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'Symbolism in the Road Not Taken, “A Worn Path”, and I Used to Live Here Once\r'

'2 typeisationisation in Literature Published by susansteppe, February 27, 2011 Symbolism in â€Å"The racetrack room not interpreted”, â€Å"A purposeless racecourse”, and â€Å" employ to Live Here one time”. When case at the unaw bes tarradiddle and verse it is impossible to see it all in a literal form. at that place is ceaseless(prenominal)(prenominal)ly almost sort of symbolical representation that occurs deep cumulus the body of the text, and what is symbolization. It pile be defined contrastively by many an some other(prenominal) citizenry. Even when looking at a dictionary it does not typically pee-pee a thorough act. It is because symbolism is created by the author. However, it can be contradicted or admit a wholly obscure mean to the reader.\r\nThis is the exact reason why symbolism cannot be defined. However, it can be interpreted. savvy the move that characters take and their symbolic temperament is definitely outlay d ecoding. In fact, the symbolism of the journey is usually the basis after(prenominal) incision the literary work itself. one(a) of the known literary works with a symbolic journey is Robert frost’s â€Å"The Road Not Taken. ” In the meter at that place is a man who has surveil to a cross passage in his living. One alley is croaked on frequently dapple the other trend is not. He has to engage a decision as to what cut he should take.\r\nNo matter what, he knows that he cannot resign concealment erst he has do the choice, scarce it is implied. He chooses the direction less traveled and, in turn, it happens to be the best choice he had ever made. Many have canvass this rime and many have come up with contrastive ideas of what it truly means. most phrase it is slightly suicide, some tell apart it is about spirit kinds, while others swear it is about purport changes. When is the interpreting reproach? The reader gets what they must out of the poem as they read it. It depends on what bearing situation they be liberation by at that time.\r\nThe author, Robert frost, knew what he was writing about. in that respectfore, the interpretation of the poem actually merges itself with the reader. Regardless, thither is a journey that occurs finishedout this poem. To analyze the literary work in that respect needs to be a fountain. Read more in Poetry « Does a Sonnet perpetually Have 14 Lines? Poetry coincidence Es read †â€Å"The Evacuee” and â€Å"Death of a natural scientist” »In the world-class twain lines of Robert Frost’s poem he says: â€Å" 2 routes diverged in a discolor wood, And sorry I could not travel both” (Clugston, R. W. , 2010; atomic number 16tion 2. 2).\r\n in that location is a certain symbolism in the lily-livered wood. It is not that the forest was filled with yellowish trees. It was obviously at the beginning of fall. overstep is the season that eit her star slows mass from the summer. The anticipation of winter is coming and can cause a sort of depression in some batch. It would explain why he precious to travel both. The following line says: â€Å"And be ace traveler, long I stood And looked level one as far as I could To where it bent in the under turn outth” (Clugston, R. W. , 2010; sec 2. 2). Here the reader comes to witness that the man took his time looking down the manner.\r\nThis could symbolize patience or a lack of movement, which would again go along with the idea that the man was cast down. Another aspect of the idea of depression, one path had leaves on it while the other was grassy. When somebody is depressed they do not fatality to go down a dreary path. Instead, they would penury to go down the grassy path that looked less traveled. Perhaps then something would change in their vitality. The actual symbolism of the paths themselves goes well(p) along with that idea. However, the man was obviou sly cheerful because he did think about thrift the one path for another day.\r\nHe does contradict himself when he doubts that he entrust come back. The symbolism occurs with his doubts. He knows that at one time he goes down one path that he will not be able to come back at all. When the reader thinks about it in that respect is an popular situation with this scenario because the stainless poem is about a man who stops when he comes to a fork in the driveway. Nevertheless, the road actually is a symbol for life. That is where the inventive language is used, and it is used in cab atomic number 18t to create emotion. Should the man go down the path with the leaves covering it? What are the leaves representing?\r\nThe leaves were not scattered everywhere, so the road was less traveled upon. In fact, the leaves represent the backbreaking trials that were to follow. Basically, it is easier to walk a path that has nonentity in the modal value then one that does not. Therefor e, the images that are particularly effective are the ii paths and the leaves. These symbols change the tone of the poem to confusion, just now it actually provokes deep thought when the traveler states that he took the one less traveled by. In the short story â€Å"A Worn cart track” symbolism of the journey overly occurs. Yet, it is much different from Frost’s â€Å"A course of instruction Not Taken. In Frost’s poem he has the choice of two different paths, nevertheless in â€Å"A Worn Path” the doddery cleaning lady, phoenix Jackson, takes the same path over and over again. The path that genus Phoenix takes is a path that she has taken many times beforehand in order to get care for for her grandson. The symbol of the path is life’s long journey. later all, she is an old char who has push-down storet with many things in her life. The symbolism of the pendulum in a grandfather clock also pertains to her age. She is an old cleaning adult female, a poor one at that, who walks with a cane made from an old umbrella. She was very old and venial and she walked slowly in the dark waste shadows, moving a little from human face to side in her steps, with the balanced weightiness and lightness of a pendulum in a grand-father clock” (Clugston, R. W. , 2010 sec 6. 3). When Phoenix hears the stochasticitys in the thicket she is determined to delineate confident(predicate) they stay a guidance. This represents her strength of mind. Her willpower is a large part of the symbolism deep down the story because of the long journey she has to take. She is not on a mission to overhaul herself. Instead, she is on a mission to facilitate a part of her family.\r\nTherefore, it is a procedure driven explode, so when the animals make noise in the distance she does everything possible to make sure she scares them off. It is a life-saving task in which she cannot fail. It is then that Phoenix has to ascension a hill tha t is almost too grueling for her. The hill actually symbolizes the struggle of life. When everyone is a child it is aristocratical to do anything. Hills are no big wangle to climb, bicycles are easy to ride, and running everywhere is as simple as eating. However, as a soulfulness ages it is more knotty to do things. That is where the hill comes in to play.\r\nShe needs to climb the hill in order to suppress aging. There was no representation that she could try up easily because of the journey she was taking. to a fault on the hill is a scouring that securees her dress. The bush signifies the obstacles in her life. She obviously lived a hard life. She had many wrinkles, her clothes verbalize for themselves, and she had not been able to clean herself every day. The fact that she was poor epitomizes the fact that she had lived a hard life up until this stain. once she necessitousd herself from the bush it characterized her willpower again.\r\nNothing was going to stop her from completing her task. Another consequential factor about the bush was that she scream at it. She called in a slightly green bush. That symbolizes the fact that she did not bed the many of the obstacles in her life until they actually came to pass. After she struggles with the bush she sees the sun. The sun signifies the richness of dealing with the struggles in her life. Basically, thither was a light at the end of the tunnel. She was freed from that din that happened in her life and she could go on. There was a new beginning, or she could live on things anew.\r\nUnfortunately, that was not the end of her struggle by life because on that point was the large logarithm in the expressive style. The log embodies the act of accomplishment. No one could stand in for her. She, Phoenix, had to get the best her own tussle. Once again, a bout for security is symbolized with the barbed wire fence. On her journey she sees a buzzard, which is a symbol of death. When thinking a bout a buzzard many imagine them circling near a carcass. It is their way of claiming their meal for the day. Nevertheless, this one was skillful sitting there. The fact that he was not moving could symbolize death hold for her.\r\nYet, Phoenix was not ready for death. She whitethorn be getting old, solely there was no room for death in her excursion. Shortly after she sees the buzzard she comes upon a scarecrow. Buzzards, crows, and other birds usually sit on the arms of a scarecrow. That exemplifies death as well, but instead of avoiding the scarecrow she dances in front of it. She was mocking death, or congress death in her own way that she would have no part of it. After all, she was on a mission to attend her grandson. He had a throat condition, likely asthma, which pr so farted him from doing many things.\r\nThere was no way she was going to give up her exertion. When Phoenix finally reached her destination it was a symbol of accomplishment. When thinking about the entir e path it indicates the journey by means ofout life. As a baby everything is taken care of. There are no worries within life because there is someone to lean on. That is the firstly part of the path. The second part of the path, the hill, is the beginning of hardships. for each one tribulation got big and bigger the older Phoenix became until she came to a point in her life when her burdens were easier to overcome.\r\nYet, when she does get the medicinal drug for her grandson she has to go by and by dint of the entire trip over again. Again, it symbolizes more nastyies in life and the many obstacles that she had to deal with in her life. â€Å"A Worn Path” is the perfect exposure of how many people’s lives turn out. No one gets a free ride in life, which means everyone has to deal with their own miseries, troubles, and sufferings in order to let better people. Phoenix is a strong-natured, strong-willed, and head-strong womanhood because she dealt with her or deals in life. It may have been difficult at times, but she became an accomplished woman in her own proper(a).\r\nAnother short story that symbolizes life’s journey is â€Å" apply to Live Here Once. ” The first trek of her journey was the carrys in the stream. each(prenominal) carry represents a significant part of the trials everyone has to deal with in life. For instance, the round flickering rock symbolizes the rocky road people must endure throughout life. No one truly gets the easy way out of life because there is unceasingly something that makes the journey unstable. The safe stone represents childhood. When someone is a child they do not need to be dependent on themselves in order to get through their distresses in life.\r\nA mother carries her new-sprung(a), feeds them, and cares for them. Basically, the newborn has no worries. Even as a child growing up there are genuinely no burdens to deal with. There susceptibility be anxieties, but the child†™s mother, or father, is there to catch them when they fall. They can look around as long as they want at their life and perhaps where they might be in the future. The rock, itself, is the parents. The nigh rock was no so safe because it was sliding and when the piddle rose it would be covered. This rock indicates the time of life when there are trials and tribulations to endure.\r\nThe first is, of course, becoming a teenager. There are worries, distresses, pains, and hardships to deal with. The rising of the water actually designates the rush of life after becoming an adult. A person is on their own with no one to catch them, but themselves. They need to have a watchful eye whenever difficulties arise, and sometimes those ordeals can be overbearing. There are even times when that person falls, but they evermore get up again. Reaching the other side of the stream designates or symbolizes the hold over the tribulations in life. It is safe, so there is nothing to fear.\r\nThe ground is secure and it is easy sailing from there. The road that the woman travels on is much wider than it used to be. It says in the story, â€Å"The road was much wider than it used to be but the work had been done carelessly” (Clugston, R. W. , 2010, sec 7. 5). This can be interpreted a couple different ways. One way is that life is unpredictable. In other words, there is no telling what could happen next because no one knows their future. The second way of understanding the wider road is to signify change. When people become older and go through their struggles, or heir rocks, they become different people. Everything that a person endures allows them to grow into the person that they are. For instance, a child that has had a unthaw life growing up dead decides to join the military when they become of age. They go to boot camp one person, but come back someone completely different. It is because they dealt with obstacles throughout boot camp and had to grow up into an adult. That is a forced mensuration of growing up, but the concept is the same. Each trouble or ordeal they go through makes them into a better person.\r\nWhen the woman gets near the house she sees more changes. A house gone and one build a car, and items that were no longer there. Yet, she is so excited about coming back to place she grew up she does not really care. This, again, symbolizes the changes in life that occur. Once life has changed and the hardships are endured nothing is the same. Trials in life either become more difficult or easier to deal with. There is no telling but, nonetheless, the changes stay. Then the woman comes upon the two children playing in the yard. She attempts to say hello, but the children ignore her.\r\nShe thinks it is because she is colored. The woman gets closer to the children and she attempts to say hello again. However, they do not answer still. When she gets very close to the children one of them say it is cold, so they leave. This is when she realizes that she is no longer among the living. Therefore, the entire trip she took symbolizes the entire cycle of world born to the moment of death. In conclusion, the symbolisms amid â€Å"The Path Not Taken,” â€Å"A Worn Path,” and â€Å"Used to Live Here Once” are quite similar. All collar are about life’s challenges and the struggles throughout life.\r\nThere are continuously decisions that need to be made through life and there are continuously going to be obstacles that get in the way. It is getting through those tribulations that are the trick. Not only that, but it is crucial not to give up. The stories portray that indefinitely. In â€Å"The Path Not Taken” the man takes the road less traveled. Yes. He had to go through many troubles throughout his life, but in the end he chose the right path. In â€Å"A Worn Path” the old woman pretty much has to go through the same difficulties throughout her life, but her endurance p resides over her. Therefore, she has made the right choice.\r\nLast, but not least, in â€Å"Used to Live Here Once” the woman path symbolizes the entire trek through life from birth to death. These three literary works are definitely worth reading, but they are also there to teach about life itself. References Clugston, R. W. (2010) move around into Literature. San Diego, CA. Bridge point Education. (http://content. ashford. edu/books/AUENG125. 10. 1/sec2. 2) (http://content. ashford. edu/books/AUENG125. 10. 1/sec6. 3) (http://content. ashford. edu/books/AUENG125. 10. 1/sec7. 5) Phillips, R. T. (March 1986) Diverging and Converging Paths: swimming and Vertical Movement in Robert Frost’s Mountain Interval.\r\nVol 58, Issue 1, pg. , 17 p. American Literature. Moberly, K. (Winter 2005/Spring 2006) Toward the North wizardry: Eudora Welty’s â€Å"A Worn Path” and the Slave Narrative Tradition. Vol. 59, Issue ? , p. 107-127, 21p. multiple sclerosis quarter ly. Piwinski, D. J. (Winter 2008) Mistletoe in Eudora Welty’s ‘A Worn Path. ’ 16 (1): 40-42. 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