Saturday, March 9, 2019

Hispanic Immigrants: Victims of Discrimination

Running head HISPANIC IMMIGRANTS Latino Immigrants Victims of divergence Kathleen Juarbe-Gorgas Professor Dettmann October 21, 2010 united States is the land of immigrants or the land of white batch? Based on the U. S. history when Chri dwellher Columbus discovers America, the Europeans start immigrant for fail opportunities. The infixed Indians was the owner of this land barely the European took it over. As a resolution of the slavery, slew from other countries came to U. S. to work either voluntary or involuntary. As a result in today society we realize every the diversity in ethnicity.However the immigrant get here, they go through a common purpose secure the American dream. So, if this country has been build with immigrants why Americans discriminate against them? immigration is a serious issue in U. S. because theyre mevery cases of black immigration. The society makes the American dream almost impossible to any immigrant but especially to the Hispanics. The Ame ricans argue that the Hispanics immigrant sire here to pose crimes. Rape, kidnapping, homicides, drug dealers and looting are some of common crimes commit by Hispanics immigrants.A popular federal official crime between illegal immigrants is identity theft. Identity theft is when person stole social security cards, birth certificates, identification cards, driver licenses and any other type of identification that can be misused or falsify. On occasion the anti-immigrants have horrible experiences with the illegal immigrant that make them discriminated against all. (Background on variation against immigrants, 2009) Also, the anti-immigrant protest that the immigrant stole the Americans works for a less pay.The American thinks that Hispanic immigrants are all the same theyre illegal and come to this country to commit crimes. But the Hispanic immigrants come to this country to achieve the American dream. Most of the time they move to U. S. to have better opportunities because in th eir country is impossible emerge from the poverty. The thought of any Hispanic immigrant is to have a better job to provide the family, give a better education to their children and if possible pay the college tuition. But also achieve the biggest altercate in this country, the English language.The Hispanic immigrant has the brave to overcome any parapet and come here without knowing the language, the culture or sometimes have any relative and start from the bottom until achieve the goals. (Background on disparity against immigrants, 2009) The fact of being immigrant is enough for discrimination at the point to commit a crime? A hate crime that shocked the Hispanic community was the homicide of Luis Ramirez. An illegal immigrant who resided in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania he was victim of a death beating from group of Caucasian teenagers.Another case of hate against Latinos happened five months after Ramirez death in Long Island, NY. Marcelo Lucero was fatal beaten by teenager just f or being Latino. (Raul, 2010) Those are examples of the influences of discrimination in the fall in States society. The hate crimes have been practice in all 50 states from people who are racist. Instead of helping our community, those crimes are making worst. The discrimination is equivalent a genetic disease that is produce from the racism which goes from generation to generation.The anti-immigrants take that the white race is superior to any other race. They practice discrimination against immigrant. They are repeating the history when the African-Americans were prosecuted because they were blacks. The anti-immigrant has movements such as Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) who are opposed to any kind of immigration reform. Certain way the only responsible of immigration issues in United States are the colonizers because they bring the slave from other countries to do the hard work.Instead to be prejudices and racism against the immigrant and blame on them the an ti-immigrant should read and comprehensive the U. S. history to stop the discrimination. References Background on discrimination against immigrants. (2009). Retrieved August 30, 2010, from Do Something www. dosomething. org National Council of La Raza. (2010). Hate Flashpoints. Retrieved August 30, 2010, from We Can Stop The Hate www. wecanstopthehate. org Raul, R. (2010, January 22). Justice gets lump on hate crimes . Retrieved October 20, 2010, from EbscoHost www. ebscohost. com

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