Monday, February 18, 2019

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The Brand/Product1.Attributes The holdings are the yields uncomplicated characteristics, both physical and functional. They are what the consumer might recognize first more or less the product through the five senses. The physical attributes are what make the product what it is. They are weave, texture, package, contents, variety and price. The functional attributes are shown by how the products work. They include cheerfulness protection, moisture for the discase and an attractive promotion.2. Benefits     Benefits are what the actual product attributes provoke do for the consumer. It is important to make these benefits different from the competitions. Each physical attribute possesses certain benefits that satisfy the consumers wants. The scent of our product is what makes our application so different. no(prenominal) of our competition brands have a scented sun tan diligence on the market that is targeted at our segment the that other is Coppert unmat ched Kids varieties (5). Our lotion comes in a very appealing scent that makes the consumer feel thriving and excited about putting sun tan lotion on their bodies. There is no overbearing or strong oily scent homogeneous some lotions, and there is no fake odor like the "coconut" tanning oils that are on the market today (1). exclusively of this was taken into consideration when we came out with our light, refreshing and mild- scented fragrance called " spend Rain." All of our varieties of lotion will be in this scent beca drop it is one that can be appealing to all different types of people, not alone our target market.The texture is non-oily and does not feel too heavy on the skin. This is important because when people use our product, they will be pleased that they do not have to worry about clogs pores that may lead to acne. It alike leaves the skin feeling healthier because of the natural moisturizers. Our lotion comes in leash different varieties for diffe rent skin types. We have lotion for normal skin, teetotal skin, and oily skin. Each lotion has certain amounts of Vitamin E, aloe and vera and other moisturizers so that the skin will "always return to its natural balance" as it is apply (4).The contents of our product are always organic and pure. We use only the finest and botanical ingredients, all carefully tested for purity and effectiveness. (4) This makes the product safer to use for the consumer and for the earth. It is clean and refreshing, not oily and irritating.

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