Monday, January 14, 2019

Template Dairy

Dairy Farming rove Report Index (to be elabo localized) 1. GENERAL i) reputation and objectives of the proposed scheme ii) Details of proposed investments iii) specification of the project sports stadium iv) Name of the financing bank branch v) Status of beneficiary respective(prenominal)/Partnership/Company/Corporation/Co-operative Society / Others) vi) Details of borrowers profile (a) might (b) Experience (c) pecuniary Soundness (d) skillful/Other special Qualifications (e) Technical/Man successionrial Staff and adequacy thereof 2. TECHNICAL ASPECTS a) Location, arrive and Land Development i) Location details of the project i) Total sports stadium of down and its cost iii) Site map iv) Particulars of land development, fencing, gates, etc. b) Civil Structures detailed cost estimates along with measurements of various civil structures Sheds Store room milk room Quarters, etc. c) Equipment/Plant and Machinery i) Chaff cutter ii) Silo pit iii) take outing form iv) F eed grinder and mixer v) Milking pails/milk cans vi) Biogas plant vii) Bulk coolers viii)Equipment for build of products ix) Truck/van (price quotations for the above equipments) d) Housing i) Type of housing ii) Area requirement Adults Heifers (1-3 categorys) Calves (less than 1 year) e) Animals i) Proposed species ii) Proposed breed iii) tooth root of get iv) Place of purchase v) outer space (km. ) vi) Cost of animal (Rs. ) f) Production parameters i) Order of lactation ii) Milk yield (ltrs. per day) iii) Lactation days iv) Dry days v) Conception rate vi) Mortality(%) Adults Young stock g) Herd projection (with all assumptions) h) Feeding i) arising of fodder and feed jet fodder Dry fodder Concentrates ii) nourishment crop rotations Kharif Rabi Summer iii) Fodder cultivation expenses v) Requirement and costs sum required (kg. /day) Cost(rs/kg) Lactation Dry Period Young Stock Green Fodder Dry Fodder Concentrats I) Breeding Facilities i) So urce ii) Location iii) Distance (km. ) iv) accessibility of semen v) availability of staff vi) Expenditure per animal/year J) Veterinary Aid i) Source ii) Location iii) Distance (km. ) iv) Availability of labor and other staff v) Types of facilities available vi) If own arrangements are made a) active a veterinary doctor/stockman/consultant b) Periodicity of prate c) Amount paid/visit (Rs. ) vii)Expenditure per animal per year (Rs. ) k) Electricity i) Source ii) Approval from Bihar State electricity Board ii) Connected load iv) Problems of king failure v) Arrangements for generator l) Water i) Source ii) Quality of water iii) Availability of sufficient quantity for drinking, cleaning and fodder production iv) If investment has to be made, type of structure, design and cost m) Marketing of milk i) Source of gross revenue ii) Place of disposal iii) Distance (km. ) iv) outlay realised (Rs. per liter of milk) v) bottom of payment vi) Periodicity of payment n) Marketing of other products i) Animal age place of sale price expected ii) Manure Qty. /animal Price/unit (Rs. ) iii) Empty gunny bags Number Cost/bag (Rs. ) O) Beneficiarys hold up P) Comments on technical foul feasibility Q) Government restrictions, if any 3. FINANCIAL ASPECTS i) Project Cost Sr No Item Physical Unit &038 Specification Cost Rs ii) Down payment/margin/subsidy (Indicate source &038 expiration of subsidy) ii) Financial viability (comment on the cash flow projection on a farm model/unit and enclose the same. ) Particulars a) Internal place of restitution (IRR) b) Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) c) Net Present Worth (NPW) iv) Financial position of the borrowers (to be furnished in case of corporate bodies/ federation firms) a) Profitability Ratio i) GP Ratio ii) NP Ratio b) Debt honor Ratio c) Whether Income Tax &038 other tax obligations are paid upto fitting d) Whether audit is upto date (enclose copies of audited financial statements for the last three years) v) Lending cost i) Rate of Interest i) Grace Period iii) Repayment Period iv) Nature of Security v) Availability of Government guarantee wherever necessary 4. INFRASTRUCTURAL FACILITIES a) Availability of technical staff with bank/implementing authority for monitoring b) Details of i) technical guidance ii) training facilities iii) Govt. support /extension support c) Tie-up arrangements with merchandising agencies for loan recovery d) Insurance Type of policy Periodicity Rate of premium e) Whether any subsidy is available, if so amount per unit f) Arrangements for emerge of green fodder and cattle feed

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