Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Great Depression :: American History, Maycomb

It is a foggy window located in the soul through gained experiences that sees prejudice. It does not only baffle and revolute sight, rather affects thought and actions. Everyone is given the opportunity to look out the window, save not all can see beyond the fogginess. The fog whitethorn be a mixture of race, gender, beliefs or behaviours. The major themes in harper Lees To Kill a Mockingbird relates grit to presumptions and biases the racy rejecting the poor because of their economic level of life in the Great Depression, whites cutting against blacks, and people gossiping innocents which result a weak open upation and an unpleasing relation among the Maycombs beau monde causing undeveloped individuals to live in an unsafe environment. The Great Depression caused the poor to become poorer while the well-situated were not affected as much. Some of the rich, such as aunty Alexandra, misunderstood people because of their economic life. Her different point of view is underst andably displayed when she rejects Walter Cunningham, a poor boy, proverb, ...theyre good folk. But theyre not our kind of folks (Lee 224). Aunt Alexandra, believing that the Cunninghams are beneath the Finches economic level, ignores Scouts aspect of friendship toward Walter disliking him because-he-is-trash (Lee 224). She is regardless of the Cunninghams hard work to pay back genus Atticus in the only way they could (Lee 21). Aunt Alexandra results negatively on Walter making him dis give care of being a Cunningham, on Scout by decreasing from her relations with her classmates and friends, and on Maycomb by developing an unsafe society for country folks to leave because they have to deal with unnecessary factors like money to avoid the rich prejudices. Maycomb is known guilty for its racist gloriole where blacks are lower than the whites. However, not all of the white community discriminated black. For example, Atticus stands up for Tom Robinson regardless of Mrs. Duboses hurt ful words saying Atticus is no better than the n*ggers and trash he works for (Lee 102) It is obvious that Atticus is one of the most reliable and honourable citizens of Maycomb. Mrs. Duboses evaluation on Atticus results negatively on other neighbours and all the way hurts Calpurnias feelings. An example of this racial prejudice is found Scouts words saying that Tom is just a Negro (Lee 199). Scouts words are evidences to the unsafe society for kids to develop. Another example is found while Aunt Alexandra is convincing Atticus to dismiss Calpurnia, although Atticus tells her that Calpurnias not leaving this house until she wants to (Lee 137).

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