Wednesday, December 26, 2018

'Different Ways of Persuading\r'

'A few years back, I had a very close jockstrap who neer recollects that she has the ability to keep up with life. She reiterates that she is noble and that nobody is button to like her forever. In addition to that, she insists that she is non at any told intelligent. She states that she is useless almost every wakeful moment of her life. What I did was to show her that I extremely like her; see, according to the â€Å" law of nature of liking”, individuals tend to be cordial of someone showing fondness to them as substanti bothy (Rinke, 2006, n. p. ).\r\nMy persuasive manner of spoken communication actu every last(predicate)y changed her belief that nobody is going to like her (Rinke, 2006, n. p. ). When this same close friend of mine got sick of endometriosis, she did not believe that process can help her (Kotelnikov, 2008, n. p. ). What I did was to combine â€Å" assumption, logic, and emotions” to convince her to undergo surgery for her sake (Kotelnik ov, 2008, n. p. ). I had to tell her that she should trust me and I did that by explaining carefully the cognitive operation of the operation, as well as, the advantages that it will study her after (Kotelnikov, 2008, n. p. . The tone of my voice, as well as, my body language surely affected her as well since I was open to convince her eventually (Kotelnikov, 2008, n. p. ). There was withal a time when she had a terrible family problem (Hogan, 1996, p. 95 †114).\r\nI did not say much, simply because it is enough that I was there to listen and to show her that I care; through the non-verbal communication I carried out, I was able to convince her that her status is not that bad after all (Hogan, 1996, p. 95 †114). The gestures, as well as, the philia contacts were convincing enough (Syque, 2007, n. . ). On a final note, in almost all the situations that I have been there with her, I utilized â€Å"reason” to convince her (Hubpages Inc. , 2007, n. p. ). When she told me that she believes all men are bad, I immediately provided her with objective reasons wherefore she should not stretch forth to believe so (Hubpages Inc. , 2007, n. p. ). She was able to seize on a commonsensical conclusion eventually after I presented explanations as to why she should not generalize her emotions/perceptions toward men (Hubpages Inc. , 2007, n. p. ).\r\n'

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