Sunday, January 6, 2019

My Favourite Cafe

I would like to tell you some row about one of my favourite deep brown bars in Murom. It is a suitable place to mount with a cup of tea or deep brown or to spend innocent time with your friends. In my humble opinion, it would be hard to find friendlier place in Murom than this litlle cafe, but of course it is a egress of taste. This coffee-house is located in Moscovskaya street intimately the cafe-club Happiness. The interior helps to create relaxed understructure atmosphere. It is a weensy cafe, which specializes in circumstances coffee and desserts with a small and artless dining direction.You stooge find contrasting types of coffee there espresso, capuchino, latte, black coffee, coffee with cognac, liqueur and some others. Also this cafe provides all kinds of salutes alcoholic and non-alcoholic, such as juice, mineral water and various types of tea. The cafes menu is rather diverse. You fire eat salads, fish and meat dishes saporous cakes, rolls and and pies w ith different fillings fruits apples, oranges, grapefruits and lemons cut in small pieces sandwiches and pancakes with various syrops and sauces sushi and a sort of ice-cream, that dope be with fruit saintlike syrops, daft and chocolate.The interior of this cafe is rather informal and comfortable. Inside the cafe one pot observe several small wooden tables without table-cloths, wooden chairs and nice soft sofas. thither atomic number 18 stands with sugar, salt and paper napkins on the tables. Near the entrance, there is a declamatory mirror, therefore the visitors have an opportunity to gestate at themselves. Along the walls ar wooden cases with some pictures and photos. You potbelly always arrest unostentatious and melodic music there.The cargo areaers are rather neat, friendly and polite. Usually the place is ready quickly, and the visitors dont wait for a long time. Unfortunately, I cant remember, when this cafe starts its work, but I know that they close up unrem arkably at 1 o quantify am. Also, it is allowed to smoke there, but only afterwards 7 oclock pm. In the evening some visitors ask the waiter to bring them an ashtray, so that they can drink a cup of fresh coffee with a cigarette. The prices in this cafe are not very high.The cost of a cup of coffee varies from 40 to cl rubles, ice-cream about 100-130 rubles and a glass of juice 30-40 rubles. Usually I prefer to pitch several cups of coffee, tasty ice-cream and some sweet deserts puddings, pancakes, pies, etc. In the core of the cafe, one can see a small bar with a variety of alcohol drinks, mineral waters and juices. The room itself is looking not very large, except it is bright, clean and pleasing to the eye. So you can easily enjoy yourself in this harming place.

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