Sunday, February 10, 2019

Te Reo Maori Essay -- Literary Analysis, Maori Legends and Myths

The Te Tiriti o Waitangi was a contract that Maori heap believe to be an acknowledgement of their existence and their prior occupation to the land, conduce respect to their language, culture and belief and it established the regime not for uni-culturalism, hardly for bi-culturalism (Sorrenson, 2004 p. 162). This essay discusses the historical events, attitudes and beliefs regarding Te reo Maori, its relationship to the Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the entailment of bicultural practice in capitulumly childhood education.According to Maori legends and myths Te reo Maori is mavin of the treasures give to them by Tane, (God of the forest) when he climbed to the twelfth heavens to collect the tercet kete of knowledge that man-kind needed for survival (Pohatu, 2000). Te reo Maori is a unique individuality of all Maori people, it is sacred and indigenous language because it was handed to them by their ancestors to be treasured, nurtured and encourage to positive influence the future ge nerations (Barlow, 1991). In the Maori tradition they utilize Te reo to pass down their history, tell myths and legends, to korero through karakia, waiata and education from ear to ear (Pohatu, 2000). For instance the significance of Te reo Maori still can be seen when they have gathering at the Marae to welcome, waiata and do karakia before kai.Aotearoa is the home to Te reo Maori where is should be promoted and encouraged. In fact, Te Whriki and New Zealand Early Childhood computer program acknowledge Te reo Maori by encouraging the teachers to promote and implement it in early childhood settings allowing all children the opportunity to understand and develop an instinct of Maori heritages Te reo, and partnership to Te Tiriti of Waitangi(Ministry of Education M... ... childhood education. Implementing of biculturalism is a amicable as tumesce as political basis of sharing the office in decision making process of the country, learning and understand some other cultures, values and beliefs (Walker, 1996).To conclude, Te reo Maori is one of the treasures given to Maori people as one of their taonga from their God as part of their identity. It is important for the Maori people to conceal their language survives for the mokopuna as well as connecting them to the land, values and beliefs. The principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi were partnership, participation and protection that the Crown failed to act upon which result in Waitangi Tribunal. Te Whariki and New Zealand curriculum promotes and implement bicultural to revitalised Te reo Maori as well as strengthening the partnership between Maori and Pakeha of the Te Tiriti of Waitangi.

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