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With particular reference to the novel opening, how does Jane Austen Es

With particular reference to the newfangled opening, how does Jane Austen present the single-valued function of women in pride and mischief?Pride and PredujiceWith particular reference to the novel opening, how does Jane Austenpresent the section of women in pride and prejudice?Pride and prejudice was first published in 1893, this was a condemnation whenit just became bankable for women to write and publish books.Pride and prejudice was set in the beforehand(predicate) 19th hundred in ruralEngland. Pride and Prejudice is the paper of Mr and Mrs Bennet, theirfive daughters, and the various romantic adventures at theirHertfordshire residence of Longbourn.I note that Jane Austen successfully portrays the Age of Reasonthrough her characters in Pride and Prejudice. I think this was themain purpose Jane Austen wrote this novel was to criticise society andthe role of women in the 19th century.Jane Austens novel surrounds the lives of middle class woman at thetime the female charact ers are often associated with brotherhood andmoney.Firstly the views of marriage and social class in the society of 19thcentury England were really different from views in modern society oftoday. In 19th century England there were two main concerns roughmarriage, to marry for wealth and stability.In the novel, Jane Austin stressed that marriage was not an act oflove for most people in that age but and merely an act of survival, uplifted ranking, and a place in society. Strong evidence which truly wellspringexemplify the general feelings against marriage for the period is themarriage of Charlotte Lucas to Mr. Collins. As she quoted I am notromantic you know. I never was yet she gloss over agrees to marry MrCollins. Charlotte is the main representative o... ...riage. Through the words ofher novel Austen evidently criticises women in the 19th century I feelJane Austen is a very brave novelist who confronted very controversialissues. Jane Austen presents woman as they are, she wrote the truthabout how women were seen as weak and how the male populationdominated everything. At the time image and social class waseverything, and Jane Austen emphasises on this the whole time. Austenindicates through characters and literary devices how she disagreeswith society. Austen mocks aristocracy through the presentation ofLady Catherine de burgh she exaggerates her character to the fullextent. Her high-handedness is highlighted by the way she addresses otherpeople.Jane Austen created effective characters like Elizabeth and LadyCatherine, they are crucial to the play as they both symbolizedifferent types of woman.

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