Friday, March 1, 2019

Annoying Shoppers

Johnny Bullock English 104 Bowman declination 5, 2012 Annoying Shoppers Grocery shop can be a in truth interesting experience. It seems desire nonhing more than a quick and gentle labor at first. You go in, throw whatever you want into your cart, represent and then incur away. Its almost relaxing, that is if the securities industry memory board is completely empty. Unfortunately, at that holding atomic number 18 always those other shoppers. The peerlesss who think they own the place or something. Theyre in just about both grocery lay in in America. You k today who Im talking about, that one parent- comm moreover a mom- with a kid who just so happens to be screeching bloody murder.Also, everyone knows a bad cart driver when they see one, not to mention the label readers. And final examly, probably the worst of them all, the Couponers. If youre like me and you like to get your grocery shopping get intoe as straightaway and generative as possible, these four shoppers are your worst enemies. Imagine yourself going to the grocery store. You drive into the parking lot, circle around for a minute or so just to find that perfect spot as tight to the front door as possible. You gather the things you need grocery list, phone, money, acknowledgement cards etc, and exit your car.As you walk by the automatic doors to go get a cart, the doors open and thats when you hear it. That ear piercing, glass breaking, nails-on-a-chalkboard whine that comes from a small child no taller than your knee. As the screaming stops- only for an instant as the heathen catches its breath- and starts back up again, you find yourself blankly staring at the mother of this child as you pass by all(prenominal) other. You cant help but think, can you enthrall take some control of your kid? This is a public place not your home but decide its better to just guard walking.Until you realize that you have completely forgotten what you were shopping for thanks to that shout kid. Good thing you brought a list right? The doors close shag you and the screaming fades. You have but a moment of peace before you look up and ZOOM Some guy decides its a grave idea to use his cart as a scooter, almost strike you as he whizzes over to the produce section. Now, what in the beingness would prove him think thats a good idea? The grocery store is not a skatepark, and Im certain that its small liberal to easily get from point A, to point B just by walking.Is it possible that hes just looking for a minuscular more excitement in his life? Maybe, hes the equal as you or me and wants to get his shopping done as fast as he can. Whatever the reason, people like him need to demand some courtesy and realize that there are other people in the world. You are now able to get started and pick up all the things on your list, you decide to turn scratch off the organics aisle reckon it would be a shorter path to the front of the store. teeny-weeny did you know this would b e your worst mistake of the whole trip. Walking down the row of sanitary foods are some of the worst grocery shoppers there are, the label-readers.These are the health-nuts who lead literally stand in the middle of the aisle and read every nutrition fact, ingredient, percentage and amount of grams per serving there are in a caesar salad. Then, as if it wasnt already bad enough, they will maintain to put that salad down and grab another salad made by a different compevery in order to compare the labels. Now, this wouldnt be much(prenominal) a problem if they didnt decide to park their cart on one incline of the aisle and stand on the other side reading the labels, stopping you dead in your tracks.Obviously label-readers must think its their world and the rest of us are just living in it. In which plate, they need a wake up call. But regardless of the fact, you dont want to be rude so you politely presuppose excuse me and proceed to the check out counter. The check out counter, the final stretch of your shopping experience. All there is left to do now is pay for your items and go. It seems like this should be the easiest part right? Wrong. Unfortunately, you have both items too many to use the express lane, and all but one of the self checkout machines are out-of-order.So, after care dependabley scanning each regular check-out line, you finally spot the one with what seems like the shortest line and coolly stroll over there to wait your turn. What you didnt see, was that the lady you indomitable to stand behind had the entire store in her cart Little did you know that she was the worst shopper of them all- the Couponer. This is the bargain-shopper whos annoying actions are broken down into three steps. First, this shopper will decide to pack her cart so full that the pile of groceries in her cart is taller than she isInevitably, creating a longer waiting while for you. Next, she will stand there, stare at the clerks estimator screen and argue about t he 2-for-1 price for every item that doesnt match up exactly the way she wants. Finally, after all her groceries are scanned, bagged and carted, the couponer will then proceed to dig through her entire round searching for every coupon she has ever saved over the yesteryear year for that one shopping trip. As if she hasnt already small enough of everyones sentence.It is at this point of your experience when you realize that any hope of an efficient and speedy shopping trip was just tossed out the window. With all of the annoying people that decide to go to the grocery store, shopping can easily turn from a quick and easy chore into one of the most tedious experiences of your life. I encourage you, as a shopper, to watch out for people like this the next time you go shopping. Unless you just so happen to be one of these people, in which case I will be watching out for you next time I take a trip to the grocery store.

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