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Origin of Science and the Crusade

neertheless when we look at the account statement of the land Egyptian, Greeks, papist, Persian, Mongolia, Saracen, British, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Indian and either others had been the exceedingly violence in different periods of the history. Yet when we chat anybody about a scientific Inventions and discoveries or major leap In the scientific ontogenesis most tent to depute their fingers towards the europium if It Is forward 18th light speed and towards the USA if it is after 1 9th atomic moment 6. This secern of behavior is deep down in our minds. But is this correct?If so, why the non-European nations were super power? For this I think we birth to take a Journey in the history of Science from the early Egyptians. In this short article I would c are to take an excursion bout the origins of recognition, where in that location the history had been littered with many manipulation and misconception. According to many in the ground the science was begun by Gr eeks and was developed by the post renaissance Europe. As the equivalent clipping all the great cultures deal Persian, Egyptian, Chinese and Indian had no mite regarding the science.But when we look at the history of these refinements we move understand how developed they were in the history. Egyptians were unitary of the early races before Greeks who were developed in the Science. They were well versed In cast (for art), astronomy and astrology, which ere inseparably linked in ancient Egypt, biology and veterinary medicine, chemistry, geography, geology, history, law, geometry, medicine, mineralogy, pedagogy( raising), philosophy, physics, sociology and devotion 1. Irrigation scheme of Nile, tall standing pyramids and the mummies are some example of scientific try of the Egyptians.Geometry was applied in the Egypt for tax purposes before the so called Euclid of Greece wrote the book of The Elements. hither comes other manipulation of History again in the form of Euclid. Many text books call down Euclid was a white male in the end from Greece and ivied in Alexandria around trine ampere-second B. C. But no much(prenominal) person was alive on this return earth. The author of this book is a swart woman from Alexandria who lived around fifth century C. E. 2 From these arguments we flock assure that the Greek were not the first one to begin the Science. none lets understand the development of Science. If we consider the manipulated version of the science history, we get a wide silent person span of time from the Greek civilization to the renaissance Europe. Where were the text and the sources of these scientific theorems and formulae? Were they 2 Origin of Science and the crusades I Mohamed gammy Shifter_209110164 buried in the Mount Olympus? No. They were translated taken into custody by another(prenominal)(prenominal) civilization which kick in contri thated to the many of the scientific development and not credited to it.Yes it was taken into the custody by Islamic Civilization. They name these texts of Greek until the crusades 2. The west claims that the Muslim except translated the works of Greek and preserved it. They never did develop the ideas in the text. This argument is absurd. The Muslims much ruled from the shore Atlantic maritime to the boarders of China. And they scarce preserved these texts which cost a fortune with the papyrus technology. Many books from capital of Iraq Library were destroyed by the violation of Mongols over Jeremiah on 13th century C. E.But the contributions of All stack away Sins (Vicua) whose The Book of better was text book for medicine in many medieval universities3, Legalize Bin al Haitian, Jabber store Hays, abdominal aortic aneurysm Affair, Muhammad bin Carrying al Razz, Bin al-Naifs were indispensable in the scientific history. All bin Shall Arabian al-Tabor was an Islamic scholar, physician and psychologist of Zoroastrian descent, who produced one of the first encyc lopedias of medicine. Even the number system we utilize today was introduced systems Lets make up brief a look on the other civilizations which contributed to the science.Like the crest on the peacocks head, alike the gem in the cobras hood, so stands maths Oat the head of all the sciences. Vided literature of Indian Culture is replete with concepts of zero, the techniques of algebra and algorithm, square stem and cube root. Arguably, the origins of Calculus lie in India 300 years before Leibniz and Newton. algebraical theories was developed by Rapacity who lived in 5th century C. E. ND another mathematician Backbenchers was the first to was the first to conceive of derivative instrument calculus in 12th century. close to of us are familiar with Roman numerals.Think you are sitting in a class doing Calculus using Roman numerals. You are going to write 1788 in Roman numerals it will be ANTICLIMACTIC. You redden cant think of doing calculus by using this number system. From this we can conclude that calculus was not developed or utilize in early Europe. Ancient Indians development in chemistry was in addition in a higher level and utilizationd in a variety of unimaginative activities. In any early civilization, metallurgy has remained an occupation central to all civilizations from the Bronze mount up and the Iron Age, to all other civilizations that followed Indian achieved the higher level of metallurgy.By the side of meat Minor in New Delhi, on that point is an iron lynchpin erected during Array guppy period around 500 AD. This pillar is 7. 32 meters tall, and has a circumference of 40 CM in the bottom and 30 CM at the top. It has been standing in the open for last 1500 years, withstanding the wind, heat and weather, but still has not rusted, except kidskin natural erosion. This kind of rust produce iron (steel) was discovered very a couple of(prenominal) decades fore by mixing hundred with iron 4. 3 In addition, the Chinese Dynasty in the Far East was producing gunpowder, subject and establishing printing presses.Moreover, the Calendar system was introduced by Amman civilization that is very noteworthy for predicting apocalypse of the earth. From the above arguments, one can conclude that science was not unless originated from Greece and it originated universally. Then how did the story Science was originated in Greece came into play? Moreover, where was it originated? These questions can be answered in two simple words perform service and Power. From the time hen the land and the church merge, Church initiated the program of distorting history to promote its power.This technology of falsehood was presently applied to manage common perceptions5. During the crusades, church captured many text and tent to use them. But theological aspects would not pull up stakes them to use a Muslim knowledge. Therefore, they manipulated their deal by saying that the knowledge Arab had was belonged to Greeks. Arabs Just preserved it. This story enabled the universities in Europe to use translated Arabic books without contradicting their theology. But on the Arabs side, it was a different story.They built fruity al Hickman (House of Wisdom) in Baghdad they gather knowledge from all over the world, including India, Persia and China. They for certain did not restrict themselves to Greek Arabs scarcely had sources to Greeks. So all the knowledge which was acquired from wrong(p) al Hickman in Baghdad became the Greeks, So did all the scientific inventions and discoveries. This theory is being promoted by many scholars of the present too. Here is an example from Lost in the existence by Walker Percy . .As Whitehead pointed out, it is no coincidence that science sprang, not from Ionian metaphysics, not from theBrahmins-Buddhist-Taoist East, not from the Exceptionally astrological South, but from the heart of the Christian West, that although Galileo take flight out with the Church, he would hardly have taken so much rough-and-tumble studying Jupiter and dropping objects from towers if the reality and look upon and order of things had not first been conferred by belief in the Incarnation. 6. So anyone from any country has the right to say that their ancestors were also one of the pioneers of the science. It is time stand up against the West provided theory. The Europeans not only colonized our countries but also our education system.They left our countries long ago. Now it is time to decolonize our education system. And the way we think. 4 References 1Dunn. Ancient Egyptian Science retrieved from http//www. Torturers. sack up/ featureless/sciences . HTML 2 Raja, C. K. Euclid and Jesus. Multiversity. 3 http//www. Evangelicalism. Org/ 4 Science, Medicine, Technology in Ancient India retrieved from http// www. Crystalline. Com/indecencies. HTML 5 Raja, C. K. Is science westward in origin?. Multiversity. 6 Percy, W. Lost in the Cosmos retrieved from http//www. Columbia. Dee d/cue/Augustine/a/science_origin. HTML 5

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