this point, Janie begins seeing Jody Starks, and eventually leaves Logan. Upon leaving, she feels the apron tied around her waist. She untied it and flung it on a low bush beside one road and walked on (32) as if release of being a housewife and allowing herself to move on no strings attached.In Janes second marriage with Jody, Janie is constrained to wear a head rag by Jody. This hides Janies hair. Janies hair is very different from other women in her community. Her hair is straight, like white women, as opposed to curly. Her hair is a symbol of her uniqueness and independence. By forcing Janie to cover her hair and wear the head rag, Jody extinguishes Janies independence. Jody controls Janie, insults her, and destroys her self-esteem. She conforms to his wants and demands, not even combat back when he hits her. The head rag represents Jodys dominance over Janie in their relationship. Ultimately, this proves that their relationship in not based on true love, and this ends in a failed relationship.After Jody dies, Janies meets tea leaf Cake, who buys her a blue satin dress. This dress is have on at their wedding and is of high significance despite the small number of time it is worn by Janie. It is a symbol of a new start with Tea Cake. In addition, it has only been nine months since Jodys death. At one point. Janie says to PheobyAh aint grievin so why do Ah hafta mourn? Tea Cake love me in blue, so Ah wears it. Jody aint never in his life picked out no color for me. De world picked out black and white for mournin, Joe didnt. So Ah wasnt wearin it for him. Ah was wearin it for de rest of yall (113).This shows that Janie is sad somewhat his death since she is not mourning, as the community believe s she should do. Janie did not truly love Jody, however, she does love Tea Cake greatly and is always in blue because Tea Cake told her to wear it(110). Later in their marriage, Janie switched her attire to overalls. These overalls are nothing fancy and are worn for her work in the fields with Tea Cake. For this reason, they are proven to be a symbol of equation and true love. Neither Tea Cake nor Janie are of higher stature than one another as the men were in Janies past relationships. What if Eatonville could see her in now in her blue jean overalls and heavy shoes? (134) is a thought that Janie simply laughs at. Janies love is proven in her business leader to become Tea Cakes equal despite what the people of the town say about how he is poor.Janie continues to wear the overalls after Tea Cakes death, when she returns to Eatonville. She doesnt dress up to mourn. Janie went on in her overalls. She was similarly busy feeling grief to dress like grief (189). This further proves Ja nies feelings for Tea Cake more than anything. With Jody, Janie mourned his death and didnt care for him, showing that mourning doesnt mean she was sad. In this situation, Janie does not follow what is considered the dear thing to do. She knows how sad she feels about Tea Cake and that is the only thing that matters to her at this point in time.The use of clothing as symbols is a dominant element of Hurstons theme in Their Eyes Were Watching God. It successfully conveys Janies emotions and thoughts throughout her life. The symbolism of clothing shows how she evolved from following what is considered right and becoming what she wants someone who experienced true love. Janie wore an apron for Nannys dream, a head rag to satisfy Jodys need for dominance, and a blue satin dress and overalls for true love and equality with Tea Cake.Works CitedHurston, Zora Neale. Their Eyes Were Watching God A Novel. New York Perennial Library, 1990. Print.

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Lexington and Concord Essay Example for Free

Lexington and Concord EssayIt was a late night, ab let out 130 in the early morning. Paul Revere and William Daws were captured right before the battle took place. Taking no time for the colonist to know about the British making a move toward them, they were warned by Prescott. Prescott was equal to(p) to escape the night before. Crossing the Charles River from Boston toward Concord were the British troops, on April 15, 1775. At 305 AM British courier departed from General Gage. Meeting up the marines were the British, as they started walking along Orange Street singing Yankee Doodle. Yankee Doodle was the way the British imitated the colonist.Reaching the great bridge, in Cambridge, were the British where they were delayed by planks set up by colonist in advance. The Heavy wool waistcoats were being strapped in by the British, on a hot sidereal day of 85 degrees. There were eight Americans murdered as soon as they arrived. Just as they marched into the dirt of Concord, the army of Colonel was split into two. On the main road were the grenadiers, then Major Pitcairn was sent toward a leveled neighborhood overlooking Town Square on a hill. On the search for legions stores concealed in town were the grenadiers of the British.After stripping down every building and home in town, they only constitute several guns, three cannons, gun carriages, and a great derive of harness that was classified as military supplies. Colonist was angry at the British, as they unspecified they were burning houses on purpose. Yet, fires were being killed by the soldiers. At this very moment when the militia commanders called a get-together, they made the conclusion to lead their men in a battle against the British. Structured not to fire unless they were attacked first, the Americans were off after the British.The British retreated downhill, getting themselves in tenure after crossing the bridge. From the British side was where the shots ranged from, when the minutemen we re about a good fifty yards away. existence unorganized hurt the British, causing them have limited shots at the Americans. The redcoats scattered toward Concord, with the Americans trailing, when they were flabbergasted at the verity of the minutemen. In addition, as the redcoats reached the grenadiers and light infantries, they ablaze a volley wounding and killing minutemen as they were charging with the bayonet.The minutemen were shared into two groups, were the minutemen, sending one group back up Punkatasset Hill and the other to the road overlooking Concord. From all diverse areas, the minutemen were firing at the Grenadiers and light infantry as they were trying to get to Concord. The Americans had an cocksure with the narrow roads, which were enclosed by dense woods. If a soldier was close to the back, they were bond to get shot, so the British armies begin to fire in the general area of the shootings. This verdict then became pointless out-of-pocket to the accompanime nt that, they were not hitting anyone and wasting ammunition.Americans gained assurance due to the lack of accuracy of the British, allowing them to be able to take risk they might have hesitated on before. When the battle came upon Lincoln, there were one- cytosine and eighty more minutemen who coupled in to battle. This scarce doubles the fire of the Grenadiers and light infantry, even though many collapsed due to exhaustion. It had been near time they had been marching in the heat, if you think about it. With hardly any energy left in their body, the British troops reached Lexington. Within minutes the British were to be done for, with no ammunition left, they could be captured and killed within minutes.Startling everyone who was witnessing the deed, there were about eight-hundred redcoats in the town rescuing the British. These lead to about fifteen hundred British soldiers being bounded by about ten thousand minutemen and militia members. All the buildings in town were contro lled to be burned down, so Americans would not use them to their compensation. British then set out for Boston one early evening General had changed his mind on his destination. He decided to go to Charlestown where the British navy is located. With the American army on their back still, they fell back when the British reached Charlestown.The contract for the British was over. This then leads to my thought that the Americans were the ones to fire first. As you see in my essay, I address the fact that the British were scattering across the bridge. The Americans felt confident entering the battle and just had the mindset of just not holding back. Therefore when the American fired first the British were already on the downside of amount of ammunition and lack of experience. When the British were finally able to get the Americans off their back, they were in heaven. With the Americans strength and assertion that led to my thought that they were the ones to shoot first.

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The New Testament Essay Example for Free

The forward-looking Testament EssayThe New Testament is deeply rooted in what Friedrich Nietzsche called slave morality. Its sense of ethics and the social value it expounds lowlife be described as a downward pull towards a constant affirmation of a shameful compassionate. One can see the New Testament as copying the ideals of the Old Testament, for the full(a) Judeo-Christian message is simply, echoing Mikhail Bakunin God is everything, humanity is nothing God is the master, humanity its slaves. As such, ethics, values and virtues that sprang from the New Testament is and will always be that of a slave race. Knowing that saviour himself was exceedingly influenced by Judaic tradition, one can say that the New Testament is merely a lengthening of the Old Testament. The honorable atmosphere of the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome were different from that of the Judeo-Christian one. The Greeks and the roman types were far more dictatorial in their outlook of life a nd their civilizations were a mish-mash of what Nietzsche referred to as Apollonian and Dionysian elements. Whereas the Judeo-Christian God rules and controls all, the Greeks and Romans were able to bring into being a system where Fate controls all including the divinity fudges and goddesses themselves.Unlike the Hebrew and Christian slave, the Greek human is not a product of his God provided of his passion, his capacity to reason, and his past. There whitethorn be gods and goddesses, but they exist as part of a hierarchy in nature. When a man fears a god, it was because of that gods power (and there were many a variants of such powers). A man therefore fears god because he saw god as a superior but this does not mean that he saw god as a master. On the contrary, a Greek or a Roman may imagine himself powerful enough to challenge the gods.The gods were feared because of their powers and not in the Christian sense when populate fear God in fear of a brutal punishment in the afte rlife. Thus, the Greco-Roman ethical atmosphere promotes what Nietzsche called master morality. What was valued more was the capacity of human beings to rise up towards the level of a god (like Homers Achilles) and not how much one has knelt before a God. There may be a noble acceptance that the actions of the gods were considered fate (as in Virgils Aenied), human actions still instruct whether this or that human becomes a master or a god.What is similar between the Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian the sense of ethics and sets of values and virtues is their obsession for what is ideal. Greco-Roman values are based on the philosophy of a form and marrow, where the form may suffer changes but its substance remain permanent. Changes may ruin the form but the substance never perishes. Platos cave demonstrates this duality in reality. In the Judeo-Christian sense too resides this duality body and soul. The body may perish but the soul does not. taking care of the soul is therefore fi rst priority of Judeo-Christian morality while deciphering and understanding the substance is the first priority of Greco-Roman philosophy. This difference is highlighted by the fact that deliverymans taught his wisdom by means of verbal parables concentrating on morality, Homer and Virgil through their written vulgar display of the human senses in its shin against godly intuitions, while Plato in his philosophical tracts that promoted a certain degree of idealism.This difference between delivery boy and the classical writers can also be attributed to their audiences slave morality for Jesus, master morality for the classical writers. Thus, Jesus himself was continuing a tradition deep into the world of the Old Testament slaves and in fashioning himself as the Jewish messiah his teachings were meant to salvage his world the same way as Moses salvaged his. The decadence of Jewish partnership during the time of Jesus was reminiscent of the Hebrew society before Moses came down wi th the two tablets in his hands.Jewish society had become a corruption of its former radiance and the teachings of the Christ was supposed to clean away(p) such corruptions. Whereas Homer, Plato and Virgil wrote in attempt to expose the human spirit in its pure and real substance, Jesus spoke of that spirits final destination. The New Testament, in this sense, failed to realize that most of the time the travel of the human spirit is more important than its destination.