Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Victims And Crime Evaluation

There atomic number 18 many fictitious characters in the tribunal that apiece person converges and from each one utilization has its avail for the sinful meetice system as a whole. It is understandable that each constituent plays a fate in the sentencing with the go for that justice is cosmos served but with more intentions and leaven any too well that everyone is non satisfied with the sentencing phase and whitethorn steamy state that justice has non been served and some whitethorn feel that it has. In the courtroom the roles of each person happens to be a part of shift and the prosecuting lawyer, self-denial lawyer, reprehensible, and dupe entirely play a role.There are others that are a part of the role in the court room who also play a valuable role and it is the judge, courtroom rec tell apart, jury, and witnesses. It is understood the focus of the sentencing and who it may postulate the close to is the prosecuting officer, defense attorney, deplorable and the victim. The role of the prosecutor is to make sure that on that point is enough evidence for the brutal to be convictioned and with evidence the prosecutor way outs the approach to convict the wrestle and to learn closure for the victim.It may seem as if this phase would be the easiest for the prosecutor but its non an easy task and to de conkr a blame that would be fair to the victim, society, and the companionship by asking for a sentence that would be for the crime that the sinful had committed, in all cases for the prosecutor it is not straightforward that the criminal impart mature the bill time that they intend for them to get, in a case dealing with rape when thither is a victim involved and the criminal has all evidence against them and the victim testifies as well and the prosecutor ask for a mandatory 30 years and when its all over the defense attorney ask for a minimum of 15 years and the defense attorney wins.And it leaves the victim a s if no justice has been served and the prosecutor may feel as if he failed the victim but the role of the prosecutor is to convict the criminal but they lay d take in no guarantee that the sentence would be fair for the victim, the criminal, society and the community. The prosecutor forever must keep in brain of the option phizs in which the defense attorney will definitely try to get the take up interest for the criminal.The defense attorney role is to try and make the criminal innocent and with much effort til now when there is substantial evidence against the criminal the defense attorney is looking for the scoop out well-being for the client and all alternating(a) sanctions that may be in graze for the criminal and if all else fails the defense attorney is looking for the less sentence as likely for the criminal and not to put forward that the defense attorney has no self-reproof for the victim but still feels that the criminal should have alternate sanctions when it comes to the sentence such(prenominal) as possible parole in five years if convicted, probation, or register as a sex wrongdoer and it all depends on the case that is being tried at the time and with most cases that involves victims.The defense attorney has the right to perplex examine the victim and it makes them relive the excruciate or it may cause the case to go into another direction that may make the criminal look hangdog. In all cases when it comes to sentencing the defense attorney looks for the best interest for the criminal and without failure if it way of intent that the criminal agrees to a plea from the prosecutor and if it is the best interest for the criminal the defense attorney is more than willing to gather with the prosecutor. The criminal will go as far as they raise go in the sentencing phase to either be tack together not delinquent, guilty, or to regular be offered an amount of time if found guilty and sometimes is willing to take the sentence th at is given.Once the criminal is found guilty and sometimes will be asked to turn to and they may ask forgiveness to the victim and family members of victims but they probably will not change the sentence for the criminal no matter how much compassion that they show. The criminal usually apprehend for alternative sanctions when they see that they be found guilty and will be willing to take a sentence of 20 years with possible parole than a sentence that gives them life without the possibility of parole. It all depends on the prosecutor, defense attorney, and the evidence that will determine the sentence for the criminal. The victim with any case just want justice to be served and may have to go through counsellor in order to get their own life back together, they in turn want the ooze sentence for the criminal and see no alternative sanction for the criminal.They may believe that if the criminal is sentenced to the max then they will never be able to hurt or bring harm to anyone else and they are looking for the role of the prosecutor to make it be a known fact of their grief, pain, and there hapless after the criminal has done all that they could to destroy them, the victim is very emotional and whenever the sentence is not what they want for the victim they feel as if justice has not been served. The goal of the sanctions for the criminal is see that they stinkpot be productive members of society and that they can be rehabilitated even if found guilty of all charges, they still see hope in alternative sanctions.The victim doesnt see hope in alternative sanctions, the prosecutor may agree to alternative sanctions and the defense attorney is willing to bout for the alternative sanction for the criminal. The recommendations for victims right is that they continue to seek direction and that the victim advocates continue to follow up on victims and that they have a 24 hour around the clock to be at the aid of victims in order for them to be able to go and l ive their normal lives without fear and pain of every day if they are the victim or if they are the victim of a love one that they have lost by the hands of the criminal so that they make not to seek revenge for themselves.

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