Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Reward Strategy: Reasons and Perspectives Essay

Modern duty environment is famous for various new trends. An environment where the barteres used to require employees for the sake of monetary benefits only is now changed in multi dimensional and multi forficate environment. Now cable atomic number 18 not run for the sake of currency and short term financial benefits only but for a wide time sustainable growth and development. Now the only focus of any business is customerand customer Satisfaction. This Customer Satisfaction (CS) cannot be achieved without prissy involvement of internal customers i. e. , employees.Companies start their business philosophy from their main goals or objectives and string clear statements showing their mission and values. All lateral developments are performed on the basis of these predetermined values. Modern businesses focus only on customer comfort and this is the core concept of business as well. Who is trustworthy for Customer Satisfaction? Now question is the certificate of indebted ness of achieving customer satisfaction without any failure. Many plans are made for wining customer satisfaction, but solely would be failure if company is not sure about the persons, mode and tactics of achieving customer satisfaction.Whole management and its team is liable for achieving business results so is the customer satisfaction. Modern management has no doubt in it that customer satisfaction can only be achieved if all employees careless(predicate) their departments work hard to satisfy customer. Conclusion is all employees are responsible for achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction on long term basis. How would Employees work for Achieving Customer Satisfaction? Employees are important for achieving customer satisfaction then the responsibility comes how these employees should work for achieving high standards of customer satisfaction?Its an open mystery story that employees mainly intend to work for the physical work giving to them check to their affair de scription. Though companies wanton different efforts to ensure quantitative and soft efforts to ensure performance of employees but there is not specific port to know how do employees behave and work for achieving customer satisfaction. As per cycle Bergs two factor motivation theory, people hatch salary and working environment as routine requirement of their jobs and adoptt fee motivated on the basis of nominal salaries.For doing something extra, they take aim motivation and for motivation they need to be given something extra by the employer. To overcome problems and obstacles on their way to customer satisfaction, companies design a extra approach to involve employees into their challenging task of customer satisfaction. Reward dodging Why do people work is the question often answered differently by all respondents. Few people surely confirm the aim of their work, mostly are trapped in wordy reasons like, just to make my life comfortable, to earn my livelihood, to supp ort my family, to spend my spare time or to establish myself.Business psychologists still fail to understand the only common land reason among people who work at different places. Similar to the concepts of employees, business researchers and scholars are also divided on certain human ineluctably and employees concern bout growth. But all researchers and business psychologists are of the survey that rewards really award. If you give rewards to your employees reward, they will award business with better results. various(a) rewards to employees make different behavioural and motivational changes in their personalities.Almost late business and non-business organizations believe in good reward system that would substructure on financial compensation or Remuneration, certain benefits regardless their job hierarchy and business status, and perquisites of different types based on hierarchy. These three factors make the most successful blend of modern reward package. As such(prenomina l) package is a motivating blend of financial and non-financial benefits, this suites majority of people.

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